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Text Games: an Imperian God's Tale VI

rpg game goddess

The sixth and final installment in the God's Tale series, Megan Elizabeth walks us through the daily activities of a text game Divine.

RPG Games: Playing Without Power

rpg phone app

How do you feed your rpg addiction when the lights go out? Read on for some helpful tips!

MMORPGs: The Controversy of the 'F' Word (Free)

rpg game artwork

Many indie game developers are struggling to maintain their pay-for-perks models, so what keeps Iron Realms successful while offering a free platform? Ben Bridged gives us his opinion.

Text Games: An Imperian God's Tale V

rpg game Goddess

Iron Realms role playing games feature fun, interactive events that players participate in to shape the storyline of the universe. See how the staff brainstorms and pulls off these epic events in this article!

Why Social Games Are Missing Out on the Dual Currency Subscription

virtual money

 Beth E. brings us a fantastic article on virtual currency models, referencing many sources along the way, including an incredible guest post by Matt Mihaly.

Role Playing Games: What Character Are You?

rpg in your base meme

Iron Realms offers players the opportunity to shape their destiny, so what kind of role player will you be?

RPG Games: Why Do You Like Text Games?

rpg game diabolist

What seperates text gamers from graphical gamers? Read on and share your opinion in the comments!

RPG Games: 5 Ways IRE Games Could be Better

rpg game assassin

Iron Realms games are pretty awesome, but this article explores how they could be awesomer.

RPG Games: 5 Ways IRE Games Could be Worse

iron realms rpg game troll

The first half of a two-part article series on how Iron Realms games could be better, and how they could be worse.

Role Playing Games: An Imperian God's Tale IV

role playing game elf

You asked for it, you got it! The fourth installment of an Imperian God's Tale highlights the fun perks of being an rpg game volunteer.

RPG Games: A Comparison of Facebook Games

online rpg games dragon monk

If you're addicted to Facebook games, read on for a countdown of games that share similar features with your favourite Facebook game!

RPG Games: A Deeper Look at Midkemia Online Combat

rpg game pvp midkemia online

Midkemia Online offers a unique combat system for the die-hard RPG fan, one definitely worth checking out!

Role Playing Games: The Not-So-Newbies to Avoid!

rpg game newbie

The role of a mentor can be fun and rewarding, but some proteges aim to push you over the edge! Read on and share your protege horror stories!

RPG Games: An Imperian God's Tale III

rpg game elf
Becoming a celani is no easy task, read on to find out some of the difficult hurdles you must overcome!

Role Playing Games: The 5 Mentors To Avoid

rpg game knight

This article lists the bad habits a mentor can develop, so newbies (or mentors themselves) can watch for early signs!<--break->

RPG Games: Pursuit of the Sue

text game mary-sue

This satirical four step guide can help you create the perfect embodiment of perfection, a text game Mary Sue.

RPG Games: An Imperian God's Tale II

role playing game goddess

This sequel article further touches upon life as a text game God, as well as answering some reader comments from the previous!

RPG Games: It Takes a Thief

text game thief

Hang on tight to your backpacks while reading this clever article on the various flavours thieves come in (besides icky)!

Role Playing Games: An Imperian God's Tale

text game eledhel

This article explores the ascension process and how a player has to change their game up to prepare for the role.

RPG Games: Do Personality Types Affect Role Play?

text games roleplayer

This article explores real life personality types and raises questions on whether some personality types exceed more than others.

Text Games: an Interview with Robb French (Estarra)

text games roleplaying

This new episode of Ben Gorlick’s “Producer Hangout” is a four part interview with Robb French known to Lusternians as Estarra and to Achaeans as Eris, the Goddess of Chaos.

Text Games: Five Iron Realms Tools Worth Discovering!

text game tears of polaris muds

This article highlights some of the useful Iron Realms applets and extensions that let you stay connected with your character!

Text Games: The Squared Circle - RPGs versus Pro Wrestling

text games pro wrestler

A humorous article that compares one of America's favourite roleplay pasttimes to the features found in online text games.

Adventure RPGs: The Quest for Power

tarpen necromancy iron realms

An engaging article that urges online text gamers to carve their niche and complete the ultimate quest for power.

Online RPGs: Getting Back into Roleplay

iron realms atavian jester text games

A helpful article that suggests way to seperate OOC personality from IC, whether you've been doing it subconsciously or not.

Text Games: How do Gods and Mortals Co-Exist?

text game god universe

An excellent read that raises questions regarding mortal / divine interaction in text games, and draws parallels to real life religions.

Text Games: How My Career Gave Me Character

text game corporate ladder

This inspiring and helpful article gives some advice on how to get the job done, by applying real life success strategies to text games.

Online RPGs: Top 5 Locations for Roleplay

text game roleplayer

Need some inspirational ideas for breaking out of your roleplay shell? This humorous article breaks down the top locations your character can expect to find interesting roleplay opportunities!

Online Text Games: Who's Your Daddy?

father son gamers

A thought-provoking article in which the author explains how text game family roleplay has helped him develop a better relationship with his real life dad, through reflection and understanding.

Online MUDs: An Interview with Matt Mihaly, CEO of Iron Realms

text game Sarapis

Matt Mihaly (aka Sarapis the Logos), gives us a no-holds-barred interview that touches on the creation of Achaea, crazy banned players, his favourite events and more!

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