Iron Realms

Should Polygamous Marriages Be a Part of MMORPGs?

Polygamy Parody

Iron Realms games allow characters to marry eachother within the game; what if polygamous marriages were an option? Read on and offer your opinion in the comments!

Zork Inspired Addicting Games by Iron Realms


You can play Zork on Iron Realms, but what about some of the other text games that started it all? This article pays tribute to the addicting games that started the text adventure craze.

Role Playing Games: Choosing an Iron Realms Game

online game artwork

Whether new to Iron Realms role playing games or looking to start a character in a new one, this article shares some insight into making a smooth transition.

Online RPGs: An interview with Jeremy Saunders

iron realms jeremy saunders text games

Ben Gorlick brings us a recorded interview with Jeremy Saunders, President of Iron Realms Entertainment. Jeremy talks about his time as Sartan, gives great roleplay advice and even talks about the future of IRE!

Text Role Playing Games: A Button Masher's Guide to Role Playing

Button Mashing for MUDs

If 'Up Up Down Down Left Right Left Right A B Start' is the extent of your desire for character development in video games, this article on role playing short cuts will be right up your alley!

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