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UPDATE: Please check for the latest updates and usage information. I will be maintaining the code and documentaiton there from now on. The mudlet forum link is still a good way to reach me with questions about the framework though. I've made several changes in this last round of updates.


UPDATE: added a new option to choose whether the time is shown on the timer or not. Also added a :stop() function, so you can remove/cancel a timer if you need to. 


A small framework for creating animated timers using Geyser in Mudlet. 

This is based on code I found on the old Aetolia forums by The youtube video was run on a version of Mudlet which started with a 1, so I used the code there to make something that will use Geyser and all of its attendant functionality.


Full information is available on the Mudlet forums:

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That could be pretty handy. I have seen a couple things that I've sat down a timer on my phone to be able to monitor.

Nice. Thanks.

Hi! I'm Lin, formerly known as "Glasse" on Aetolia. Glad to see someone updated this old nonsense, it looks very nice.

I'm glad you're not upset =) 

I kind of figured you wouldn't have posted the code if you didn't want it used, but since I had no idea how to hook that name up to an actual player/character I just kind of took a chance and went with it. Would you like some form of accreditation beyond what I've done in the comments and posts I've made about it so far? The basic logic is still pretty much intact from your old code, I just gussied it up.

I hadn't really looked into any animations before, as I tend to be more of the "rearrange the giant blocks of text to make them easier to parse" school of UI design than the flashy images sort, but I was working on a package that required pretty much this exact functionality. Apart from my desire to make it work properly with Geyser, though, I think your code would have still held up.

Either way, thanks for the compliment and for dropping by to say hey =)


New version up.