Penelope Swain

An Iron Realms Credit Card from the Delos Credit Union?

fake credit card

Wouldn’t it be great if you could get a "credit card" from the Delos credit union? Exchange Iron Realms credits to purchase things in real life? This article ponders a credit to real currency exchange rate while listing the credit value of some popular real life items.

Optional Subscriptions in Item Mall MMOs

rpg dragon iron realms

Anyone can hunt up the gold to buy credits from the market, but what options are available for true addicts? This article details the Iron Elite subscription program and why players subscribe to the most addicting games from Iron Realms.

Text Games: The 10 Commandments of Steve Jobs Applied to IRE

steve jobs 10 commandments

This article explores how Iron Realms compares to the creative process behind the genius of Steve Jobs, co-founder of Apple, Inc.

Text Games: Dealing With Virtual Bullies

rpg game griefer

Ever been the victim of virtual bullying, or know someone who has? Penelope Swain offers some helpful ways to deal with griefers.

RPG Games: Playing Without Power

rpg phone app

How do you feed your rpg addiction when the lights go out? Read on for some helpful tips!

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