Book Culture in IRE Games

MMO Thief

The MUD, as a digital-text-based form of entertainment, might seem at first glance to be one among many factors in the decline of the analog world of books ..

IRE Asks: What Class Would You Create?

RPG Occultist

Last time you were asked to fill the role of an Iron Realms MUD Producer, with the task of chopping a class completely out of your game.

Role Playing Games: an Interview with Eric Lamy

text game producer Eric Lamy

Ben Gorlick is back with another "Producers Corner" - this time featuring Eric Lamey, the Producer of Iron Realms text game Aetolia!

RPG Games: 5 Reasons to Join an Order in Imperian

role playing game religions

Players can join Divine Orders in the action-packed text game Imperian. Find out how this benefits your character by reading this article!

RPG Games: Getting Intimate with Lusternian History

online rpg lusternia

This article urges readers to brush up on the rich and detailed lore of Lusternia, one of the best online role playing games by Iron Realms.

Adventure RPGs: The Quest for Power

tarpen necromancy iron realms

An engaging article that urges online text gamers to carve their niche and complete the ultimate quest for power.

Online RPGs: Getting Back into Roleplay

iron realms atavian jester text games

A helpful article that suggests way to seperate OOC personality from IC, whether you've been doing it subconsciously or not.

Online Text RPGs: Dealing With OOCness - Asking When

IRE Text Games Images

Have you ever come across someone being blatantly OOC, and were unsure whether to speak up or not? This article details some considerations that should be going through your mind.

Role Playing MUDs: The Fallacy of "It's Just A Text Game"

MUD Game Light Elf

Think twice before you make fun of someone for caring about a text game!

Online Text Games: Three Ways To Make Bank

Text Game Elf

If you struggle with in-game money trouble, this article can help you get out of the red!

Online Text Games: Performing in a Role Playing MUD

Role Playing Games Troll

Learn how to keep the attention of a audience as the star of the show in a text game!

Role Playing Text Games: MUDs and Music

Role Playing Games and Music

Music can powerfully affect the mood of almost anything - have you ever thought about incorporating it into your text gaming?

Role Playing Text Games: Five Ways To Start Role Play in a MUD

Role Playing Games

Interested in role playing but unsure how to get the ball rolling? This article is for you!

Online Text RPGs: How I Got Into Them

Online RPG MUDs

One player's story of how they got into text games.

Online Role Playing Games: Coding for the True Newbie - Teaching Troubling Triggering, vol. 2

Online Role Playing Games Window

Targeting is a coding essential in many text-based RPGs. If you've always struggled with getting it right, this article is for you!

Online Text RPGs: Your Character's Reputation

Online Text RPG Character Reputation

Read on to find out the benefits of leaving behind a legacy in your favorite text game in this article about character reputations.

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