Text Games: The Quest for Dragon

text game achaea dragon

by Alyissa Pickering

Having spent many years playing Achaea and a few other Iron Realms text games, I have realized that there is a certain art to obtaining the wonderful rank of Dragon. This is achieved upon reaching level ninety-nine in the Worlds. When you first enter an Iron Realms text game it does seem quite daunting. There are rewards around every corner, though. In this article I will outline how to achieve your goal, though it can definitely be applied to other MUDs out there that have a reward upon completion of a set number of levels.


1. Patience is a Virtue

The best thing to do is the be very patient in how you hunt. Know that you will die as you advance throughout the levels and this should be taken with a grain of salt. Though, at a low level you will lose close to a level, at a higher level you will lose much less. It does scale to how long it takes to hunt in a location. Text game areas will be hunted out, but the best thing to do is not wait. Even if it takes half an hour for a text game area to repopulate, there are always other places to hunt. I have learned that even hunting a location such as Manara, which is usually level thirty-sixty, I was still getting .1% every three gnolls at level 97. 

2. Those Who Run Away

Live to fight another day. Don't try and be a hero, always believing that 'this next hit will kill it'. More often than not you will find that that extra hit will get you killed. Especially since most text game creatures have two attacks. One is generally weaker, but they always have one that hits just a little bit harder. As you reach the higher levelled areas you will notice that some creatures have starburst tattoos, crystal tattoos, shield tattoos and even inflict with loki and cause blackout. Remember that the two seconds it takes to run, the five seconds it takes to heal back up, and the rest of the time to kill the creature can add up in the long run instead of having to wait for a resurrection or to Pray.

3. Buff Up, Big Boy

Don't be afraid to take advantages of the various buffs either your text game character or another rpg game adventurer can bestow upon you. Get runes from Runewardens, blessings where you can and make use of any stat boosting skills your own class has. Make sure to include a full set of tattoos and sometimes, in a tough situation, you will want to use a Tree or a Crystal tattoo. Dependent on if your text game class is willpower or endurance based, you'll want to have either a Megalith or an Ox tattoo. Those will ensure you can hunt for longer periods of time.

4. While the Cat's Away

The best times to hunt are the times when there are less people in the text game Realms. You will usually notice the same people tend to hunt the same areas, and they usually have it pretty well timed. You can either camp the location before they get back or you can beat them to the respawn. My personal preference is to just leave and find somewhere else a little less inhabited by other text game Hunters like yourself. As you progress you will soon learn how long it takes for an area to fill again with inhabitants. Also, during the later hours, you will notice that the text game experience you get in a location is much higher and the longer you leave it alone, the more experience you will get the next time you hunt it.

5. With Our Powers Combined

Take advantage of any promotions Iron Realms is having in their text games. Whether it's double experience, increased criticals or bigger gold drops. In the end, it will offer an incentive for you to hunt. Despite the idea that most places will be hunted out during double experience, a lot of people actual steer clear of Achaea during those times because people are only focusing on one thing. If you can bypass someone else who is hunting, take advantage of the hole. The best bet is to make friends with everyone who is hunting in the text game area, even delegating so that no one is trying to up the other one, making it a challenge rather than an enjoyment. 
Remember that dragon is a very hard thing to achieve if you're doing other things within the world of Achaea besides hunting morning and night. If you are involved in deep roleplay, it tends to get difficult to sneak away. Sometimes it's good to clear your head. The milestones are there, you just have to believe you can make it.
- Level 92 is 50% of the way to Dragon - 
Alyissa Pickering is a text game enthusiast who enjoys the best online role playing games from Iron Realms!


I'm 96.9%! I'm so close to dragon! I'm thinking I'll pick blue, just because my character is a long-time Vastarian.

They have silly high stats

They have silly high stats

isn't blue related to the oceans?

That's what everyone has had for dragons since Aringar first got it back in the day.  Reverence.  Regardless, I'm 91 and 41.5% as of this comment, so it'll be a bit easier going once I hit the halfway mark.  As for color choice, I'd probably pick green, because as I understand it, that's the dragon colour minority.

And awkwardly enough, the most cliche dragon.




isn't red the cliche dragon color?

Thank you for the helpful hint. I've been stuck above the 80s for ages. Now I find out that 92 is half way there! More work for me.


I simply cannot believe that is halfway. So much work!

