Role Playing Games

Role Playing Games: an Interview with Eric Lamy

text game producer Eric Lamy

Ben Gorlick is back with another "Producers Corner" - this time featuring Eric Lamey, the Producer of Iron Realms text game Aetolia!

RPG Games: 5 Reasons to Join an Order in Imperian

role playing game religions

Players can join Divine Orders in the action-packed text game Imperian. Find out how this benefits your character by reading this article!

Role Playing Games: How to Make Imperian Work for You

text game dwarf

If you're new to the online rpg Imperian and need some tips, this helpful article breaks down some of the things that will help you get on your feet.

Role Playing Games: An Imperian God's Tale

text game eledhel

This article explores the ascension process and how a player has to change their game up to prepare for the role.

Online Text RPGs: Dealing With OOCness - Asking When

IRE Text Games Images

Have you ever come across someone being blatantly OOC, and were unsure whether to speak up or not? This article details some considerations that should be going through your mind.

Role Playing MUDs: The Fallacy of "It's Just A Text Game"

MUD Game Light Elf

Think twice before you make fun of someone for caring about a text game!

Role Playing MUDs: So, You Want To Be Mhaldorian

Role Playing Games Portal

A how-to guide to villainy in Achaea, Dreams of Divine Lands!

Online Text RPGs: How I Got Into Them

Online RPG MUDs

One player's story of how they got into text games.

Online Text RPGs: Your Character's Reputation

Online Text RPG Character Reputation

Read on to find out the benefits of leaving behind a legacy in your favorite text game in this article about character reputations.

Text Role Playing Games: Why Beta Is Better

Text Role Playing Game Beta Testing

Established text games often draw more players, but text games in Beta can be fun too! Read on to hear about one player's take on Midkemia Online.

Text Role Playing Games: A Button Masher's Guide to Role Playing

Button Mashing for MUDs

If 'Up Up Down Down Left Right Left Right A B Start' is the extent of your desire for character development in video games, this article on role playing short cuts will be right up your alley!

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