MMO Grinding Yourself to Burnout

Tears of Polaris

Remember back to your first role playing game - the joy you had discovering the new world, the glory you felt when you slew your first rat, the excitement for every level you gained? You weren't just going to be a good player, you were going to be the best rpg player ever! What the hell happened?

I've seen many people go up in the ranks from novice to oldie, and there's a type of progression, from the happy new character to daydreaming old half-retired rpg game player. I think it goes something like this;


The Novice stage 

The world is new, the sky is blue (you read the description! you know it's blue!) and every NPC is a potential gold mine of quests! There's real people talking to you in your city! There's rats everywhere, and some of them are monstrous! Everyone in your guild keeps asking how you're doing, and if you need help, and you're climbing the experience ladder like a gleam addicted monkey with full Priest's blessings! You're going to pass your novice exam, and be a guild leader, a city leader, and get the 100th level by months end! 


Noob No More 

The novelty of the world has worn off. You're no longer trying to carry an NPC conversation, you can cross the city without it seeming like an epic adventure, and you've passed your novice exams, becoming a full member of your rpg game guild! The levels are still coming in at a good rate, and the odd death is only a minor setback. The free credits every 5 levels is really boosting your power, and you've already got lots of ideas for the guild! Novelty is gone, but you're still full of determination and excitement! 

The Slow Realization

You've discovered a time machine in your online role playing game; every time you die, you seem to lose time! Sure, you're positive you can still hit 100, it'll just take more time, a lot more patience, and careful rpg game hunting. Of course, you have to do that around all your duties for your city and rpg game guild.You're positive that once you get a little bigger, and people know you a little more, that you'll really make a difference! 


The Rage

Death means the loss of days and days of hunting. You consider a day when you get 5% rpg game experience a good day. However, you never manage to get that anymore because it's all the rpg game monsters conspired against you to knock you back to your newbie levels. You've grown tired of leaving your hunting for that extra half percent to the next rpg game level because some novice needs tattoos!



At this point you come to terms that trying to get to level 100 will require real, dedicated hunting time, and you're not ready to rpg game grind for 8 hours a day. Oh well. There's more important things to do than hunt! like sit in your rpg game house, chime in with sarcastic witticisms on the guild channel, and half-design stuff you might someday get around to. Being sarcastic is hard work! 



You log in once a week for 2-5 minutes, check the news, messages, and if there's anything to make fun of, throw what you're sure is a witty comment onto the city channel. You may not be active anymore, and the city is full of new people, but they all remember you and care what you think.. right? 


Thankfully, there seems to be one thing that, despite all this, keeps people coming back. The people. When people rage about how they can't seem to get anywhere in their game, and they're asked why they keep playing, the answer is normally the people. No matter how tough the game gets, or how painful politics can be, the friends you make will always keep you coming back.  

 Dying and losing a day's worth of experience still makes one want to rage!


M.K. Barry is a role playing game enthusiast who enjoys the best rpg game games from Iron Realms!


I'd say I agree with almost everything here, I got The Slow Realization and was about to hit the rage part, but slowly want backwards finding the joy in being left alone to hunt and people knowing that is what you do and looking up to you. Also the join of taking others hunting and watching them go through those first few levels and jumping for joy.

The Slow Realization is the worst part!


haha, agreed

Been there done that. Breaks help.

As does pancakes, and getting smashed. Though it becomes rather hard to rp while your drunk and your character is not.



Uh huh.

Accept for Achaea in my opinion!  I've been playing for almost 13-14 years now and I only get burnt out when I just can't deal with artefacts.  I come back with some money, invest a little more and BLAMO, hooked all over again.  It's a vicious cycle.

haha, BLAMO!

I have been through all of these stages at some point... right now I think I'm experiencing "the RAGE" and heading into "the Abandonment". Don't worry though... if I do poof, i'll be back... =D

This is like my 10th time i've comeback its like the articel says its all about the friends you make online (provided they keep playing)

Grinding's no fun, but it's real life responsibilities that have caused my absence. If you're not going to build a robust system for PVE, though - if there's no way to afflict mobs or be afflicted by them, for example, and we're gonna be stuck doing the same boring stuff over and over - I really don't think we should be required to do obscene ammounts of PVE to become powerful and retain power. Seems like a huge design flaw, to me. Though I otherwise love the IRE MUDs.

