The Iron Elite

The Iron Realms games are proud to announce the release of our Iron Elite Memberships, bringing yet another way to enhance and improve your characters within our text adventure games. We are particularly excited about this option as players will get a huge bang for their buck for their MUD characters.

So what do you get?

Every character registered to your email address, will earn 5 lessons every day, upon login. You will earn these lessons the instant you login to one of our games. This will net you 150 lessons per month which is about 25 credits. If you have 10 characters, that is the equivalent of 250 credits per month in lessons in our text games.

Your game account will earn 100 bound credits every month. These credits can be distributed across your characters in the game with the command CREDITS MEMBERSHIP TRANSFER . In addition, you will accumulate 5 more credits every month you are on the membership. For example, after 5 months you will get 125 bound credits added to your game account. This will top out at an additional 50 bound credits per month after 10 months, totaling 150 bound credits membership per month.

You will have a permanent 10% bonus to all credit purchases while on the membership. In other words, members will have a permanent sale running on their text game of choice. This bonus will stack with any other game sale we run, so if we're offering a 25% Holiday sale, Iron Elite members will gain a total 35% credit bonus.

We expect most elite members will be established players that have already enjoyed leveling their characters throughout our text adventure games. As such, we are offering an experience bonus to all members. This is a monthly, 5% cumulative bonus (up to 25%). For example, for the first month you will enjoy a 5% XP bonus for our text games. For the second month you will have a 10% XP bonus. In month five you will have a 25% bonus. Of course, this bonus will stack with any other bonuses you enjoy.

Additionally many of the games will be offering other goodies for your characters. So be sure to check out HELP ELITE from within your favorite MUD game to see what else these memberships offer. Where can you sign up? Just click though to your game of choice.


I absolutely love my membership....its so awesome. The Textp, the extra lessons. Its been a long time comming. Glad it is finally here

Glad you enjoy it. Look forward to more cool stuff in the future.

...and would love to see some goodies thrown Achaea's way.


Hoping Tears of Polaris kicks in before I've had my fill!


I want to play Tears of Polaris...

me too.

Tears of Polaris would probably be pretty cool!

I would have liked to give ToP a shot as well

I concur.





Then you have to wait!

Aw!  Not fair!



sounds like an incredible deal. I will be joining up for it next week. *jig*

The one paying out most for your $

And it allows us to steadily support our favorite MUDs!

maybe someday.

yes, someday. 

indeed, someday.



here's hoping someday comes soon for me

That day could be today!

Yea, already a member

Cool deal




When do the reoccuring payments take place? Is it every month from the date you sign up, or something else?

Every month on the date you signed up

Date you sign up,

It always goes through within a week or so of the date I signed up. It's never been the same day for me.

Doesn't it say when you log in or on the website when you'll be billed next?


I believe you can find out by looking at your last billing email, though perhaps I'm wrong, or there are other ways as well.

I hope to someday be able to afford it






It's easy, just skip candy or whatever ;)


or don't pay rent. Maybe drop the bloodpresure medicine. Baby formula is so expensive these days.



I miss my membership. :(

Never had it.


I had this for long enough I was up to the 150 credits a month for a bit there. I let it lapse for awhile though.


Yea, that's wonderful. And the 25% experience is always handy.

member :}

already a member, like it


Such a sweet deal...the bonuses are amazing!

I don't spend money on MUDs.

Turns out, small purchases add up.

Used to have it, but unsubscribed recently since I simply can not afford it now that I'm starting University at the end of the month.

gave it up for a day or two have again

Sounds like a great deal, for those who can afford it.

I just recently found out about the elite membership. So glad I asked about dingbats! Now I know and I'm very happy with it!


its on my wishlist


It's a good deal 

I can't wait till I can afford something like that! 

Quite nice to have

would be cooler if a free item came along with it


Surely looks like a good deal since it is compareable to the pricing of other mmos in my opinion.


love the iron elite


I needs money to keep my awesome leetness

considering what you get, it's amazingly economical

I want this back so badly. Next month, I promise

I got one, I got one!


