Role Playing Game Terms

Online RPGs: Top 5 Locations for Roleplay

text game roleplayer

Need some inspirational ideas for breaking out of your roleplay shell? This humorous article breaks down the top locations your character can expect to find interesting roleplay opportunities!

Online Text Adventures: Five Things to Do Before Joining a Family

text game family

Thinking about getting bloodlined? While text families can be very rewarding, make sure that you really think things through before taking the plunge! Here are some top considerations you should be making.

MUD Roleplay Tips from MUSHes

mud mush goblin

Ever wondered what you can take from your MUSH experience to your MUD experience? Ever wondered what the difference even was in the first place? This article answers it all.

Online Text RPGs: Dealing With OOCness - Asking When

IRE Text Games Images

Have you ever come across someone being blatantly OOC, and were unsure whether to speak up or not? This article details some considerations that should be going through your mind.

Online Text RPGs: Your Character's Reputation

Online Text RPG Character Reputation

Read on to find out the benefits of leaving behind a legacy in your favorite text game in this article about character reputations.

Text Games - What are MUDs?

MUDs Orc

Ever wonder why that crazy friend of yours spends so much time playing that weird text-based game? Begin to understand the appeal in this informative article on MUDs.

Text Online Games - Common Newbie Mistakes

Newbies and Text Games

Read this article about newbie errors and then let us know what other errors you know.

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