IRE Asks: Who would win a divine rumble?


So this question has been burning in the back of our minds for a while, and we're hoping to settle the dispute once and for all. There are a lot of mythological Gods and Goddesses in the IRE games, each representing a certain aspect of the realms. Of course, each IRE game is distinctly different, leading to a grand total of.. too many Immortal beings to count. There's a lot of them, we know that. We could probably give some religions a run for their money.


If you're a long (long) time player, you might remember the historical showdown between Sartan, God of Evil and Aegis, God of War. While the fighting began on the ground,so many players crowded around to witness the two Gods had no choice but to take their epic brawl to the skies, where the whole world continued watching!


So what would happen if all of the IRE divine were locked inside a steel cage, until only one victor remained? Would your God come out on top? Tell us below!


Sarapis would probably give him some trouble, but Tecton's got more experience in manipulating an already existing world.


If the Pentad are excluded, then probably Matsuhama.  Aegis and (to a lesser degree) Sartan both focus more on group combat, whereas Matsuhama focuses on (and thus presumably excels at) personal combat.


Werin's chosen  deity (Lorielan) would probably not come on top; direct combat is not her strength.

If any were to win, it'd probably be Him. He's already got a legion of battle-hardened Dwarves ready to follow Him, as well as quite a few non-Dwarves too. I know I'd back Him up! Not to mention the fact that He's got some crazy skills with throwing giant hammers.

I'm not even sure I care who wins so long as I get to see this battle-hardened badass smashing things with his hammer.

Hands down


Babel wins.

Uh huh smite of justice!

i would


If it comes down to Oblivion vs Gods, the rest would likely take him out early just to make sure he didn't win in the end.

he has a stupid name, to be honest.

HANDS down.

Phaestus has a good shot. He has a lot of experience I feel.

The Smith is some level of amazing.

Isn't he gone now?

and has a giant hammer, I heard.

Yes, He does.

hmm ^^

hmm ^^

well, wonder no more!

But I do wonder.

He's the only one I've actually seen splatter players in melee instead of zapping.


I've seen Lupus take out a demi when demis were new. Basically Lupus didn't consume balance.

big hammers don't equate to combat skills, though.

This is true.


Phaestus without a doubt, but only if he's drunk. There is no way he'd lose in front of all the women of the world.

And pity Those He choose to beat with His hammer.  He has enough strength in His arms to forge entire worlds! Beating down a few angry Gods is childsplay for Him.

I lean toward Sarapis, being the Logos and all.

i heard he's back, yeah?


"You're all fired."

Of course.



i bet bal'met kills him too

But Sarapis is the only one who can pull the plug off everybody else and say I WIN! But I'd root for Phaestus, nevertheless. XD

Aeon beats all!

He's probably killed more adventurers than all the others put together.

Hah! This is great.

Even Sarapis and Tecton will eventually succumb to the Lord of Time!


He gets me all the time!

And yet, nobody plays him!

I like this answer lol

Me too!

Ha! Lord Aeon can usually harm adventurers without even trying, He would for sure be a stong contendor!

For sure.

He's the king!

Aeon's brother Critical Failure wins.

Didn't Sarapis actually fight with another God like, years ago or something? I remember reading that it ended up being a stalemate. I forget who it was though.

Rings a bell.


I agree. Manipulating the world could be a great advantage.


Yep!! Hands down!!


Lord of Oblivion

See: Eris


Seriously, though. He is the most powerful, influential God in the game. And this is just in a fight? No other God in recent history has destroyed anything or harrassed anyone, save Babel.

From unleashing FFX's Sin on Shallam, then blowing up the Erisian Pyramid. He already ate Eris.

And this is without even bringing in their Orders. In which case, we've all been there, experienced that!

Iron Spear + the Void = back to the forge with you.


Smells like fanboy in here.


You poor thing. Just... wow. First of all, Babel did NOT eat Eris. Eris said screw this plane I'm gonna explore someplace else. This is of course AFTER She restored Babel in the first place.

Secondly, Lord Babel blew up a pyramid, and we're to be impressed? Cyrene's former Imperiate, Chryseas blew up an entire planet! Well... with some help, I suppose, but still...

And besides... who do you suppose FORGED that Iron spear you seem so proud of? Hmm?

On that note, try to learn your history. Babel is neither the biggest nor best God in Achaea, merely the most insidious.

Battle over War, so I think he'd probably have the advantage in a melee.

I don't think Tecton -technically- counts as a Divine. His role is more in a different category like the Administrators.

Between Midkemian Gods, I think it would come down to a close fight between Tith-Onanka and Guis-wan, although Prandur may have a chance.

Don't know man, my money would likely fall to Astalon's sword and hammer, sure he looks like a fairy, but after watching him defeat the Valheru (Cool order thing) I wouldn't count him out.

Banath would totes win, he would manipulate it so that everyone killed everyone else first, maybe play dead for a little bit and then when only one other god stands he will blast him in the bag with all he has.

In the Bag? Harsh.

That's for sure. Worst god idea ever.

