Date: 10/22/2014 at 3:20
From: Warlock Iniar Nullheart, Novissima Autem Diaboli
To : Everyone
Subj: Antioch


Several months ago I launched a failed assault on your outpost. That was an error in my calculation, one for which I take full culpability for, for my Empire.

You see, the failure happened because I made an error in calculation: in thinking that your great protector would be out of the fight.

It is no secret that your entire organisation is dependent on this one person, your 'great protector', to safeguard the things you hold dear.

The question is, is he the tool, or the master?

If you were bereft of him, would you not be defenceless in the world?

It is amazing how you trust him so. Imagine how much empowerment you endow upon one person, one man, when you hide behind his shield.

But is it really you who benefit?

You who have been sheltered for so long that you know not that the time has passed to leave your mother's skirts and be bold, and brave, and face the truth of the world?

Remember, it is never your 'great protector' who pays the highest price, my dearest Antiochans. After all, he merely comes and goes as he pleases, not much in our art can stop his foul magicks. (Or did you really think it was a natural power?) On the other hand, how many times have you been cut down like wheat in the field when he disappears, or when he is not available?

How many times have the blades of the Southerners and Northerners culled your herd because your shepherd has left the flock untended? Is this tenable?

On the other hand, we of the Empire have seen the light: we welcome all talents, we welcome all abilities, but we also train you to be proud of yourself, and being able to defend yourself. We know the world is unfair, and we know the world leans heavily on 'heroes', but our youngest recruits are never afraid to be accountable. They will take the fairest odds amongst all the young of all cities and councils, not because they are foolish, but rather because they are unintimidated. Cautiously brave. Newly skilled. And they have an innate sense of pride, of self, that I fear your leaders have suppressed in you for so long.

We train them to respect their own bodies.

We train them to respect their own skills.

We train them to understand how best to do what your leaders have never taught you.

Or if they had (taught you, that is - though I very much doubt it), they have miserably failed to teach you the most important component: courage.

We in Stavenn are not afraid of death, pain or defeat. Our darkest fear is to look into ourselves and see a snivelling coward, or a mindless lemming - someone we wouldn't be proud to raise as our own child. Would you ever see your Shah admit to making a mistake? Have you?

In us, you will find honest leaders, honest tutelage and brutal work. But also, in us, you will find an indefatigable pride - that indicate our young, nay, each one of our members, are first class combatants: those who may not always win, but will face down the odds, come hell or high water.

So, I say to you, why are you still hiding behind your mother's skirts?

Join the Empire.

Become the asset that you know you are, rather than the liability that you know your leaders think of you as.

The Office of the Imperator,
Loyalty, Strength, Forwards

Penned by my hand on the 7th of Tenebrae, in the year 60 AM.