Lusternia, Age of Ascension

Lusternia: Age of Ascension is an online text RPG set in a multi-planar realm where factions struggle to amass reservoirs of magical energy simply to survive in a land corrupted by an ancient evil. Breaking new ground in dynamic roleplay, quests and a unique skill system, Lusternia is sure to challenge experienced gamers and delight those new to the genre of text worlds.


Power and Feats: Abilities known as feats and are regulated by a system of power renewal.

Ships of Aetherspace: Players can build custom ships that travel in the space between planes, encountering extraplanar creatures and discovering strange new realities.

Influencing NPCs: Lusternia offers a system of non-violent combat as an alternative to the "hack and slash". Seduce the barmaid! Make the Captain of the Guards paranoid! Beg from the shopkeeper and maybe he'll give you his favorite smoking pipe or, better yet, some gold!

Customizable Government: Leaders of major cities can choose a political structure and governing style for their cities from a despotic religious society to a benevolent government bent on world conquest.

Amazing Quests: Lusternia offers hundreds of quests that range from the simple to the complex. Many of these quests require logic and deduction to unravel, and head-scratchers that are sure to be a hit among those who enjoy puzzle solving.

Will you master the cosmos and rise to the ranks of the demigods? What secrets and mysteries will you discover on your travels through the planes? Dare to take the journey along with other intrepid adventurers in the fantasy universe of Lusternia.


Multi-Planar Universe
Rich, Detailed Quests
Expansive History
Story-Driven Events
Mind-Blowing Lore
Simple, Yet Complex PvP
Intricate Player Economy
Ascend to Godhood
Shades of Grey Morality