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Public posts: 19127-19146:
1914601/06/2013 at 08:23Waining?Ascendant Tanris Rozzan, Herald of EntropySilas Maynard, Aarashi Rasul
1914501/06/2013 at 07:53Declaration of HostilitiesSilas Maynard, Aarashi RasulThe City of Hashan
1914401/06/2013 at 11:05Martial Law in MhaldorHigh Lord Xenomorph, Tyrannus of MhaldorEveryone
1914301/05/2013 at 03:15Contest for the Righteous Fire: three months remaining!Father Lyr Darion, Caefir ArchpriestEveryone
1914212/30/2012 at 11:27A response to the end of our warDeacon XerThe City of Ashtan
1914112/29/2012 at 04:58The end of our "war"Warlord Dunn LichlordThe City of Mhaldor
1914012/29/2012 at 03:24A contest honouring the Righteous Fire -- correctionFather Lyr Darion, Caefir ArchpriestEveryone
1913912/27/2012 at 12:12LOTTERY 8 - Results!Madelyne Jinx-Ech'lirEveryone
1913812/25/2012 at 12:44A contest honouring the Righteous FireFather Lyr Darion, Caefir ArchpriestEveryone
1913712/22/2012 at 08:18Pandoran Essence Contest ResultsPraetor Urbanus Spraeth Sinaire, the Murine MiscuriEveryone
1913612/18/2012 at 10:51Memorial ConcertWeaver of Passion, Perl, the Aquamarine Avatar of ArtEveryone
1913512/18/2012 at 09:42Mourning and LossThe Voice of Death, Katia Lokelinde Le'MurzenEveryone
1913412/18/2012 at 09:12ResponsesSilas MaynardEveryone
1913312/18/2012 at 07:29A brief replyApollodorus Tatharin, Waning Moon SageThaumas
1913212/18/2012 at 05:31The recent post by Apollodorus TatharinThaumasEveryone
1913112/18/2012 at 08:10Logosmas Present Drive!Weaver of Passion, Perl, the Aquamarine Avatar of ArtEveryone
1913012/17/2012 at 08:05Forming a new clan, that we never forget recent eventsDawnstrider Werin, the ArcaneEveryone
1912912/17/2012 at 06:43Is this a time for anyone to be pleased?Dawnstrider Werin, the ArcaneFather Azor Corso, Messiah of the Damned
1912812/17/2012 at 02:24The New EastApollodorus Tatharin, Waning Moon SageEveryone
1912712/16/2012 at 11:21On foolishness and wisdomFather Azor Corso, Messiah of the DamnedSilas Maynard