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Role Playing Games: What Character Are You?

rpg in your base meme

Iron Realms offers players the opportunity to shape their destiny, so what kind of role player will you be?

RPG Games: 5 Ways IRE Games Could be Better

rpg game assassin

Iron Realms games are pretty awesome, but this article explores how they could be awesomer.

RPG Games: 5 Ways IRE Games Could be Worse

iron realms rpg game troll

The first half of a two-part article series on how Iron Realms games could be better, and how they could be worse.

RPG Games: A Comparison of Facebook Games

online rpg games dragon monk

If you're addicted to Facebook games, read on for a countdown of games that share similar features with your favourite Facebook game!

Text Games: Those Crazy Signs of Addiction

reno 911 boots of escaping

This humorous article puts a fresh spin on all those little quirks we have when it comes to our text game addictions!<--break->

RPG Games: Do Personality Types Affect Role Play?

text games roleplayer

This article explores real life personality types and raises questions on whether some personality types exceed more than others.

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