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Public posts: 5520-5539:
55397/5/2013 at 14:34To the SciomancersCiarelle, Archmage of AscensionEveryone
55387/5/2013 at 4:30A competition!Alexina Ve'kahiEveryone
55377/2/2013 at 21:13Blood HuntPreceptor Aren Qefin-Yaslana, Morning StarGrand Duke Draiman Nebre'seir
55367/2/2013 at 19:56Blood HuntGrand Duke Draiman Nebre'seirEveryone
55357/1/2013 at 18:28WarMoirean SeirathSevern, the Manipulator
55347/1/2013 at 7:54warMoirean SeirathSevern, the Manipulator
55336/30/2013 at 22:39Luminary ProfessionTaygetaEveryone
55326/28/2013 at 22:02Lord SlypheOblate Orisae Adesso, Voice of ChangeMoirean Seirath
55316/28/2013 at 21:33SlypheMoirean SeirathOblate Orisae Adesso, Voice of Change
55306/28/2013 at 21:11On the matter of Progress and Stagnancy- A thoughtOblate Orisae Adesso, Voice of ChangeEveryone
55296/27/2013 at 15:26Lord SlypheMeskhenetEveryone
55286/21/2013 at 21:13Mrnghmble.Dr. J. R. Anfini, the FixerEveryone
55276/21/2013 at 20:12The truthMoirean SeirathGlacial Maiden Calipso, Siren of Tides
55266/21/2013 at 18:22Whereas strikes againGlacial Maiden Calipso, Siren of TidesMoirean Seirath
55256/21/2013 at 18:25Luminary BallTaygeta For'a'hierEveryone
55246/21/2013 at 16:06WHEREASMoirean SeirathEveryone
55236/21/2013 at 1:46--Daskalos QefinGlacial Maiden Calipso, Siren of Tides
55226/21/2013 at 1:41--Glacial Maiden Calipso, Siren of TidesDaskalos Qefin
55216/21/2013 at 1:40Spirean LawSenator PiperDaskalos Qefin
55206/21/2013 at 1:13--Daskalos QefinEveryone