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5 Must-Haves for Your MUD Game Bucket List

Babel God of Nihilism

There's so much to do in MUD games, it's hard to get bored once you immerse yourself in everything available to you.

5 Tips for Roleplaying a Change in House, City, or Divine Order

artwork dwarf priest mmorpg

Changing your character's faction isn't something to be taken lightly! Read on for some tips on a well roleplayed conversion.

How to Tell If You Are Destined to Be the House Boss or If You Are Just Being Bossy

moon goddess

I have a confession to make. My character’s house had the worst leader ever.

RP versus PvP – Why Neither is Mutually Exclusive in an RPG Setting

mmorpg dwarf priest

RP stands for roleplay, and it is the primary purpose behind RPGs.

How to Organize a Small Group Roleplay Event

male elf bard

Have you ever attended an event in your favorite online game?

Keeping a Cool Head in the Heat of MUD Battle

Goddess artwork from Achaea

An offensive attitude does not have to be offensive!

Show and Tell – How to Add Flavor to Your Character’s Description

elf bard mmorpg

When you create your character’s description in a text-based game like Achaea, how do you do it?

Getting Attention from the Divine without the Use of Fire

RPG Dwarf Priest artwork

You don’t have to down drink after drink in a Temple bar to get th

7 Friendly Tips for Managing an MMORPG Addiction

dala'myrr achaea

Author's note. This article is just as applicable to myself as anyone else.

Gameplay Immersion - Is using 3rd Party Communication Detrimental to Roleplay?

mmorpg dwarf

Where you fall on this title question will likely depend heavily on the type of game you play.

Virtual Pet Options in the Top MUDs

A Diabolist from Imperian

For players seeking companionship, a virtual MMO pet is the way to go! Do you own a pet in any of the Iron Realms games?

Top MUDs: What's your weapon of choice?

MMO fantasy artwork

Player-submitted articles do not necessarily reflect the opinions of Iron Realms, the company or its employees.


Top MUDs: The Journey of the Individual

A Rajamala warrior

Player-submitted articles do not necessarily reflect the opinions of Iron Realms, the company or its employees.


Book Culture in IRE Games

MMO Thief

The MUD, as a digital-text-based form of entertainment, might seem at first glance to be one among many factors in the decline of the analog world of books ..

Why MUDs Own MMORPGs in the PvP Arena.

Elf Rogue
Take a glimpse at the PvP mechanics that make IRE games so awesome in this player-submitted article!

Gender Roles in MMORPGs versus MUDs

Playable Siren race from Achaea MMORPG

Skimpy armour and sexy dance animations aside, do MMORPGs reinforce gender stereotypes? What about MUDs?

Have you ever role-played a drunken dwarf (or other MMO oddity)?

Dwarf Warrior

Part of the beauty of a MUD is that you are absolutely free to roleplay as anything you can imagine.

How to switch your MUD character's faction guilt-free.

RPG elf elven bard

One MUD player explores the psychological impact of leaving friends behind when joining a new guild.

How MUDs can avoid the MMO deathtraps.

MMO assassin class

This player-submitted article explores how MMORPGs are becoming today's arcade games, and how MUDs can avoid the same fate.

IRE Asks: How did you discover MUDs?

A dwarf from the MMORPG Achaea

 MUDs are like secret societies - small fanatical communities, hard to find if you aren't looking, and your friends think you're crazy when you tell them they exist.

IRE Asks: Is it "unfair" to call for raid assistance over Skype?

A Ssyrian Diabolist drawn by MMO artist Chris Bourassa.

Is it unfair to call for raid backup outside the game? Is it something everyone does? Answer in this IRE Asks!

IRE Asks: How many classes have you tried, and which was your favourite?

MMO assassin class

Changing classes can be important to MMORPG players who want to try something new.

IRE Asks: Do you consider the balance system real-time or turn-based combat?

MMORPG dwarf warrior

The combat in Iron Realms games offers fast-paced strategy that leaves you on the edge of your seat during a particularly good battle, but how exactly is our balance system defined?

IRE Asks: Is player housing important to you and why?

Player housing

Are you a fan of player housing? What direction should MMO developers go with it?

IRE Asks: Should MMORPG quest NPCs have voice actors?

SWTOR parody lol

A debate has sparked recently in the MMORPG community regarding voice acting and NPCs. Share your opinion!

IRE Asks: Would you play a hardcore character?

Permadeath MMO game

Death is never a permanent thing in any of the Iron Realms games, but what if the opposite were true?

IRE Asks: When was your last noob mistake?

An MMO Elf Bard

Accidentally feed your wedding ring to a humgii? Share your last novice blunder with us!

IRE Asks: How do you deal with internet downtime?

Dwarf warrior

When the internet goes down, the MMO gamer frowns. Tell us your sadface stories about internet downtime in this IRE Asks!

IRE Asks: What unique artefact would you own?

Dwarf Priest

What unique artefact would you own to give you an advantage in your favourite MMO? Answer in this IRE Asks!

IRE Asks: Who would win a divine rumble?


If we locked all the divine in a steel cage, who would come out the victor? You tell us!

IRE Asks: Which IRE game has the best intro?

A dwarf warrior wielding an epic battleaxe.

You don't want to miss this IRE Asks! We offer an inside look at new player statistics and ask players to weigh in on today's question.

IRE Asks: What was your favourite promo item?

Iron Realms logo

Iron Realms makes the habit of running monthly promos as encouragement and incentive to both new and existing players.

IRE Asks: When was your last MMO meltdown?

Rage face comic

IRE Asks readers to share the details of their last video game induced meltdown.

IRE Asks: What's the longest you've played in one session?

A keyboard pillow.

What's the longest you've gamed in a single session? Answer this IRE Asks!

IRE Asks: Have you met MMO friends IRL?

MMO Cosplay group

One of the best things about MUDs are the tight-knit communities. With the smaller playerbase, everything becomes a little more personal.

IRE Asks: Are You a Multigamer?

dual monitors

Everyone has heard of multiplaying, which is considered illegal in Iron Realms games. But what about multigaming?

IRE Asks: Do you read the MMO mythology?

MMO Dwarf Priest

Most MMORPGs provide an accompanying mythology, for curious players.

IRE Asks: What Class Would You Create?

RPG Occultist

Last time you were asked to fill the role of an Iron Realms MUD Producer, with the task of chopping a class completely out of your game.