Create goals bigger than just gaining XP.  If it were just bashing, I'd have burnt out months if not years ago.  But the great thing about Achaea is that it's not just about bashing.  Werin's making good progress in other matters without needing much bashing (just a bit to raise gold for letters and the like.)


That's probably why I've stayed with Achaea far longer than any other superficially similar game.

I've definitely come to the realisation that I'll probably never get to demigod. These days I bash mostly for the money, Which I use to get Luenn all kinds of cool stuff. (Mostly credits for new skills). I see any XP I get out of the deal as a bonus.



I worked out around about level 40 which hunts and quests are best for bringing in the gold. I still hunt for XP every once in a while, but not so much that it doesn't get fun, and usually with a friend so there's a social aspect. Jaksim's just inside level 70 and i think he'll hang there for a while. He's gaining skills (<3 hive), but the social aspect is more important to him.

I grinded my ass off till level 98, then my will to log in suddenly vanished. After shootin' up some noobs in Battlefield for a few days, im slowly working up the motivation to bash to 99.

also, totally in agreement about friendships making you come back. i quit achaea for a couple RL years and started a new character just to pop in and say hi to old friends, figuring i'd just say hi and never play the char again. now im almost dragon


This happens.

dont you dare to leave me! :<

Inve yet to be tired of bashing hehe.  Ive attained a hundred and second level and have no plans to stop my bashing anytime soon.  i guess im just unique though

You and I USED to be on the same terms for hunting, if I'd kept up at that rate I'd be well over 100 by now.

Damn those guild and order duties. :P

... there's also those city duties...

Makes bashing in MKO alot more bearable, to be fair.  If we didn't have that, I'd still be lvl 60 like my Achaea character ... or would have hit Rage pretty quick.


And yea, damn distracting guild duties >_>;

I love bashing, too. I hit a point now and again where I just hate it, but it seldoms lasts longer that a real day or two.

I've honestly encountered all of these at some point or another, just recently I pulled out a character I little over a year ago? And stopped playing my first character, which I will not be bringing back at all.  Bashing is terrible, I went through the 80's on one character, and now to get dragon on this one..well try to. I gotta go through 80's again. That's definitely the period I had the most with the slump/rage period. Oh well! Perhaps it'll go quicker this time around.

80's are indeed horrible


I think getting level 80 was the level I had the most trouble with, just kept dying. 

Oh hell yeah they are :(

I heard people are more motivated to hunt once they reach level 95, making the last levels to dragon go faster simply because they put more hours into hunting. True/false?

From what I have seen in MKO this is true. Those who hit 95 become EXP orb fanatics and keep most bashing areas empty for most of the time.

By that time you're just thinking, "Wow, 5 more levels is all I have". and level 95 is usually the halfway mark as well; needless to say, if you've really been bashing that much, you may as well go the extra yard for the perk of level 100. I can understand people getting to level 85ish, give or take a few levels, and sitting there just for the no eat and no sleep factor, but for most people, if you bash to a high level you generally just keep bashing. Except veteran players who simply bash for gold and XP is just a perk.

I was never a grinder though. I always just kinda mosied along chatting and harvesting and trying to learn quests

It is faster for a couple reasons. A) you can see the finish line b) critical hit % has been steadily increasing since level 90, bye more than a whole %1 at times, and c) the essence required to level during these last 5 doesn't change so just simple numbers and times means that level 100 is faster than 99 is faster thna 98.. etc, back to about 95


I'm so totally in the slow realization stage.


title says it all.


I am bashing for them !

Yes I love bashing in Imperian and I'm not gonna stop. And yes I love taking novices hunting, but burn out? I think not.

I am currently at the rage point, but I've done the abdonment thing for years on end, but I keep coming back to IRE games!