And for a casual player it can seem unreachable but I guess if you want it you have to work for it.

for dragon. is it worth it? possibly. depends on if you like having scales. and teeth. and squishing things wiht your feet


Claws, teeth, breath weapon and squishing the littles with your bulk! WaHooo!!

Level 92 is HALFway? Geeeeze.,

It is, but the second half is easier. ;)

The increased critical hits you get at higher levels definitely make bashing less of a chore. It can be easy to underestimate their importance - when you start out hunting you could be forgiven for thinking "what's a critical hit"?

The 200cr basic critical hit pendant is a superb investment for anyone hunting to Dragon.

I'm not even level 92... pah! I'll be a dragon by the time I'm 150 years old or something.

Same here! But we could try together if I ever attempt to get unenemied. :D


86 and 49.7%. :D



Yeah it seems bad, but it is not as bad as it first seems.

I am at circle 87, so I hear you!

A slightly different experience I imagine but I got demigod on Lusternia and I'm aiming for eventually 100 on MKO, both vastly different.

Nowhere near 100 at the moment, though I do sometimes have bursts of energy where I go out hunting.

This article has give me an urge to go hunting. Thanks for the tips!

Level 96 and 90something% of the way to 97.

It's such a pain in the ass to try and hit level 100, but I still shoot for it. When I can get a few spare moments to hunt. I get involved in so much RP...

There really isn't a lot of reason to hunt to 100 in MKO, though. The only real advantage is access to the Hall of Worlds, and that's not all that useful.

Good suggestions if you want to get dragon.  Though in Achaea...it's not really worth the time (anymore).

The best thing about dragon is the gold you make getting there.

I've dreamt about dragon for a long time, but it's too tedious :(

Thanks for the helpful advice. This is defnitely one of my long term goals. Maybe I'm an oddball, but I'd mostly like to have the option of being dragon for bragging purposes and RP elements, but maybe the awesomeness of dragoncraft will change my mind.


P.s. I also noticed that different creatures give different amounts of experience depending on when you kill them. That's a pretty cool system, it encourages variety in the things you kill.

Currently I'm level 99.991%!


I never particularly planned on obtaining dragonhood - it wasn't a specific goal I was after, however, after I reached level 90 I decided I might as well go for it. I'm glad I did because its a fun class, and nice to learn new skills without having to "officially" change class.


Be warned though, if you are striving to reach dragon, don't become a bashing machine and lose your roleplay. Its important to have fun with other aspects of the games, and not just hunt solidly every  moment you are in the realm. I was one of the leaders in three different Organizations for my whole "quest" to dragonhood, and I'm so glad I continued in those positions and didn't give them up for my one "personal" goal.

Just bashing day in and day out grows soooo boring. It's always nice to have something to break up the monotony of the grind. Being involved in events and things of that nature really help. Also hosting essence tournaments, etc helps. Always fun though. 


I can't handle long periods of bashing, its just too much sometimes.

Bashing is like the evil good everyone has to do..

I agree

I've found that bashing off-plane is good while I'm at work, since the potential to be called away at any moment really ruins any chance to actually role-play. I'm 68% to 90, so still a long ways to go, but a summer internship is good for experience, hehe.

I just take it one step at a time. Demigod, not Dragon but the idea is the same. I set little goals and try not to think about how far it still is...

I never had the patience to get to level 100 in any IRE. I got to 99 in Lusternia, then quit. Haha.

How bad does it get at level 99? 1% an hour? 0.5%?

To be honest, I don't really watch my experience anymore when I hunt. Ferrous reached dragon in mid-february, and its take me that long to get to level 100. I bash for recreation now, and frequently take friends and novices hunting. I do know though, that (depending how recently it has been cleared) Morindar gives me about 1.5% to 2% if I fully clear it, and Tenwat gives me .2% each time. Oh and Tanris (and other dragons) are about 0.3% for me.....


Good luck!

Depends on a lot, with full runes, blessingsa and a trufavour I can get upwards of 3% an hour in lesserform.... artefacts help.

Echo echo..


I've been wanting dragon for a long while now, but just recently decided to buckle down and actually work for it. Thanks for the advice!


I've also found the best times to harvest/gather are those times when there aren't a lot of people around *nose*

I hope to one day become level 100 also, but just getting to 80 is going to be a challenge for me:(

it's good to pause




I've been stuck in the mid 70's for months. It's hard to get motivation to hunt

I was stuck around 87 for a couple years, but once you make 90 or so, your determination should start to rise again. Demigod is pretty much worth the effort, even just for the fun, little perks.

after awhile



Good advice. I should keep it in mind.