Banath will own all your gods and then some! No one ever said the fight would be fair :)

I was going to say Tith-Onanka or maybe Prandur or maybe even Killian (seriously She's ready to kill people normally for the slightest things and has storms and nature at her beck and call), but I think you're probably right. Banath would find a way.

Banath always cheats in the books and in the game it's no different. No one could actually pin him down, not even Ishap!

Silban would win, hands down. Nobody with a conscience could hit the Earthmother. >.> 

'With a conscience.'

Ishap would win by temporarily removing everyone's divinity.

But that's no fun! I'd say Gooey Swan would win.

I have to go with TO, not just because of personal favortism, but because It's purely his domain. I can see it coming down between GW and TO, but Tith would top them all, though Ishap WOULD have a chance of He decided to come back, alive, and well etc etc. Banath would probably just stand in the shadows in his tight pants and just take bets on the match. 

If it came down to a pair at the end, it would comprised of two of these three, Astalon, Banath and Guis-Wan. Tith-Onanka is half dead, otherwise I'd have put my money on him too. 

I hope it is Lupus

But... it's never Lupus!
...Sorry, I had to.
On-Topic: I'd have to say Lord Tecton from the Pentad top, or Lord Hermes from the full list. See, I love these pair. xD Plus Lord Hermes has enough money from His casino's to bribe everyone else. *aheminnocent*

You, sir, win the internet.

Neraeos would best Vastar easily, but then I'm probably biased.


In lusternia it'd have to be one of the second circle. I'd have to say  Terentia or maybe Kalikai They both did great things in the elder wars.

Though... Eventru has so much bells and whistles that He may be a good candidate

Eventru's not really in the running he is a first circle elder and leadthe  homadhi who were the healers of the elders.  Though he's so lovely verbos he might  convinse the oponent to surrender to him because he's so awsome.  with his ivory and gold glow. 

How can you forget Lyreth? He'll tickle them pink, literally and otherwise.

I would love to see Estarra have a rumble with a god, and I bet others would to!

Yes please.

Let's get back to the roots of Lusty and bring her back! I'm sure she'd om nom all the Star Gods!

... I'd say the Almighty Kethuru. But then again we're not going to stand around and let the world be destroyed. In which case I would vote for Lord Morgfyre - every time he wins a match he'll just absorb the previous god, becoming stronger and stronger.

Would still have to deal with the personalities as well. So even if he does kill a god and get their essence there would still be the issue of him keeping control. To that end my Money is on Kalikai. An axe in the skull is a win any day.

It's why Morg is so awesome - He consumes them, but they don't consume Him. Morgfyre for the win!

I'm not sure how he'll handle Mysrai's personalities..

Morgfyre is the master of personalities,  to him Mysrai's would be just a minor snack and dealing with them is what he does best. He is the embodiment of a true multiple personality disorder. One that can control it though. Which is scary enough.

Isn't he sortof mad from all the essence he's consumed and the personalities of those essence elders?  He might have to fight with himself for the win.

Good thing Morg is asleep...right? I haven't seen Him around for a while


True enough

Well, too far into his divine duties to meddle with us mortals!

I wouldn't rule out Shikari, either. I like Shikari. Too bad my org is at war with his.

Wooh Shikari.


Definitely Morgfyre!

All Hail Oblivion!

Lord Babel probably would win.

Well we may find out.

I'd assume that the rumble would only begin once all of the other Divine teamed up and truly killed Babel dead. General principle, you know?

*envious sigh*

Hmm... Have Lords Aegis and Matsuhama tackle Lord Babel onto Ashtan while Lord Phaestus knocks the top off another mountain and Lord Lupus throws that mountain down on Lord Babel?

...but I'd hope Lord Thoth would be somewhere among the best.

Thoth wouldn't be doing a good job if you knew that he was the one who was doing well

The man with the beard of moss, naturally.


Shikari would own him

Could be!

Assuming, of course, that Estarra is out of the running. The ability to destroy everything in existence (Which she supposedly has) seems like an unfair advantage.

Would destroying the cosmos even count as winning?

I would think Estarra could whip the other gods even without destroying the cosmos. She only can't destroy Kethuru because of mortals, iirc.

Artemis for the win

I second that

I believe I'm contractually obligated to agree.

I guess there's nothing for it. I'm going to hope for Her too.


It was in the small print, Celas, on page 57. Go Artemis!


I.. I definitely agree. 

Artemis, most definitely.

You fools I would win hands down -_-

Just based on the Mythos, Matsuhama and Aegis would probably team up until they were the only two standing, and then brawl it out. While I am Aegean, I can't quite decide who would win. (Though I'd be rooting for Lord Aegis, of course)


I think Shallah of Imperian would win for sure, because she wouldn't fight and all the other Gods would destroy themselves. :P

You can't win by not fighting...Baar would burn them all!

It better be Matsuhama.. I mean eternal warrior! how can he lose? if he didn't become the best practicing combat for all eternity then there is something wrong.

Definitely Tecton if the Pentad is included. He'd probably just program all the other gods to become mortals right before the fight. >.> Matsuhama if the Pentad's not included.

Matsuhama hands down.

Especially if they decide to do a drunken rumble.