No I can enjoy the super awesome Iron Elite bonuses again.



I bought my Elite on Imperian the day it came out. I've had it ever since, no matter the game I'm playing!



Where you at? I need to hop on this train.

It's a pretty great deal for what you get

There are a lot of perks if you decide to go this way. Well worth the price no doubt.

It's great, if a tad expensive. Objectively, most game subscriptions don't run that high, but I would pay for this, and not those, heh heh.

It would be nice if they had a couple of tiers - I like this but think In would end up cancelling because after 6 months I would just be spending the credits on tat or changing class for fun - if it was coming in at say 50 credits a month, then I think I would be paying for ir and paying for longer

c'mon folks. This game causes you to drop other games. That's not too expensive, 25 a month.

It certainly looks like an excellent deal

This membership really is awesome.

.. only agree!

I wish I could swing this membership, but my wife has a thing against me paying real money for virtual goods, even if it is a game that's provided nearly endless entertainment for the last seven years.


It's a good deal in my opinion

I only play Achaea, so this isn't worth it for me. Every other game gets their tokens or shiny pretties of rarity, so we kinda get the short end of the stick



Seems like a good idea...though Aetolia doesn't have that many skills, so I wonder how good it is compared to other games.

Have considered getting on this, but still haven't.

don't subscribe myself, but I'm just cheap.  Definitely looks like good value for money.

still hoping for the return of FB credits...

Same here. It gave me something to send to the people who kept spamming me with farmville messages.


Ah haha. So true.

Pay for perks >>> Pay to play

and that is why I adore Iron Elite.

I agree

If I could I would.

I wish I had this, but I haven't been able to justify the money. :)

not something I can sink money into since I literally don't buy crap or cable since I began Achaea :)

why watch bad tv when you can play a TEXT BASED GAME! wheee!

Easy justification for me, money per hour of play is way better with elite and Lusternia than most other things. I spend very slowly so the credits each month are a nice surprise.

Achaea don't get many extras with it, for sure.

Tempted to get this to help me on my way to dragon! My very very long journey to dragon...

But I'm glad I did it now :)

the bound credits alone seem worth the price of admission

I have it, its pretty cool. and a great deal

too bad I don't even have the money for that right now

me too.

At least in my opinion.  I know a few people who are also subscribed and they, likewise, love it.

Achaea needs extras though. Come on

Agreed, would make it more enticing.

A mayan crown per month would be nice, considering most of the powerful items are long gone from the shop.


An item that can teleport you to the Elite Lounge for maximum immersion breaking.



I miss my IRE elite, I may treat myself to it again.

Yeah, I've been looking to get elite myself.

I need to get this eventually.

It's at least twice as much as I'd be willing to pay for an online game. At least. :x

reminds me, I need to resubscribe. Time is almost up. Love this package, though it's irritating that my questions to support never get answered, just blown over.

Want this so bad.


I may consider signing up using part of my raise to pay for it.



I dislike that they only accept Credit card and paypal, those without it are unable to buy a month or 3 months in a row. They should make it so you can pay for it per month without a credit card. If you don't pay it goes away, if you pay it stays active

Yes you should

Achaea just needs to get the extra perk as well

Once I've the money to invest, I definitely will. Right now I only ever was given credits by other players, but most I earned IG out of necessity. I'll get it soon enough, even if to support IRE for all the time I spend here.. and make it easier to bash to dragon, and to get sa collar, sash, veil and finish off vision. Uogh.



Hey kudos to those who pay to support the game. :D

Amazing what the 25% xp bonus an do. After almost a month without it, I'd forgotten how much it helps, but within half a day of having it back, I'd made almost 15% of a level. The credits are awesome, a huge huge huge help, though I wish they weren't bound. Would be nice if they would make half or  a quarter or hell,even just 10,  of the monthly credits unbound.

The xp bonus is nice. I level so slowly I dread to think where I'd be without it.


the only way to buy credits :D if you don't need to sell em for gold

Too bad there's no way to sell the credits, at least, not in Achaea. Though you can transfer them to your other characters, if you're inclined to have have two.