Ahh the glorious grind.


hot dang. Its taken a hella lot of bashing to get to 80... Level 100 here I come..


The worst is that a single death takes away 3 or 4 hours of hunting ...

...So not worth the hassle

its going to take me awhile but it'll be worth it. I'm close to 80 right now.

Quest for tekal here. Just about to hit 80... and that took quite awhile. Afraid to see what I meet when I try going further.

Knowing the # of hits to kill something makes it more efficient too.

Isn't what it used to be for achaea. Though, from the great influx of the nearly 200 current dragons in achaea, it surely can be done. A lot less time is needed these days though, with all the 'great hunts', double XP, Elite, and higher level bashing areas. Still tedious and boring as heck, but a lot easier.

ill get there.. someday..

It must be so frustrating to die when you're trying to do that. It's bad enough in the lower levels, but all that time lost when it takes multiple kills just to earn 1%. I know it says to take death with a grain of salt since all you can do is go on, but sheesh.



 I play Imperian but this is a good article. Thank you for sharing


Damn, I miss dragons. They were so cool in 2004 when I still played. But I don't have the patience to do it now, I can barely level my monk in aetolia.

I'll be 500 years old or so by the time I get there.

I have that same feeling! heh

haha its not that bad and he is a lazy sh!t. I hope to do mine in the next 3 real months :D

Surprisingly good, if a bit generic, advice.  The one thing missing is that you need to find the mobs that give the best xp, and people in ire games are very tight-lipped about that kind of thing unfortunately.


That statistic about hunting gnolls at 97 gives me hope.


I must be doing something wrong though, because I don't find the gold drops to be very worthwhile.


I hear the hunting gets easier after you get past 92 because of crits.

Try a different area. I hunted a wide range of areas and made sure not to hit the same place during the same rl day usually. It took me forever to get dragon because I teach and hunt and chat and hunt and harvest and hunt and hunt and gather. I stopped looking at experience and just had fun with my "friends and family". Luckily my best hunting partners could only be around when no one else was really out hunting. So much stuff to KEEL! And just because someone tells you a certain place is only good for lower levels, that may just be their results! I had one place I would hunt in my 80's and get 5%, whereas they, in their 50's could only gather 1%. Also, go out with different hunting partners, different people know different areas and tricks!

I like how in Aetolia we can turn into the physical form of life and death.. but I really wish we could still turn into dragons :(

I'll be a dragon someday. I don't have nearly as much time to work on it as I used to though.

is a virtue.. ^^

is a virtue.. ^^

Making it to Dragon as a Druid Atavian was pretty exhausting.  I just spead out hunting to about five hours a day every day and always chained hunting grounds. Patience really is a virtue when it comes to grinding to 99.

Tho I'd hope a few more hunting areas have come since I've been gone.  Get more than a few people good at bashing on at the same time and the game practally dried up hunting area wise.  And I hate hunting lower level areas, just seems mean to me. -_-;

dragon wasnt that tough, just time consuming...

Level 92 is 50% of the way. No wonder it's relatively fast leveling at my level of 76%.


Really, that's interesting. While plenty of mobs in Aetolia hit with loki and other venoms, I don't think any of them have starburst or crystal tattoos. God, that would be infuriatingly frustrating.

".1% every three gnolls at level 97."  what

Some of these articles make me want to come back

It was bad enough just grinding my way to 80, I'm not sure I have the patience to get to dragon.

I wish we got dragons in Aetolia or more end races :D


I'm feeling your pain, buddy. Not only has getting high enough above lv80 so that I don't drop each time I get lagr*p*d been an absolute bitch, but even when I hit lv100 there's no special race. I think you get a few balloons and streamers shown in a world-emote and then a (reportedly useless) set of Portals.


Can't wait.

No world emote. No special race. Portals are pretty meh when you're a rifttastic mage.


THAT SAID, the +20 cap bonus to stats is hot. C:


But yeah. The grind to 100 was hell. (So was the grind to 101) 

That sounds so much more difficult than reaching level 100 in Lusternia.

Does Achaea get things like harmony blessing (+5% to experience), have a race like human (level 2 exp gain), or have an artifact like our kissable lips (+25% xp bonus for 1 hour)?

