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Poetry posts: 4695-4714:
471406/29/2014 at 01:54Battle ScarsSquire Kerria Lighthawk-Imperio, Shield BearerEveryone
471306/27/2014 at 04:40But the Truth RemainsDilettante Trinai, Aspiring DancerEveryone
471206/27/2014 at 04:38The Shatter EchoesDilettante Trinai, Aspiring DancerEveryone
471106/22/2014 at 15:45A gardenTraelor Inamora-Crescent, Seraph of the AssemblyEveryone
471006/22/2014 at 05:17All That GlittersLinton, Oubosha of the HoldEveryone
470906/22/2014 at 00:16MankindDajioEveryone
470806/19/2014 at 00:03Ty'BeirddScarlattan Vyln de Irna, Artist of the SpiritEveryone
470706/16/2014 at 13:39another sunriseNixxe Ashaela, Scarlatti's Weaver of ImaginationEveryone
470606/16/2014 at 13:22The Rainbow StoryKnave Prodigy Arillis Azagnanna, Happy HuggerEveryone
470506/14/2014 at 07:50A Twist in PerspectiveSoldier Dajio WardThe Clan of Excidium
470406/13/2014 at 16:15My Beloved TeacherLinton, Oubosha of the HoldEveryone
470306/13/2014 at 00:57LifeSoldier Dajio WardEveryone
470206/12/2014 at 01:17A Poem of Mhaldor and Lord SartanDroch PirioEveryone
470106/10/2014 at 10:05ForevermoreInitiate of Air, Ahmet Ter'sezEveryone
470006/06/2014 at 17:57The fate of men in the hands of menLinton, Oubosha of the HoldEveryone
469906/04/2014 at 03:18Terrana's first poem, ever posted.Eternal Optimist, Terrana Rian-RousseauEveryone
469806/03/2014 at 23:01souvenirNixxe Ashaela, Scarlatti's Weaver of ImaginationEveryone
469705/22/2014 at 12:30good dayNixxe Ashaela, Scarlatti's Weaver of ImaginationEveryone
469605/20/2014 at 17:12Such is strengthTyrannus Ruth I'llur, Sartai NavarchOathsworn Arukhel
469505/20/2014 at 14:37atypical troll poetryRhabdos, of TargossasEveryone