Death in Imperian at least is nothing now days. It's like...0.5% exp loss. It used to be 10% back in the day! Hours of bashing...*poof* :(


Witty comment that people will surely care about here.

I found your witty comment to be very witty and mod you up, to flippantly amusing with a side of lamp. 

I didn't find it witty at all.  I feel sorry for any poor bugger who has to RP being realted to you in some way.

The things people will do to get the free bound credit each day....

The more credits you have, the wittier you are.


Your wit is always appreciated, good sir.

The first parts, about the novices, were quite funny and accurate. Some people multitask, though! Endgame is pretty easy to get, at least in Aetolia.

Completely agreed about the novice stage, I miss that feeling.


Fairly spot on.

while I'm high in circle I'm still labeled noob. Tha will bechanging soon so I'll still be fasinated because I'll get new hunting areas!

You're a circle?  Hmm.  My condolances.  I know what it's like going around and around in a circle, not getting anywhere, like a chicken with its head cut off, perhaps.  In Achaea, I'm level 91.  Glad I'm a level and not a circle though!


In Achaea there's a big anti-circle thing. Other IRE games not as much.  Its farely common language there, so don't get bogged down in symantics.

I got a bit curious and wanted to do some testing. I was level 88 and went down to level 85, purposly of course. The reason is so I can see how fast I can bash it back up. Which I'm thinking will take me one solid week to do so. But on the other hand...You can sail your ship while a soul as long as you order it in says. :D P.S. The 80's aren't squat to get levels in. It's the 70's that sucks ass :/


You can sail a ship, but you cannot dock it while a soul. I once had Darknight board my ship and I sailed it all the way to a port before he ended up sinking it with an axe.


is the level of evil


No no no, 92 is the level of evil, when you realize that to get to 100 you have to spend all the time you've already spent ALL OVER AGAIN. :(

Way to demotivate me, Raelyr! :P

I must admit there is nothing quite like starting a new IRE game for the first time. Everything just feels so amazing. Although I think this holds true for most games: Your first few days playing are always the best.

Certainly, with age and experience you learn to see the world in a more realistic light but I think we can all relate to how wonderful it was to be a newbie. :)

Actually, 99 is brutally slow, though at least killing is far easier at that point.

I agree, it took me forever to get from level 79 to level 80, I kept dying whenever I would get close, it was very frustrating! It made getting level 80 more rewarding though.


Aye, 79 IS the devil.

Actually, Sonny's the first character I've gotten past level 63. Before him, my record was 58.

79 was fairly bad, Yilkon seemed to need to eat and sleep about twice as much as normal.


I don't think I've ever had the 'RAGE' stage, no doubt I'll experience it eventually.

I always tend to skip from slow realization to acceptance. My current 'alt' is now in the abandonment phase, and the only reason he gets checked in at all is due to the current lesson promotion. Stratas has given up on EXP farming at all, and just focuses on RP stuff, which tends to be a bit more fulfilling for me.

I tend to default to bashing at first, but I agree that the RP stuff is more fulfilling and becomes more important as you get to know people and get more established.

The abandonment stage for me is more of an acceptance that I don't really want - or in my case need - to continue grinding. There's so much more in IRE muds to do than just mindlessly grind; something that isnt true in many graphical MMOs. I write rituals and papers and help my house out and socialize.

I'm at the rage point. If only it didn't take forever to get to level 100 I've gotten to level 70 and if I really try I can get halfway to the next level

I usually get stuck in the Noob No More stage

I rage hard....

Dying once and losing hours of bashing experience, yesterday (or perhaps the day before) I died about 6+ times. I raged too hard >.<

I have 3 alts and all of them are in between acceptance and abandonment.

Do not want other chars

Abandonment can come a lot earlier than that if it's not your first character, just your first on a realm.

to see the reactions of any Dragons I know, but I guess they're all hunting instead of reading this.

I never could force myself to spend hours in a single repetition grinding. Games are meant for enjoyment so I get tired of bashing, I just go RP about, read a story, whatever. Although this means I level-up/gain gold at an absymmally slow rate, I never get afflicted by rage.