Lusternia also has aethercraft which is flying ships in space and killing things. When this became popular a lot of people who otherwise wouldn't have reached level 100, did. I personally think it's the chump's easy way out since even at level 100 they have no idea how to bash anything, but it's nice if you want to get some easy xp over the course of a few hours. Though nothing really compares to plain jane bashing.

There's also influencing which is a non-agressive way to earn xp, granted it's much slower than bashing and can't be done in groups, and also lacks critical hits. Though it's a nice money maker if you do it right, and you'll rarely die and never be caught in enemy territory (where death is way more expensive otherwise).

For the record, though, I love the sense of Demigod, even with the nerfs. It comes with some nice roleplaying tools and perks. Plus free second tradeskill is the shizz. I sort of wish Ascendants were deleted, though.

I found that it was too hard and long to actually make it to dragonhood in Achaea. In many regards, it was harder than some of those Korean MMOs out there. I don't kow if that has changed now. Sorry to say but Lusternia offers alot more opportunities or different means of making it to the big 100.


When you put it that way, it really does seem like an uphill struggle towards any endgame race/perk in the games. Though, I suppose, it is a good idea to quell the number of engamers and by making the experience gaps harder each level makes sense. Makes you wonder what the average timeframe for achieving endgame is throughout all the IRE games!

Back when I was in Achaea, getting 82 was fine with me, no longer having to eat or sleep is a godsend. I thought about the Dragon grind, but, I had too much fun getting distracted by other things. 

I'm level 67 or 68, was 70 yesterday, till the raids came in, but I will get dragon sometime.

It takes way too long to get dragon.  I would never have the patience for it.

We don't get anything like that in Imperian. Instead we have to choose an Aspect of the moon... Sounds like Achaea gets a better deal!


Hunting can be boring unless you're at Demon's Pass. My favorite bashing spot.

There are some good little tips in there, even though I play Lusternia, not Achaea. Its hard not to take dying personally, though. That is one thing I need to work on.

I've been stuck in the 80's for the past 100 years.... I just turned on the xp option in the config and while it was great to see the number instead of a percentage I am now disappointed because of the realization that it's going to take me fooooorever!

The rush to dragon wasn't as bad as I thought it'd be when I started off on it. Honestly the best advice I could possibly give is have patience, set yourself goals and achieve them (say, 5% a day), and do everything you can to avoid dying.  Also remember that sometimes bashing faster trumps bashing more valuable things, so keep an eye on how fast you're gaining experience in an area and compare it with weaker areas.


>.> You bash way too fast. Justsaying.


You can't bash too much, you always bash too little

I tend to hunt for gold which nets me some decent experience along the way also. I won't be aimining for dragon but might get there one day unintentionally.

I have a tough time even getting to 80. Level 92 isn't even a consideration at this point. Oh well.

Doesn't seem worth it.

Slow and steady and you'll get there eventually. Or so I keep telling myself.

It took me about a year to get to dragon from level 80 as a serpent. My system was just hunt below my level where people least go for maximum experience. If you know the best spots it really helps in the 80's.


It took me about a year to get to dragon from level 80 as a serpent. My system was just hunt below my level where people least go for maximum experience. If you know the best spots it really helps in the 80's.


I don't know if its the same for the rest of the IRE games but in Lusternia you shoot for 80 first.  I rememebr going from 79 to 80...seemed to be when i died and lost the most experience.

Now that I am a few circles past 80, I just play the game.  When I level I dont even notice it anymore.  It takes much longer but because so many things open up to you at 80(also, no eating or sleeping, yay!)  you dont think about it as much.


I don't do serious exp bashing. If i bash, it tends to be for other reasons, like commodities or essence. Which I've got no intention of stopping, ever. So, it may take RL years, but i'll get there eventually. I'm just not going to go crazy trying to reach it.

But one day you'll be 50% through titan, refusing to get into any fights, influencing every day, trying to eek out a few more percent and get even closer to demigod.

this sounds... very familiar!

Get to Dragon? I can barely push myself to level 80. The most experience I've gotten recently was from spinning the Wheel last month =/

So easy though!

Those adding up all those %5 experience losses each time a denizen offs me makes me wanna cry.... I could be at 100 by now... maybe



i think this is great yay

Sounds better than Impy Aspects.

The foremost and probably ONLY important thing about getting Dragon is...PATIENCE! PATIENCE and more PATIENCE!...

if only patience gave exp... i'd still be level 70-something.

Like a lot of others I don't see myself getting much higher then the low eighties, unless I get staggeringly good at pk that is.

