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Online Text Games: Online Game Addictions - Part One

online text games addict

Ever struggled with a text game addiction? Click here for some initial steps to take in overcoming this problem. 

Text-Based RPGs: Five Things To Think About Before Getting Hitched!

Online Text Games

Considering getting married in an online game? Here are a few things to think about.

MUDs: Is There A 'Happily Ever After'?

text game lovers ooc

Ever heard of OOC relationships forming between two text gamers? It might not be as rare as you think!

Role Playing Text Games: Five Ways To Start Role Play in a MUD

Role Playing Games

Interested in role playing but unsure how to get the ball rolling? This article is for you!

Online Role Playing Text Games: Warning Signs

Online Role Playing Text Games

The toughest part of role playing text adventure games can sometimes be knowing when to step away.

Online Text Games - Security Behind the Screen

Anonymous online games

Account and personal security is an important topic for people who play online text games.

Text Online Games - Common Newbie Mistakes

Newbies and Text Games

Read this article about newbie errors and then let us know what other errors you know.

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