RP versus PvP – Why Neither is Mutually Exclusive in an RPG Setting

mmorpg dwarf priest

RP stands for roleplay, and it is the primary purpose behind RPGs.

Keeping a Cool Head in the Heat of MUD Battle

Goddess artwork from Achaea

An offensive attitude does not have to be offensive!

Why MUDs Own MMORPGs in the PvP Arena.

Elf Rogue
Take a glimpse at the PvP mechanics that make IRE games so awesome in this player-submitted article!

Gender Roles in MMORPGs versus MUDs

Playable Siren race from Achaea MMORPG

Skimpy armour and sexy dance animations aside, do MMORPGs reinforce gender stereotypes? What about MUDs?

How MUDs can avoid the MMO deathtraps.

MMO assassin class

This player-submitted article explores how MMORPGs are becoming today's arcade games, and how MUDs can avoid the same fate.

IRE Asks: Do you consider the balance system real-time or turn-based combat?

MMORPG dwarf warrior

The combat in Iron Realms games offers fast-paced strategy that leaves you on the edge of your seat during a particularly good battle, but how exactly is our balance system defined?

IRE Asks: Would you play a hardcore character?

Permadeath MMO game

Death is never a permanent thing in any of the Iron Realms games, but what if the opposite were true?

IRE Asks: How Separate is Your Character's Personality?

Bard Elf

Is your character a completely unique person compared to your real life persona, or an extension of yourself in the game? Comment on this short article!

Worst Careers in the Game Industry


Considering picking up a part time job in the videogame industry to make some extra gold on the side? We break down the jobs in the MMORPG industry that simply don't pay.

Achaea Promises Deepest PvP Mechanics of any MMO

gamer death

Iron Realms flagship text game Achaea brought combat mechanics unseen or unheard of in any other game, 3d or text. This article breaks down one of the most in-depth PvP systems in existence.

RPG Games: A Deeper Look at Midkemia Online Combat

rpg game pvp midkemia online

Midkemia Online offers a unique combat system for the die-hard RPG fan, one definitely worth checking out!

Top 10 Finishers to Smackdown Your Opponent

karate kid

A fond look at the most excruciating ways to finish off your opponent in the best text games available today.

Text Games: Pacifism in a PvP World

pacifism magic

Combat not your thing? Thankfully, there are countless other ways to have fun in online text adventure games!

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