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Public posts: 6102-6141:
614110/20/2017 at 20:58Chess Tournament!!Mariena A. BouchardEveryone
614010/14/2017 at 14:02Duiran's costume contestAzure Rose, Phoenecia SinclairEveryone
613910/12/2017 at 3:16An invitation to mischief and funLorekeeper Daishin Wielder, the BloodhunterEveryone
613810/8/2017 at 2:13A Nazetu once looked at me cross okay...Arcanist Runas ElindianEveryone
613710/8/2017 at 2:10axe dropstrike nazetu prefararArcanist Runas ElindianEveryone
61369/23/2017 at 5:15Ants, Insects, &tc.Phantom Vyxsis Qizzeke, the ChaosweaverSpiritwalker Aishia Celaeno, Deadly Nightshade
61359/22/2017 at 14:21AntsSpiritwalker Aishia Celaeno, Deadly NightshadeSpiritwalker Aishia Celaeno, Deadly Nightshade
61349/22/2017 at 3:54Matters of Drinking...leave it to the SpireansArcanist Runas ElindianEveryone
61339/22/2017 at 3:33ResponsesMagister ShachalaiEveryone
61329/22/2017 at 3:35AcceptancePentarch Rasani MorrogEsrytesh Sibatti dur Naya
61319/22/2017 at 3:24ResponseShadow Warden Tekias UymariMagister Shachalai
61309/22/2017 at 2:59CorruptionPrincess Marharet D'baenMagister Shachalai
61299/21/2017 at 22:00Brief notesMagister ShachalaiEveryone
61289/21/2017 at 21:53Public News Summary: 465-468 MAEsrytesh Sibatti dur NayaEveryone
61279/21/2017 at 21:51VocabularyShadow Warden Tekias UymariMagister Shachalai
61269/21/2017 at 20:00Ah, well.Magister ShachalaiLorekeeper Aeteyr Bahir'an, Death's Champion
61259/21/2017 at 18:40PrideLorekeeper Aeteyr Bahir'an, Death's ChampionMagister Shachalai
61249/21/2017 at 17:59CorrectionsMagister ShachalaiPrincess Marharet D'baen
61239/21/2017 at 17:19InvitationPrincess Marharet D'baenEveryone
61229/20/2017 at 20:26Edict of Armistice: ResolvedVagrant Lord Kalak VaelinosEveryone
61219/12/2017 at 3:04Who caresRazerEveryone
61209/6/2017 at 15:32What?Magister ShachalaiInquisitor Vyxsis Qizzeke, Atele wo Oro Du
61199/6/2017 at 6:39What.Docent Eliadon EcceliantInquisitor Vyxsis Qizzeke, Atele wo Oro Du
61189/6/2017 at 6:00Do you have nothing better to do?Inquisitor Vyxsis Qizzeke, Atele wo Oro DuMagister Shachalai
61179/4/2017 at 19:26ResponseMagister ShachalaiArcanist Runas Elindian
61169/4/2017 at 19:09How to handle rejection.Arcanist Runas ElindianMagister Shachalai
61159/4/2017 at 14:57About time the vampires weighed in.Magister ShachalaiLorekeeper Aeteyr Bahir'an, Death's Messenger
61149/4/2017 at 8:56Spirit, shadow and death to SapienceLorekeeper Aeteyr Bahir'an, Death's MessengerMagister Shachalai
61139/4/2017 at 7:16Shut UpYaulianEveryone
61129/4/2017 at 6:24An even simpler replyMagister ShachalaiShadow Warden Tekias Uymari
61119/4/2017 at 6:19A simple replyShadow Warden Tekias UymariMagister Shachalai
61109/4/2017 at 5:54A correction to the last paragraphMagister ShachalaiShadow Warden Tekias Uymari
61099/4/2017 at 5:27You are absolutely full of it.Magister ShachalaiShadow Warden Tekias Uymari
61089/4/2017 at 4:57A verbose response to a verbose challengeShadow Warden Tekias UymariMagister Shachalai
61079/3/2017 at 18:38Hm.Magister ShachalaiSciomancer Verrillia, Itzatl Sorceress
61069/3/2017 at 18:26Conjecture as performance art.Sciomancer Verrillia, Itzatl SorceressMagister Shachalai
61059/3/2017 at 16:20You're wrong.Magister ShachalaiSciomancer Verrillia, Itzatl Sorceress
61049/3/2017 at 16:11Calling the betSciomancer Verrillia, Itzatl SorceressMagister Shachalai
61039/2/2017 at 23:47The use of ShadowMagister ShachalaiShadow Warden Tekias Uymari
61028/30/2017 at 18:08Grand Opening EventEowyn, the DirewolfEveryone