Public news posts from Lusternia

Public posts: 1573-1592:
15922/22/2013 at 4:26Withdrawl from the Celest-Gaudiguch Non-Aggression PactWarlord Morshoth Ryseni, Keeper of the ArchivesEveryone
15912/14/2013 at 4:46BetrothalMystagogue Delphas n'Kylbar of the Dark FatesEveryone
15901/25/2013 at 17:22Dissolution of EquinoxQueen Xena McCloudEveryone
15891/23/2013 at 21:51Cantor Enemy StatusesCanticle IythaEveryone
15881/16/2013 at 15:07A celebratory lottery!Innkeeper SkyeEveryone
15871/9/2013 at 8:01Goloths and YouIlluminator ShuyinEveryone
15861/9/2013 at 7:26ApologiesUr'Trooper Morik WhitbaumEnyalida Zayah
15851/9/2013 at 6:39Glomdoring and CelestUr'Trooper Morik WhitbaumEnyalida Zayah
15841/9/2013 at 2:12GlomdoringEnyalida ZayahEveryone
15831/9/2013 at 1:42Words, Words IndeedSerenguard Rivius TarsuhlSpirit Warden Xenthos An'Ryshe, the Ebon Strategist
15821/9/2013 at 1:36Fear from the NorthCelina Nightshade, the HeartlessEveryone
15811/9/2013 at 1:32Words, Words, WordsSpirit Warden Xenthos An'Ryshe, the Ebon StrategistSerenguard Rivius Tarsuhl
15801/9/2013 at 0:55So dumb...Grizzly Munsia D'cente`, The Sharp FangedEveryone
15791/8/2013 at 23:48Public News Post #1575 - Section VI and VIIQueen Xena McCloudSerenguard Rivius Tarsuhl
15781/8/2013 at 23:03Empty WordsSeverian n'KylbarEnyalida Zayah
15771/8/2013 at 22:36GolothsEnyalida ZayahSeverian n'Kylbar
15761/8/2013 at 22:25Rampant ErrorsSeverian n'KylbarEnyalida Zayah
15751/8/2013 at 22:25You Scandalous VillainSerenguard Rivius TarsuhlSpirit Warden Xenthos An'Ryshe, the Ebon Strategist
15741/8/2013 at 21:18Claims and AccusationsSpirit Warden Xenthos An'Ryshe, the Ebon StrategistEnyalida Zayah
15731/8/2013 at 19:00GolothEnyalida ZayahEveryone