Item Mall

Top Item Mall Costumes in MMOs

leia costume

Player costumes in MMORPGs become a hot topic every Halloween - did you design a costume for your MMO character this year? Read on and share your comments!

What if the MMO Item Mall Was Never Invented?

Item Mall

In this opinion piece, Tony Celentano wonders what the MMO industry would be like if the pioneers of the pay-for-perks model launched with a subscription fee.

The Real Cost of F2P MMO Item Malls versus P2P Video Games

rpg artwork

In this article, long-time player Tony Celentano breaks down and compares his videogame investment versus his Iron Realms investment, both in time and money. Read on and share your opinion in the comments!

Achaea Promises Deepest PvP Mechanics of any MMO

gamer death

Iron Realms flagship text game Achaea brought combat mechanics unseen or unheard of in any other game, 3d or text. This article breaks down one of the most in-depth PvP systems in existence.

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