This article had it right on the money. In the early days of Aetolia, it was definitely the hard truth that one death canceled out hours and hours of Azdun bashing. I remember Shiari flying into a self-hating rage each time she died while bashing.  Now, though, getting level 100 is simple by comparison, and death's exp can be recovered in a manner of minutes.

There was a time a couple months ago when the Wheel of Fate slammed me with a level down, knocking me from 104.80 to 103.00. It was pretty crushing, and I was averse to playing Aetolia for a few days. Then Xaanhal came out, and now I'm lv116. So, yeah. Bashing's easy, deaths are inconsequential, and I don't know what bashing burnout even is.

Is where I'm at.


When you hit slow realization, you make an alt. 

True story.

Good article, I think the same can be said for a lot of games. Achaea is more unique in that it offers several other avenues of advancement if you wish to focus on them for a break. I tend to enjoy bashing especially when it involves a new area to explore and chart out. I think the endgame for a lot of rpg's can get kind of boring due to there only being a couple of suitable 'extremely high level' areas to hunt so you really feel like you're doing the same process over and over and over.

What kind of avenues?

Lusternia has influencing, questing and aetherhunting as alternatives to bashing. I love those quests!

What midkemia online needs is more spots to bash.

And not just a few.  I'd say at least two somewhere near all three cities.

love how they have to use certain word so many times in these articles...
-rpg game hunting

-rpg game experience



pretty irritating to read, other articles have similar things.. 

Currently in the latter stages of this process myself ;)

I've definitely experienced The Rage once or twice. Praying hurts!

Fortunately, get to Dragon and all is immediately forgiven and forgotten!



..Lived every step on my first IRE...

To be completely honest I never really took steps through any of these stages. As I tend to gain levels on my characters it seems, the more you want to bash, the more responsibilities build up.


When Kitarel was a Sentinel I spent all my time harvesting and breaking that pesky herb/refill market by dropping prices of everything from 2/3-1/2 the price of what was being advertised. Thusly, I sat at level 60 for what probably was a RL year. I eventually got tired of harvesting day in and day out, plus hunting as a Sentinel back in the day was terrible. Mual... Maul... Maul... Maul... Maul... -someone walks in and one-hits what you were killing- "Sorry." Rinse/Repeat.


I later made a Bard alt so that I could get away from all the crappy responsibilites of a city/house in Cyrene and realized that I absolutely loved the bashing mechanics and the combat involved with that class. Thusly, after nearly seven months, Kitarel returned and changed class just like that. (I did get level 80 as Sentinel right before I quit). I quite enjoy hunting as long as I have someone to come with me or talk to. I can bash for hours with someone following so long as we are having a conversation while it's going on. I have a lot of people asking me to help them get to level 80 and I'm more than happy to as long as they don't AFK. If they do that, I have to fight the urge to drop them off in the Underworld but I tend to just drop them off in their city. No sense babysitting.


Now my characters are... in descending order...

Level 99 - Sylvan

Level 81 - Runewarden

Level 80 - Druid

Level 63 - Bard

Level 54 - Blademaster


I don't change class as my main, I make a new character and try out the bashing and the combat to see if I enjoy it. Except I've yet to make a Paladin, Infernal, Jester, Magi, Priest or Shaman.


I am quite similar it seems.  I didn't go through these phases and I actually enjoyed bashing up to, and past, level 99. 

Abandonment again. Might try again eventually.

on the head!

definitely the people that keep you coming back!

hahaha That made me laugh, I have been through all of those steps. I am 100% guilty in that one. Too good

I'm never going to hit Demi...bashing and leveling takes forever.  I die once...grrrr.....


I wish I could buy myself demigod hood.

It takes a lot of perserverence. Or an aethertrain. Either way, though, you're going to need to invest time in either getting to know high-end bashing grounds, or high-end aethercrews.

This is a pretty accurate description of how bashing works.


this makes it sound impossible, which it just isn't.


