How to Prepare to Run for a City Leadership Position

Khodon Deathknight MMORPG artwork

If you have any leadership experience in a gaming environment, the

How Your MUD Newbie Can Make a Splash in a Sea of Seasoned Players

How to Tell If You Are Destined to Be the House Boss or If You Are Just Being Bossy

moon goddess

I have a confession to make. My character’s house had the worst leader ever.

How to Organize a Small Group Roleplay Event

male elf bard

Have you ever attended an event in your favorite online game?

Getting Attention from the Divine without the Use of Fire

RPG Dwarf Priest artwork

You don’t have to down drink after drink in a Temple bar to get th

MUDs: Improving Your RolePlay through Character Creation

Gameplay Immersion - Is using 3rd Party Communication Detrimental to Roleplay?

mmorpg dwarf

Where you fall on this title question will likely depend heavily on the type of game you play.

Have you ever role-played a drunken dwarf (or other MMO oddity)?

Dwarf Warrior

Part of the beauty of a MUD is that you are absolutely free to roleplay as anything you can imagine.

How to switch your MUD character's faction guilt-free.

RPG elf elven bard

One MUD player explores the psychological impact of leaving friends behind when joining a new guild.

IRE Asks: Which Class Would You Axe?

MMO Tank Class

IRE Asks players which class they would chop out of their favourite MMORPG!

IRE Asks: Is Your Character's Race for RP or for the Stats?

Insectoid race from MMORPG

In each Iron Realms games, players have many racial options available to choose from.

IRE Asks: How Separate is Your Character's Personality?

Bard Elf

Is your character a completely unique person compared to your real life persona, or an extension of yourself in the game? Comment on this short article!

Best RP Communities: Roleplay in MMORPGs


Where are the best roleplaying communities? Right here at Iron Realms, says player Rean Moliuvia!

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