Public news posts from Lusternia

Public posts: 1644-1663:
166311/30/2014 at 18:05Gonna be a bit late for the second feast...Tully, Janitor of the BasinEveryone
166211/25/2014 at 20:41The feast times...hope these are good!Tully, Janitor of the BasinEveryone
166111/22/2014 at 2:49An apologyPreston D'Varden, The IndefatigableEveryone
166011/21/2014 at 23:28Another Feast--Seeking Chefs!Tully, Janitor of the BasinEveryone
165911/15/2014 at 16:16Looking for information about Spiders, Serpents and BloorediMaster Chief Daganev Treeripper, the MercilessEveryone
16588/9/2014 at 15:30Renting a city shopMaker of Mountains Nakarel, Passion of TaintEveryone
16577/23/2014 at 6:36PostscriptBoss Grand Monger Subotai Ysav'rai, Seeker of GracesEveryone
16567/23/2014 at 6:13The Holey DonutBoss Grand Monger Subotai Ysav'rai, Seeker of GracesEveryone
16557/5/2014 at 19:05My cowardiceDarkest CelinaForce Commander Elanorwen Pavok, Divine Food Taster
16546/11/2014 at 13:49A curiosityCimmerian Astraea NightshadeMoonlit Caerlyr Zayah
16536/11/2014 at 13:44Ode to the EnchantressPenitent TierceEveryone
16526/11/2014 at 8:59Your poemMoonlit Caerlyr ZayahHer Siam Star-eyes
16516/11/2014 at 4:03Moon DirgeHer Siam Star-eyesLisaera, the Silver Goddess
16505/20/2014 at 19:22A RevelationLord Brona Feyranti, Prophet of NilEveryone
16495/16/2014 at 11:30Library Rewards!Trueflight IythaEveryone
16485/13/2014 at 0:06Thinkers and TruthseekersLord Brona Feyranti, Prophet of NilEveryone
16475/12/2014 at 23:37The Doom of NationsPriest Vhaedryn d'Vanecu, the Black KeeperEveryone
16465/6/2014 at 0:47Poetry ContestPenitent Erythrykos, of the Red MasqueEveryone
16454/26/2014 at 3:09HoneycombsImpresario Subotai Ysav'rai, Seeker of RefinementEveryone
16444/24/2014 at 8:27Quiz night!Postulant Kagato, the Plane RaiderEveryone