Yeah, its definately not impossible. I bashed most of the 90s with just sewer creatures casually. Just takes a long time doing it that way.

Reaching level 100 isn't one of my targets so I don't mind death too much. I'm quite happy in the 80s not having to eat or sleep any more.

We don't have that in MKO ...

Yeah, it's the people that bring you back. Course this last time around it was a few people that nearly made me not want to be around anymore cause they just like to give other people hell for no better reason than they think it's their right. Fortunately I still intend on getting that dragon soul just waiting for me among other things...and the few people that do still care! :P

Ok, so not a noob in reality, but I'm still a novice in the House technically. But I'm level 75 and still burning through the levels pretty quick...yay blademaster bashing!

i know this sounds pathetic but I've spent 9 years in this game and i'm only level 78. ugh.

But it happened to me way before level 100.

I'm at the acceptance stage now. One of these days soon i'll have to sit down and bash endlessly to see how far I can get.

I've never gotten passed level 65 in any IRE game. That's about the time bashing stops for me and I slowly fade from the game due to lack on in-game relationships and connections.


I hate bashing, period.

Its' one of the necessary evils that you just have to take..

I am goign to slowly reach 99 by only killing mhuns... Of course it i only get .01% and hour nowadays there but I've got the willpower... Or I'll farm myself out to some kids who want to do it for me...



I love to hunt, it's not boring to me and when I die I don't get upset about it no matter how much xp I lose, as I die a lot sometimes. Lately I have been slacking with it because of working on other things in the game, but still, i love it. 

Heh heh I'm somewhere betweeen Noob No More and the Slow Realization...

I get to abandonment and start a new alt. It's strange, but some of the newbie joy persists even when only your character is a newbie, not you.

I go through most if not all of these stages weekly :(

You can really just commit yourself to do a miniscule amount of bashing in the game of your choice and make constant progress. If the game stays interesting and amusing you're going to be playing for two to three years, which is more than enough time to get a level a month.


Hitting 80 made me happy! Now I focus more on guild and city than levelling, though the boredom comes regardless. It's totally the people that break the mundane!


Two days worth of playing and I've only gained two levels


slow realization :(

Ugh, I always burn out just sub eighty.

You just got to set realistic goals for yourself based on how much time you want to contribute to bashing. It wasn't too bad getting to 100 in Lusty for me. But then again I had a part-time job and was piloting my own aetherhunts...

once it takes hours to get a few percent.

Thankfully dying at levels above 100 means you only lose about .2 experience.

buying a chalice and hunting up and then dying and losing what I lost, last time I bought a chalice I died probobly 6 times and it was just pissing me off >.<

And every death they have oh the raaaaaaaaage. And I pray that it was not some God updating fault cause they raaaaage...


I admire those who persevere though.

sound like the lifecycle of every mmorpg:)

I usually quit for a few weeks when work gets more or when I sick.

I always find fun in bashing and in the gold it gives. Right now I am working slowly towards 102 and I still enjoy it.

For someone with such a weak determination, like me, staying bashing after level 70 is such a boring experience. I never seem to gain any levels... -sigh-

I hoep I pass the agression stage well!!!

Level 99 is the worst.

That and when a hundred RL things hit you at one time. It makes your comeback, seem like wastes to your friends online. 


But I will get to 100 as soon as responsibly possible!

MKO is the first time I've seriously thought about going for lvl100...  Which seemed a great idea until I hit a glass ceiling at 79 and realized that I was never, NEVER going to even make it to level 90.


However, now that I have a great bashing system courtesy of another player, it goes from impossible to just retardedly difficult to put in the time and emotional investment (might sound over-dramatic, but few things can make a man-geek cry by being killed by the lagB3ast and losing a day's bashing) necessary to hit this dream.

