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22842/27/2013 at 11:33Phasing out endurance and willpower, part 1GarrynEveryone
22832/26/2013 at 20:45Shopkeeping CommandsEusto, the ResurgentEveryone
22822/26/2013 at 18:47Jeremy and Customer ServiceJesseEveryone
22812/26/2013 at 18:35Upcoming Mage and Summoner revampsGarrynEveryone
22802/26/2013 at 5:48Small ChangesEusto, the ResurgentEveryone
22792/25/2013 at 15:59Upcoming bigger changesGarrynEveryone
22782/25/2013 at 14:12ClassleadsGarrynEveryone
22772/23/2013 at 4:45New Patterns Ahoy!Alend, the CrafterEveryone
22762/23/2013 at 0:35Mob TurninsEusto, the ResurgentEveryone
22752/22/2013 at 19:24Yet Another Newbie ChangeJesseEveryone
22742/21/2013 at 5:19Scattered ChangesEusto, the ResurgentEveryone
22732/20/2013 at 21:38Newbie LevelJesseEveryone
22722/20/2013 at 0:16Newbie ChangesJesseEveryone
22712/19/2013 at 18:13Various changesGarrynEveryone
22702/17/2013 at 0:24Contest WinnersHastati, Oracle of ConquestEveryone
22692/16/2013 at 21:09Bashing Contest UpdateHastati, Oracle of ConquestEveryone
22682/15/2013 at 1:40Bashing Event, continuedHastati, Oracle of ConquestEveryone
22672/14/2013 at 20:02Love is a Curse Bashing EventHastati, Oracle of ConquestEveryone
22662/13/2013 at 16:16Organization-Owned DesignsEusto, the ResurgentEveryone
22652/12/2013 at 23:10Metalworking Layouts in ShopsEusto, the ResurgentEveryone