So disappointed... I made it to Aspect on Imperian, then decided to switch to Lusternia. I've petered out at lvl 83 now.

Getting Dragon took awhile, simply because of the grind aspect, but it isn't difficult at all. The fact is that in Achaea you don't even need to venture into Open PK areas to level up. I got something like 5 - 6 percent an hour at level 98 just doing what everyone else calls 'noob stuff', like mog, quartz peak, tsol'aa village, and arcadian guards/students over and over again. You don't even need vertani or DKs (though it helps!)


So, be patient and set goals. That's it. And yeah, Dragon was definitely worth it.

level 100 in any game is actually a pretty rewarding and noteworthy achievement.

I've played Achaea and now MKO, never made it past the mid eighties on either but I'm loving MKO so much that I just maaay see how it goes.

With uni and whatnot it will take a while, but I think I just may make it.

Nice article, definately inspires me to achieve the almost unachievable hehe

When the Cats Away was a good one. I can't tell you how many times I've bashed UW from 2-4am just to avoid people. There were something like 60 people total on the server and you're down there grinding mobs. That's nice....being a sentinel is nicer. In UW we have the advantage of burrowing in most areas. I would say that bashing high level or pk areas is highly dependent on a number of factors. Some include: class, level, artefacts, skill level of bashing (brought up in the point of trying to bash things that are too high of a level). From what I've been able to observe over the years, do not bash things that there is a chance you might not be able to kill. It will get you more experience, but there is a higher probability you will be bashing for another two hours to regain your precentage. Bashing 'trash mobs' is sometimes your best option. I haven't reached dragon yet, but if I had the patience for it I could do it with little trouble.

10 levels to go. So many things to kill


I will get there eventually! I was psyched just to get to 80, but since I'm already here I may as well go all the way. My biggest problems are finding places I can hunt without dying so much that it's not worth it and being too lazy to find a forestal for refills. Refills from shops just cost too much! :P

Dragon is so old school.

I like aetolia's version much better

My fiance has managed level 100 in two games.. I can't get over 80!

It's so true that lvl 90 is only haflway there. Good lord getting past that is tough.


I'm over the halfway mark. I'll get there somewhere in the next 500 years.

It's sad. 72 and 37.37%.

I figured this would be alot easier than it is. Almost level 91, getting to level 99 is going to take forever!

Level 92 is halfway to Dragon? My gosh... no wonder it's such a fabled achievement.


You know, it took me as long to get from 80 to 81 as it did to go from 5 to 50. Those levels past 80 certainly are the toughest (though getting to 80 is pretty awesome itself!)



I've grown comfortable on level 76, I fear. I really need something big to motivate myself. Dragon notwithstanding.

Finally got demigod in Lusternia, I don't think I'd do it on any other character in any other mud game, and devote time to it. I'll bash for gold, and esteem, but not experience anymore, unless it's going aetherhunting I won't bother with it. Eventually I'll get a second trade skill, but I'm not worrying too much about it.

It is so demoralising seeing level 92 is 50% to dragon..

I only usually play Aetolia, but reading this article makes it seem neat... As much as I want Azudim, nothing is as cool and classical as Dragons!

I am Bill Nighy, and if you think about it, Azudim is pretty niftier given that it's something really specific to Aetolia. Dragon is cool across any type of RPG, I guess. I have to agree.

It is crazy that I get up to 20% per kill at level 25. I wish i could always bash like this.

You'll see how fun it is to gain 0.001% per kill.

was level 82 almost level 83... that was tougyh enough... although I want dragon and will get it one day, it's gonna be many many years still.

Double posted bugged thing

Tripple posted damn bugged thing



-Way- too many dragons in Achaea now. Bring back the days where getting dragon meant you were ranked in the top 50!! Stop bashing, people!!!

But it's fun to see measureable progress towards one of your goals...

The more the merrier!  Soon we will take over the world!  Muah*cough*ahaha!

In Tusternia... this would be a quick article, aetherhunt!

But the perks make it sort of worth it.

And given the very few people online in Imperian, there's really no reason why I can't be Aspect. Work work work.

I reached demigod slower than most because I was involved in the social aspect of lusternia. novice aide city minister that sortof thing.  I think honestly I'm better off for it than these 20 something year old demigods who have no notion of anything beyong hunting or influencing.

At 1% of level per IG month I will be a Dragon in no less than 834 months! Woohoo!

