Midkemia Online

Sci-fi MMORPG Tears of Polaris development put on hold, but not cancelled.

tears of polaris

Tears of Polaris, the sci-fi mmorpg to be the sixth game by Iron Realms, has been put on hold indefinitely. Read on to find out why, and how Iron Realms plans to move forward.

RPG Games: A Deeper Look at Midkemia Online Combat

rpg game pvp midkemia online

Midkemia Online offers a unique combat system for the die-hard RPG fan, one definitely worth checking out!

RPG Games: The Endgame is Nigh

Achaea dragon rpg

With the Great Hunt right around the corner, take a look at what players in the other Iron Realms text games will be working to achieve!

Text Games: A Spotlight on Midkemia Online

Midkemia Online rooftop fight

If you've ever been curious about the unique features Midkemia Online has to offer text gamers, this article highlights how it differs from other IRE games.

Midkemia Shirt Design

Midkemia Shirt Design

Another fantastic piece of art from Chris Bourassa. This is the rough draft for the shirt and merchandise for Midkemia Online, the most recent of the Iron Realms text games.

Moredhel from Midkemia Online

Text Game Mordhel Image

This image of a Moredhel Elf was created by Chris Bourassa for the text game Midkemia Online.

Jimmy the Hand

Midkemia MMORPG artwork MKO

This is an image of young Jimmy the Hand by Chris Bourassa for the text game, Midkemia Online.

Demon Battle

Demon Battle Boss Fight MMORPG

The Demon Battle image was created by Chris Bourassa for the MMORPG, Midkemia Online.

Midkemia Online Goblin

Goblin artwork concept art

The final art for the goblin of the MMORPG Midkemia Online. Created by Chris Bourassa.

Midkemia Online Dwarf

RPG Dwarf

This is the final racial portrait for the Dwarves of the MMORPG text game, Midkemia Online, by Chris Bourassa.

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