Are MMORPG Item Malls Unbalanced?

dwarf priest

In this opinion piece, author Rean Moliuvia compares the pay-for-perks model of IRE games to popular MMORTS, Heroes of Newerth.

Tearing Down Language Barriers in MMO Games

captain planet

Alex Carlson offers his opinion on the seperation of gamers into region-specific servers, and how developers should tear down language barriers.

What if the MMO Item Mall Was Never Invented?

Item Mall

In this opinion piece, Tony Celentano wonders what the MMO industry would be like if the pioneers of the pay-for-perks model launched with a subscription fee.

The Real Cost of F2P MMO Item Malls versus P2P Video Games

rpg artwork

In this article, long-time player Tony Celentano breaks down and compares his videogame investment versus his Iron Realms investment, both in time and money. Read on and share your opinion in the comments!

MMORPGs: The Controversy of the 'F' Word (Free)

rpg game artwork

Many indie game developers are struggling to maintain their pay-for-perks models, so what keeps Iron Realms successful while offering a free platform? Ben Bridged gives us his opinion.

Ssylsin Diabolist of Imperian

RPG Diabolist

An image of a Ssylin Diabolist sitting astride a hulking mount, RPG fanstasy artwork by Chris Bourassa.

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