I remember playing Achaea and dying to a black rat simply because I had no idea what I was doing. Then someone helped me with my skills - about four days after I started playing (and still hadn't gotten past level 21!). I have no idea why I kept logging in, besides being blindsided that one day, I would be *awesome*. That being said, I ended up really disliking Achaea because of the death penalty and hard navigation. I eventually migrated to Lusternia and I still love the workings of Nexii and teleporting and being able to get around so easily. Also in Lusternia, if level 100 is your goal, it's so easy it's ridiculous. Trans aethecraft and ask to sit on a ship.

bash bash bash

Lol, I can relate to that big time. Hunting for days on end, gaining 1% for the entire time out and you somehow die because you A: Get lagged, B: Someone feels like being an a-hole and kills you or C: You took on something too strong (-cough-BELLAFROMACHAEA!-cough-) . But yeah, no matter how hard I rage, I always wind up going back. Well, not to Achaea as much, but yeah. =/

I'm the same way, but I'll be a dragon eventually.  Getting close now on two different characters!


What about Stage: One last shot ?

I myself can't seem to get past 76... If only one could use skills against denizens, oh...but ne can dream, I suppose...

That would be awesome.

For sure the people. I have only, and I say only because it's a lot less time than quite a few hundred people, 8 years. Friends I've made on these games are now my real life friends. Many I've met, and one I've fallen in love with. So yes, the people make it 100% worth coming back.

this is a really good read cheers


I've definitely seen this happen

After I hit level 80 and no longer need to eat or sleep, hunting literally slowed to a halt

I cant wait for this time.. on Any of my characters..   This is why I play the game! Yup, so my char doesnt have to eat or sleep.  ....Sad huh?

I wonder which IRE game has the most dragons / demigods / whatever is at level 99 - 100, percentage wise.

Few games have such diverse and profitable ways to gain experience, beyond earning 99-100, the game has events to win 100 and the city can even raise ascendents. Just another great thing about Lusternia.

Now a days it's not too terrible to get to aspect. Well it still takes time, and it's still a lot of effort but with achievements, bashing events, and soulstones it makes it a heck of a lot easier. 

Who can maintain the novice stage and by virtue of being a gleam addicted monkey with the blessings of a thousand priests, they do actually get to guild leader/lvl100/etc. within months end. And then they realize that they're now bashing for the gold to pay the massive cost of credits to keep transing their skills... and they keep bashing, but now need the new artifact... and keep bashing...


And then they pause and wonder -why- they're bashing and doing all this other stuff. At first it was about the mad skillz, and the peekay, and whatever else. Now, it's just an endless eternal grind where the achievements are only milestones on a path that stretches out forever. Why am I walking it? Where am I going?


As a monster basher, beyond sanity and reason, I've really had to look at myself and ask those questions. And I think now, after all this time, all the effort, all the longing to leave a mark on the world so people can forevermore see how much I freaking rock(In my special delusionary world)... why?


It's only now, after years of doing the eternal grind, that I'm starting to learn that it's playing the role, living your character's life, and having friends (in game, not the folks you shoot the breeze with OOCly) that make playing a given character fun and worthwhile. That's why you bash, and why you work hard in a guild, or org, or whatever. Because it's part of your (IC) -life-.

Aye, without the people, I don't think I would be playing for bashing (now I only bash for money, and don't really think about the level cause it's depressing seeing how slowly it goes !)

Hunting's good with Iron Elite

Hunting is better with Iron Elite, but, getting to each set of levels, the end (75 - 80) and (85 - 90) drags on.  you die more, you think you will never make it to the beginning of a new level group.  discouraged?  yes, but you sometimes slow down.


Are still worth it :P

I was young when I first started playing, I quit playing soon after, because I just had no clue about what to do and I wanted to 'please' everyone with that character. Ultimately the character was dumped and someone took the name shortly after... I tried getting into it once a few years later, after the house system was created, as a Magi, and then as an Occultist. I love playing as an Occultist, but life got in the way, and I had to stop.


With my main character I came back to Achaea because there was something here that would periodically creep up and tickle the back of my head whispering, "hey, hey... you remember me?"


This time I got bored of the grind fairly fast... I think I hit 70  in a couple days or so, and that was fine, I started to realize it's the people, the role, and at times, just being ridiculous with your friends, ICy and OOCy

I can still see my screen, my eyes haven't given out yet, therefore, back to bashing I go.

