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Addicting Games - Miniature Worldwide Communities

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As it is found in the real world, free text games are filled with cities, towns, religious orders, churches, and social clubs (often referred to as clans) and even family lines that can occupy a player's need for social interaction as well as learning opportunities.

Text Based RPG - 7 Steps to Running the Joint

addicting game politics

Do you have advice for how to gain political clout in a city, guild, house or other player run organization?

Text Adventure Games - What is a MUD?

Text Adventure Game Vampire

Here is another great, player contributed article by RA Pickett describing a bit more about what a MUD is.

Text Games - Why Play a Textual RPG Game?

addicting games pvp

Our second player written article about text games and why you should be playing them comes from RA Pickett.

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