Eventually. In the mean time, there's more important things to me.

I would like to make dragon someday, but it's taken me this long just to reach 81. Attaining level 80 seemed impossible, but once I finally did, it's gotten alot easier to make level. Now I'm just so bored with hunting though, I've slowed down alot. Eventually I'll make it.

Nice to know I'm 75% done to halfway there. Whew.

It's SO easy to get endgame these days, with xp promos and artifacts, tattoos, org bonuses, mentor bonus, more bashing arties/consumables, not to mention new places/mechanics to earn xp, like the lulzy aetherhunting or Xaanhal superbashing. Aetolia is SATURATED in endgamers now - we used to make threads on forums posting to say grats each time someone got endgame. That happens so often now that we don't even bother. :P

Just so Moirean can be the littlest dragon, with her runty warhound.

Yeah.. this'll take a while! Great article

I thought that areas yielded more experiance if you left them alone for awhile but this is the first time I have ever heard it spoken. I wonder how long you have to leave them alone. I tend to hunt the same places alot and that is slowing me down. I have to get myself some different hunting spots. I will make it one day but I am still a long way of at lvl 96.

Can't say I'm even close to it (level 83...), but I'm slowly progressing. Liberal use of the shield tattoo is often the key to survival, at least against all sorts of animals (wyrm, fish...)


i will not die..I will not die...*sigh*  ok it is a chore to get to dragon!

Ok, Lovely post, just those thing about the 92. I wish I could forget about that

If you have the wherewithal, the Iron Membership makes it much easier (xp bonus). As the OP detailed, take advantage of any of the promotions that boosts xp gain, critical hits, damage, and so on -- kill the things that you can wipe out more quickly (all said before!).




I'd love to meet Aringar.

I am too old for this

Danny Glover plays Achaea?!

It's taking me forever to get to level 85... I should have had it by now, but I lost like 50% trying to kill big meanies like Bella... hehe I think i'll stop taking them on now.

I am a merchant.



Didn't know that the same mobs give different ex depending on when and how often we hunt them.  Where does this info come from?

This is great advice for those who want to make dragon.

You are level 91 (5th Order of the Hyperphysical) and 63% of the way to the next level.

I've been way lazy for my character being 134 years old, but I'm back in it now to some degree evne though I had surgery on my dominant hand. Now, being a Tsol'aa sage (13 con without runes) doesn't make it easy even being a Monk, let alone a non-nimble Monk. I considered going nimble Horkval to reach dragon but Karai isn't too fond of people who use gems, and she's proud of being Tsol'aa especially back before specs when there were maybe three non-gem'd Tsol'aa Monks. If only we still had racial wp regen. btw, I'm going either blue or gold.

I'll just take Tim Gunn's advice.

One more, when lagging, just quit for a while. Losing xp at death is terrible until you hit dragon.

Nice tips!

Have other interests, for two reasons. First, if all you have is getting to 100 (or 99), then you may find you don't care about the game anymore once you achieve it. Second, it makes the time feel like it's passing more quickly even if it's passing a little more slowly.


Genomin is level 98 and 66.82% and counting! ^_^

Good read.

I do never want to become a dragon, nor heavy artied. I want to fight with underhand everytime and turn it around

hunting so boring. never gonna get dragon

I am definatly going to make it. It has been a long haul but I am getting quite close now. I wonder which color is better for combat? I haave been told blue, gold, and silver. It seems that which dragon color is better for combat changes with each dragon you ask.

90% thru 99... so close.  Those last few percent hurt (and don't get me started about dying).

Death sucks and it seems like starburst is no help,  every time I die I just die twice.

And this is why I don't bother with starbursts any more. 80% of the time I just die twice, which only makes me more mad lol

Oneday Greys will get there, he mostly hunts for gold and inkmilling reagents but those do add up to %'s over time.  Plus there are all those raiders on Shallam.

Gotta have it to make it to dragon. Also, stop playing when you get hit by waves of lag. Take a break, make a sandwich, and thank me later.

MKO needs more Utility at level 100, the hall of worlds is nice, but as a mage it is limeted in usability

I've been playing Achaea since August  2004  or so, and I'm still working on attaining dragon. This is my longest played character, and the closest I've ever been. Hopefully won't take me another 8 years.

I'm working on just getting to level 80, and being pretty successful. This plan's so not going to continue once the semester starts up, though. @_@


I'm curious to see what happens now when someone reaches dragon level, what with recent events.