I think you've nailed in on the head, most people go through all of these stages, some slowly some fast, I'd be currently be at The Rage, when i was youngr i thought i'd rule the world but now i bash a bit socialise, bide my time with alotta things and i'm still not dragon,

but this is the process most take, unlike other players who manage to dragon up at the age of 25 and artied up to their eyeballs, greater incentive should be placed on hunting and levelling, otherwise whats the point of clearing out Moghedu and only getting 5% and then dying and losing all of it.


I personally get frustrated with the slow process through level 80, but as i said i can fully reflect myself in this article


I watched my best friends bash their way to dragon, blowing through that last 5% with steady work and determination while I struggle to get to 92. The only way I can accomplish much of anything is to go away to an island and hide from everyone. It totally mystifies me how anyone gets to dragon quickly.  The article was right on.

Iron Elite, perhaps?

I got my second aspect, though I only bashed to 99.33%. The last bit I did it the way Nael loves, killing people and eating their hearts.

it is something to work towards slowly, not all at once.

Also to be efficient when you do go for it.


Level : 74 (29.53%) 


I'm already groaning :(

That it was rather easy bashing in Lusternia.

There's a bit more variety, with aetherhunting and influencing to break up from basic killing things.

The rule of thumb is influence/aetherhunt to 80 then begin actual bashing and continue aetherbashing. Gotta get those crits!

People and the RP is why I still play. Getting levels is fun, but I prefer making money over getting levels. I'm not too sticky with games, but I've managed to get quite a lot of play time out of IRE games!

The design of the game (and the way we gain levels) plays a part too. In some games you feel the burnout below level 20. In some games you don't feel the burnout all the way to Dragon/Master/whatever.


With my studies going on and other matters I'm hitting the Slow Acceptance that there is no chance in hell that I'm going to reach level 100, or even level 80 for that matter within the year. It's slightly depressing. xD

Just started playing again...Level 81 and going for Dragon.  Got a Gem of Transmutation to help with bashing, hopefully it will pay off

I never thought of gameplay as a series of stages between novicehood and veteran-hood. Very insightful, funny article!

I got Dragon in Achaea but not planning to get level 100 in MKO (just having fun) but only by setting regular targets - its all about picking the right place - Dun Fortress and the Tsol'aa Village was an easy way to Level 100 in Achaea and easy money.

I got Dragon in Achaea but not planning to get level 100 in MKO (just having fun) but only by setting regular targets - its all about picking the right place - Dun Fortress and the Tsol'aa Village was an easy way to Level 100 in Achaea and easy money.


Overuse and wrong capitalization of "RPG." :/

I make alts to get the high back! Three over 100 now (101, 105, 109) and maybe 25 at least level 80. Damn that's pathetic..

For about the last two years or so, I've been stuck right around level 74-76. And lately I've mostly been in the Abandonment stage. And each time I come back it's not very long until I hit the Acceptance stage again and lose sight of the point.


And it's not just bashing either. I mostly burn out from Combat frustration, in-game Drama and other such strifes. My friends in Achaea like Wessux and Sir Aerek and Daryn's fiance, Tevita (Must... get... wedding... done!) pull me back now and then but once I abandon Achaea it becomes hard to pick it back up. I still do of course and end up getting pulled into it and growing obssessed with it for a while.


Still, recently the frustration, the feeling like I'm either just making the rounds or running about like a headless chicken, has been making it harder and harder to come back. Not to mention all the RL stuff I go through between college, job hunting and a hectic house life.


Still! I have not quit for good! I am GOING to make it to Knighthood!

I've slowed down as far as getting to the next level goes but I still have plenty of RP so I'm not going to get to abandonment any time soon

Always have to find something to do. 

sounds about right. Once in a while, I'm struck with a newbie-like sense of excitement to jump back in, but by the end of the month, it's gone again.

haha, Agreed! Good article.

