Gender Roles in MMORPGs versus MUDs

Playable Siren race from Achaea MMORPG

Skimpy armour and sexy dance animations aside, do MMORPGs reinforce gender stereotypes? What about MUDs?

IRE Asks: How did you discover MUDs?

A dwarf from the MMORPG Achaea

 MUDs are like secret societies - small fanatical communities, hard to find if you aren't looking, and your friends think you're crazy when you tell them they exist.

IRE Asks: How many classes have you tried, and which was your favourite?

MMO assassin class

Changing classes can be important to MMORPG players who want to try something new.

IRE Asks: Do you consider the balance system real-time or turn-based combat?

MMORPG dwarf warrior

The combat in Iron Realms games offers fast-paced strategy that leaves you on the edge of your seat during a particularly good battle, but how exactly is our balance system defined?

IRE Asks: Is player housing important to you and why?

Player housing

Are you a fan of player housing? What direction should MMO developers go with it?

IRE Asks: Should MMORPG quest NPCs have voice actors?

SWTOR parody lol

A debate has sparked recently in the MMORPG community regarding voice acting and NPCs. Share your opinion!

IRE Asks: If emotes earned experience, would your grin become a grind?

Roleplay rooster meme

The concept of grinding hasn't progressed very much for MMORPGs, but could there yet be an alternative?

IRE Asks: Would you play a hardcore character?

Permadeath MMO game

Death is never a permanent thing in any of the Iron Realms games, but what if the opposite were true?

IRE Asks: How do you define player driven?

Minecraft game

Provide your opinion on the ultimate definition of the player driven MMORPG experience.

IRE Asks: Which IRE game has the best intro?

A dwarf warrior wielding an epic battleaxe.

You don't want to miss this IRE Asks! We offer an inside look at new player statistics and ask players to weigh in on today's question.

IRE Asks: What's the longest you've played in one session?

A keyboard pillow.

What's the longest you've gamed in a single session? Answer this IRE Asks!

IRE Asks: What's your Bartle Quotient?

Richard Bartle

The Bartle Test of Gamer Psychology has long been a favourite among MUD and MMORPGs fans.

IRE Asks: Which MMO artefact would you find in your cereal?

RPG video game cereal

In many American supermarkets, the cereal aisle can be a nightmare.

IRE Asks: Have you met MMO friends IRL?

MMO Cosplay group

One of the best things about MUDs are the tight-knit communities. With the smaller playerbase, everything becomes a little more personal.

IRE Asks: Are You a Multigamer?

dual monitors

Everyone has heard of multiplaying, which is considered illegal in Iron Realms games. But what about multigaming?

IRE Asks: Do you read the MMO mythology?

MMO Dwarf Priest

Most MMORPGs provide an accompanying mythology, for curious players.

South Korea MMORPG Gaming Curfew Law Goes into Effect

MMO Curfew

South Korea recently passed a law prohibiting underage gaming during certain hours overnight. This article discusses both its merits and disadvantages.

IRE Asks: What Type of AFKer Are You?

Ninja Class

MMORPGs have different policies regarding going AFK, but players will still find ways to pass out in front of their keyboards and not respond for a couple hours.

Playing Alts in Iron Realms MMORPGs

Multiboxing in MMORPGs

 Iron Realms has just a few basic rules when it comes to owning multiple (alt) characters, and this helpful article points them out!

IRE Asks: Is Your Character's Race for RP or for the Stats?

Insectoid race from MMORPG

In each Iron Realms games, players have many racial options available to choose from.

SWTOR Forces Players to Share Surname Between All Characters?


This article details how tight regulations for character surnames in MMORPGs can ruin the roleplay experience for its players.

IRE Asks: What MMO Mob Would You Own as a Pet?

green puppy

IRE Asks players to share their opinion on hot topics to the MMO industry, as well as current happenings in the IRE games.

IRE Asks: How Separate is Your Character's Personality?

Bard Elf

Is your character a completely unique person compared to your real life persona, or an extension of yourself in the game? Comment on this short article!

Best RP Communities: Roleplay in MMORPGs


Where are the best roleplaying communities? Right here at Iron Realms, says player Rean Moliuvia!

Skyrim: A Text Gamer's Point of View


Two years before  AchaeaThe Elder Scrolls: Arena was first made available in 1994 for DOS systems. Throughout its history, the game relied heavily on the idea of allowing players to develop a unique character that makes its own choices -- and then deals with the consequences of them.

Where are the Thief Classes in MMORPGs?

assassin thief

Article contributor Rean Moliuvia talks about the non-existence of thief classes in popular MMORPGs, in this article that will steal your attention.

Are MMORPG Item Malls Unbalanced?

dwarf priest

In this opinion piece, author Rean Moliuvia compares the pay-for-perks model of IRE games to popular MMORTS, Heroes of Newerth.

The Types of Items in Item Malls

item mall

This article details what kind of items you find in your average MMO item mall, and how they can affect the game.

Are Microtransactions the MMO Item Mall Killers?


Virtual goods can be either a boon or a bane to an MMORPG. This article explores both sides of the coin when it comes to buying or selling intangible items using real world commodities, and the effects it has on an MMORPG.

Top Item Mall Costumes in MMOs

leia costume

Player costumes in MMORPGs become a hot topic every Halloween - did you design a costume for your MMO character this year? Read on and share your comments!

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