M.K. Barry

Can MMORPGs Buff Your Career Resume?

job sign

Pick up some tips on how to turn your dull resume into something that fascinates your prospective employer with some cleverly worded text game experience.

Top 5 Console Gamers' Excuses for Not Trying Sandbox MMOs

rpg artwork

It's difficult getting someone to try text role playing games - see if you've heard any of these common excuses to not play!

MMO Grinding Yourself to Burnout

Tears of Polaris

From bright eyed newbie to grumpy old gamer, this article humorously chronicles the road to basher's burnout.

Playing a Girl Character in MMORPGs

internet white knight

 Whether girl or guy, most can agree this article humorously highlights some of the Pros and Cons of role playing a female rpg character!

RPG Games: Pursuit of the Sue

text game mary-sue

This satirical four step guide can help you create the perfect embodiment of perfection, a text game Mary Sue.

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