5 Tips for Roleplaying a Change in House, City, or Divine Order

artwork dwarf priest mmorpg

Changing your character's faction isn't something to be taken lightly! Read on for some tips on a well roleplayed conversion.

Keeping a Cool Head in the Heat of MUD Battle

Goddess artwork from Achaea

An offensive attitude does not have to be offensive!

Gameplay Immersion - Is using 3rd Party Communication Detrimental to Roleplay?

mmorpg dwarf

Where you fall on this title question will likely depend heavily on the type of game you play.

Why MUDs Own MMORPGs in the PvP Arena.

Elf Rogue
Take a glimpse at the PvP mechanics that make IRE games so awesome in this player-submitted article!

Would Advanced AI Work in MUDs?

Lizard man
As the AI in video games becomes more complex, especially with Skyrim's most recent radiant AI system, this article explores the concept of AI in MUDs.

Should Polygamous Marriages Be a Part of MMORPGs?

Polygamy Parody

Iron Realms games allow characters to marry eachother within the game; what if polygamous marriages were an option? Read on and offer your opinion in the comments!

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