How to Prepare to Run for a City Leadership Position

Khodon Deathknight MMORPG artwork

If you have any leadership experience in a gaming environment, the

How Your Player-Created Content Affects the Lifespan of Your Favorite Iron Realms Games

Offense vs Defense - A hard balance to strike in MUD game development

Bard Warrior game artwork

When thinking of building a PvP system that caters to duelin

How Your MUD Newbie Can Make a Splash in a Sea of Seasoned Players

5 Must-Haves for Your MUD Game Bucket List

Babel God of Nihilism

There's so much to do in MUD games, it's hard to get bored once you immerse yourself in everything available to you.

5 Tips for Roleplaying a Change in House, City, or Divine Order

artwork dwarf priest mmorpg

Changing your character's faction isn't something to be taken lightly! Read on for some tips on a well roleplayed conversion.

How to Tell If You Are Destined to Be the House Boss or If You Are Just Being Bossy

moon goddess

I have a confession to make. My character’s house had the worst leader ever.

RP versus PvP – Why Neither is Mutually Exclusive in an RPG Setting

mmorpg dwarf priest

RP stands for roleplay, and it is the primary purpose behind RPGs.

How to Organize a Small Group Roleplay Event

male elf bard

Have you ever attended an event in your favorite online game?

Keeping a Cool Head in the Heat of MUD Battle

Goddess artwork from Achaea

An offensive attitude does not have to be offensive!

Show and Tell – How to Add Flavor to Your Character’s Description

elf bard mmorpg

When you create your character’s description in a text-based game like Achaea, how do you do it?

Getting Attention from the Divine without the Use of Fire

RPG Dwarf Priest artwork

You don’t have to down drink after drink in a Temple bar to get th

MUDs: Improving Your RolePlay through Character Creation

7 Friendly Tips for Managing an MMORPG Addiction

dala'myrr achaea

Author's note. This article is just as applicable to myself as anyone else.

Gameplay Immersion - Is using 3rd Party Communication Detrimental to Roleplay?

mmorpg dwarf

Where you fall on this title question will likely depend heavily on the type of game you play.

Top MUDs: The Journey of the Individual

A Rajamala warrior

Player-submitted articles do not necessarily reflect the opinions of Iron Realms, the company or its employees.


How MUDs can avoid the MMO deathtraps.

MMO assassin class

This player-submitted article explores how MMORPGs are becoming today's arcade games, and how MUDs can avoid the same fate.

Would Advanced AI Work in MUDs?

Lizard man
As the AI in video games becomes more complex, especially with Skyrim's most recent radiant AI system, this article explores the concept of AI in MUDs.

Online Text Games: Three Ways To Make Bank

Text Game Elf

If you struggle with in-game money trouble, this article can help you get out of the red!

Role Playing MUDs: So, You Want To Be Mhaldorian

Role Playing Games Portal

A how-to guide to villainy in Achaea, Dreams of Divine Lands!

Online Text Games: Performing in a Role Playing MUD

Role Playing Games Troll

Learn how to keep the attention of a audience as the star of the show in a text game!

Text Adventure Games - What is a MUD?

Text Adventure Game Vampire

Here is another great, player contributed article by RA Pickett describing a bit more about what a MUD is.

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