I've seen people reach level 100 in a week in Lusternia. Also I bash to relieve stress and ignore IRL so it really doesn't matter how long it takes for me to reach 100. Also MKO has no exp loss pk so yay! On the other playing Imperian was hell when I realized those spiders were only giving me .01% and eventually less then that :(

Agreed on bashing being a stressbuster.

you realise there's no real need to get to 100, so you get a good role in your org or guild and have fun with everyone

intimidating. Why do you really need to get to 100?


A painful summary of my history, yes.

Bashing ought to be easier in Aetolia, what with the divine blessings and all... but I never find time these days...

Same issue here.


sounds like it would just be easier to lower expectations, no?

I went through all the stages a while back and eventually returned, but am focussing on a broader range of aspects rather than just trying to reach Demi, which is helping to keep my interest this time around.

Playing many different versions of characters always lead to me getting bored with grinding.  Usually when I get a great deal of power grinding becomes boring unless I am playing with others and we all seem to forget certain cures that we need.  And as the writer said, I always play for the people.

I'm just getting towards the slow realization, but, the game is still fun for me, as my Guild, City, and New Order provide plenty of opportunity to advance in other ways beyond level. But, I do have this goal to hit midkemian riftwalker. And i really really really am trying

I feel like I started in the slow realization and never left it. I enjoy hunting, though, when with another or a group, and I have a need to pay attention.

And how I'm stuck in it right now...

almost finished this epic quest... soooo many okorushi, followed by sooooo many cobras...

everyone comes back eventually, in one game or another...

geesh, it's a game people


How dare you?


That is my inspiration to keep hunting away. I wonder what I will do when I get there? I hope I don't find that being a dragon isn't all I hope it will be.

Just have to find the right hunting spot, and for those who can buy it get a Crit pendant, even lv1 it's worth it. And Elite membership

so much burnout

Just need to combine it with something even duller - I did harvesting in Achaea - to make hunting seem so apetising.

The challenge of bashing for long periods of time comes in the form of dealing with the house and city responsibilities first. Add teaching/testing novices and the paperwork and it's any wonder you can get anything done. I'm just glad I managed level 80 on Wyst. Least I can do all that admin stuff without needing food/sleep. It's also handy if you want to hide and live offplane for ages and come back just to bank…

I never managed to get past...I think 87 on my first character, and every character after that never made it to 87. They got to 80, sure, but I don't grind. It's not worth the effort.

I remember my first character I killed some prominate enemy with a slash of my sword and it jumped me like 20 levels, up to level 40 and I thought I was the greatest thing ever.

Not crazy enough to get to 100


I feel bad for the youngsters nowadays who feel they need to get to some "end game status" before they can roleplay.

Agreed with all, though I've somehow combined The Slow Realization, The Rage, and Acceptance all into one.

Breaks help a lot in this instance.

some people never burn out, they just fade away

like old pants

am glad that exp loss on death scales to level in most ire muds now! I remember my first MUD as Achaea where it didn't... and a single death at 80 felt like a weeks worth of work :) Ususally now in Midkemia I can replace a death within a few hours of solid and steady hunting...


Provided the crazy denizens do conspire against me to kill me, tis fairly hard!

Done all stages, always end up coming back because school ends up making me have no social life so what else would I do with my time!

Eh, grinding really isn't my thing. I'll get to level cap when I get to level cap. I care more about the social aspects of the game.



Rage from IG to OOC happens allot. Because of frustration

a credit

THIS!!! But alas, no as well! I bashed myself from 91 to 93 in three days and when I got level 93...I stupidly put my stat in the wrong place...BUT! Then I died!!! I lost the level and had my stat point back XD I have the bashing demon at the moment, thanks to Genomin and I can feel him cheering me on with Eye of the Tiger. However, I have this guilty pang where I must continuously  ask over the CT as part of my duties if anybody needs tattoos, armor, clothing, weapons and all that jazz and in my weak hopes of a No, we are fine...someone says yes OR someone asks, 'Is there anyone who can fix this or do that?' ...and I am the only person online in the city...happy days or happy bashing? I should just go back to my estate and my half arsed designs and my awful attempt at wit and buy more text cats.