Sounds like a good deal

I did consider it but thought it too expensive for a monthly expenditure, although I do recognize the value of the package deal. Maybe if there were lesser deals, like the tiers someone mentioned above.


For IRE elite!

Best deal ever!

I'd like it if there were a lite version of the membership, or one where you can pick certain bits of it and pay accordingly. Like I'm not interested in the xp bonus, for example, and the price is higher than I feel ok to spend on a game, so if I could have a membership for a lower price without the xp bonus that'd be a dealmaker for me.

Come on, throw in a crown a month for us Achaeans? Pretty please?

more tokens for MkO! and a collar of lupus type of artie please!

It is getting more tempting the more hours I put in.  Does feel a little like cheating though

Such a useful thing to have.

Depends on your definition of useful. But it sure is nice


WoW is only 15 bucks...

Yeah, so are many mainstream MMOs. Hence I think a sort of less benefits option at that price could bring in money for those still apprehensive. And who knows they might upgrade later!

Agreed. I might even get it, if it were less.

Hrm I might get this.

you and me both!


It's funny how people say it costs too much..I get a new game for my ps3 or 360 I would say at least once a month, which is about 50-60 bucks.. I play it for three or four months, and trade it in, for what feels like about a tenth of what I paid for it, so considering that.. 25 bucks a month for a game I have been playing for 9+ years.. seems pretty fair!!

I am getting to see this after half year of playing. Maybe one day will join the Elite, but for now I like being "natural", gaining my gold/credits IC.

Just wish I wasn't so broke right now...

Same here.


I find the cost/benefit to be very reasonable

I agree, though sometimes I wish the extras you earn after 100 should have some of them unbound to place on the Cr market.

especially at the prices credits are going for!!!

Another credit post.

One too

I love everything about Iron Elite <3

a help file you can comment on!

Elite membership is fantastic, if only for the experience bonus.

Someone buy Elite for me for my B-Day (which was on the 2nd)! *flutters*



best idea

free credit comment on a credits-related topic!

Elite = win

Got one of these for my husband this autumn, looking forward to getting my own for Christmas. Otherwise I'm going to have a long winter.


I think that in terms of lessons, even a one month subscription is a better deal than most of the credit bundles, so as long as you don't mind the one month wait for all your rewards, it's a better deal.

worth every penny

if only I had time. and money.

So nice to be an Iron Elite.

Did I mention how nice it is to be an Iron Elite? Oh... I did. Credit!

this one's a worthwhile promo.  Made getting needed skills much, MUCH quicker.  (especially since Lusty's credit market is so terrible these days)


credit comment

Just became an Iron elite member last month. and I have to say, it's great.

..wish I had it...but no monies to pay for it \/.\/

Elite is great and so are free comment credits.

It is less costly than anything else

It really is a good deal

I want this...Not sure if I have appropriate funds, however. Particularly with Black Friday around the corner!

best IRE deal by far.

And I imagine it's increased their revenue, too

It gave them much needed steady income. Players benefitted a lot, but didn't overpower anything. So win win situation for all.



It's a great deal for the credits, especially if you've already used up all your bonus lessons.

Letting it stack up every month makes it a hell of a deal.


best deal out ehere

... leave this running when I go dormant a while. Coming back to a ton of creds is great :D

I wish I had the extra cash for it.

So good

I don't much like the idea that "members" get benefits the normal players can never gain.

And~ got it. :3 Womp womp~.

How come Lusternians get digbats with theirs, and we Achaeans can't have crowns? *pout*

there is for IRE games.



Oh, well. I'll get it back eventually.

no Paypal no CC... I'd like to be able to get it but yeah no

Been debating it but just right now funds are too tight.

money always wins debates.

Iron Elite is the shit

if you like flushing money down the drain.


just kidding, best value for real.

if you like flushing money down the drain.


just kidding, best value for real.

Well, this Elite membership sounds more and more tempting...

xp bonus sounds good..

And~ mine kicked in today. Go go 105 bound credits! :3

Maybe the dwarf will hand out a months free membership!  Then once addicted will ramp up the price