IRE Asks: If emotes earned experience, would your grin become a grind?

Roleplay rooster meme

The concept of grinding hasn't progressed very much for MMORPGs, but could there yet be an alternative?

IRE Asks: How Long Do You Spend Bashing?

The Grind

IRE asks players how long they typically spend bashing their favourite zones as part of the daily "IRE Asks" series.

How to Grind in MMORPGs the Easy Way

Elf Bard

Fuel for motivation running empty? Read this article on relieving the monotony of the grind!

MMO Grinding Yourself to Burnout

Tears of Polaris

From bright eyed newbie to grumpy old gamer, this article humorously chronicles the road to basher's burnout.

Text Games: The Quest for Dragon

text game achaea dragon

The multiplayer text game Achaea allows players to transform into a mighty dragon upon reaching the 99th level - this article explores ways players can stay on track during the long and difficult journey.

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