Megan Elizabeth

Text Games: an Imperian God's Tale VI

rpg game goddess

The sixth and final installment in the God's Tale series, Megan Elizabeth walks us through the daily activities of a text game Divine.

Text Games: An Imperian God's Tale V

rpg game Goddess

Iron Realms role playing games feature fun, interactive events that players participate in to shape the storyline of the universe. See how the staff brainstorms and pulls off these epic events in this article!

Role Playing Games: Choosing an Iron Realms Game

online game artwork

Whether new to Iron Realms role playing games or looking to start a character in a new one, this article shares some insight into making a smooth transition.

Role Playing Games: An Imperian God's Tale IV

role playing game elf

You asked for it, you got it! The fourth installment of an Imperian God's Tale highlights the fun perks of being an rpg game volunteer.

RPG Games: An Imperian God's Tale III

rpg game elf
Becoming a celani is no easy task, read on to find out some of the difficult hurdles you must overcome!

RPG Games: 5 Reasons to Join an Order in Imperian

role playing game religions

Players can join Divine Orders in the action-packed text game Imperian. Find out how this benefits your character by reading this article!

RPG Games: An Imperian God's Tale II

role playing game goddess

This sequel article further touches upon life as a text game God, as well as answering some reader comments from the previous!

Role Playing Games: An Imperian God's Tale

text game eledhel

This article explores the ascension process and how a player has to change their game up to prepare for the role.

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