If the question if from a mythos standpoint, then it's likely a warrior-type (Aegis or Matsuhama in Achaea).  But if you're asking from a behind-the-scenes, whose system would be better kind of fight, I'm not familiar enough to say.

Astalon or Killian!

Damn Skippy

Three guesses on who exactly thought this up.


Never mind. Jeremy, is that a photo of one of YOUR old video tapes?

Matsuhama, because he's the Eternal Warrior, as already stated. Or Thoth, because even the best warrior can be brought to his knees by an assassin.

Imperian would need non neutered gods.

They can't even divine smack us without losing godhood it seems.  Too many QQ'rs about god powers


If Rahn of Aetolia were still around I think it would be close between him and Tith of Midkemia

In Lsuternia, probably Morgfyre, He'd get more powerful with each god he defeated and consumed.


Severn, simple as that.

Bah! Severn's as soft as soap

Severn is the bestest! D:


Bestest soap?

Bestest soap and bestest face cloth! DX


Hm. That would mean that you could lather me up and wipe me down with Severn...

But I still think Auresae would win *g*

Even though I am a follower of lady Ourania I am not going to be biased and say she will kick divine booty when I know Phaestus will most probably win...

order eject!

Has there actually ever been a divine bakeoff?


The old school one from like 2002-3ish.

I have faith!

Old Niuri.


Of Aetolia? Or was there one in Midkemia as well?

While he may not be the typical Warrior God, the man is downright scary if you piss him off enough. He's the type who instead of just issuing unrestrained fury, gets creative and is super intelligent with it. He may not be the last one standing but he'd be among the last few.


I wouldn't piss off Artemis either. Woman has a mean streak a mile wide (as lovely as she can be).


It all depends on what was going down!

Fain, duh. /commentrp

Fury and hatred surge through you as you ball your fist and punch the air, screaming "FAAAAAAAAAAAAIN!"

Instead of having a city vs city free for all every 50 years they should do one on religious lines where flags get planted in front of temples

I'd agree with Ravien that Neraeos and Artemis would be downright scary; but I have to root for Lady Kastalia anyway. She knows what's coming, at least, that's an advantage right there.


I would have to give my vote to Matsuhama.

no idea

Tith-Onanka? Prandur? Guis-wan? Please, they're nothing but brutes. Astalon would decimate them all, because he has conviction - and if his Divine Judgement isn't enough to smite those bitches, he'll just dazzle them with his scintillating golden hair. Killian certainly couldn't handle that, being female and a Goddess of Love. She's also not very level-headed. Dala, though hardier, would be too busy shielding the weak, Banath would go squish once everyone know his tricks, Sung would have nothing to do with it and Ishap has bigger fish to fry.

Of course, none of it really matters, since in the end Lims-Kragma will outlive them all.


(And that doesn't matter either, since after burning humanity the Moredhel are marching forth to destroy the Gods and claim their power. Ha!)

Killian and her magic top would win hands down. Heck she's the goddess of lust and love and nature and oceans and just about anything all the other gods/goddesses didn't want to waste their time with. She'd wrap those gods around her little finger so fast they would be begging to let her beat them up. The female goddesses, well she'd just make them lust after those male gods and they'd be so busy trying to create little gods/goddesses they wouldn't have time to concern themselves with a something as menial as a fight. Those female godesses would probably be fighting over who got to brush Astalon's hair.


(Course I do kinda have to agree with the Moredhel thing. I mean the humans and such would be fighting each other because they can't agree which God/Goddess will win or someone cheated someone on a bet. Elvandar would be going "OMG NO! My precious TREES!" Which would allow the Moredhel to march right in and go "Idiots! DIE!" and in the end they will win. They will also take beat the Gods/Goddesses because the divine will be much to busy lusting after each other or Killian.... Oh wait, nope Killian would still end up winning cause she'd drown you and your fires with the power she has over the oceans).

I can hardly blame those female goddesses. Even the heartless currently-Valheru Wyrm Chieftain wants to brush Astalon's hair.

Th Smith bring that epic hammer down on some divine skull.  Amazing.



Me. ~innocent~


That's hard...I say there be a God Rumble to determine!


Clearly this can only be a good idea.

I support this idea.

They should do it!

a little destructive?

They can just use Nishnantoba. It's a bit beat up already.



Lord Apollyon would by the easiest choice.

but I wouldn't want to be the one to clear up afterwards!

..............and she'd have the coolest wrestling tights to boot.

is there a log of said fight between gods?

seeking log of aegis vs sartan fight from back in the day

Gotta be Maya.

I'm inclined to agree with you there.

Hiiiii!! *pompoms*


Old maya..

Since the loser would end up in the Halls of Maya, it makes sense that she would win!

Just because I love interacting with him (stop teasing me Phaestus :< )  but as for who would win maybe Aegis or Matsuhama. Warrior gods definitely have an advantage >.>



Avasyu. Isn't that who is in the picture anyways :P

makes me want to read up on the other IRE mud gods 

I would love to see the Goddesses of Achaea kick ass :)

I'm seeking them :<

but the fight between Aegis and Sartan across sapience was epic to watch.  (more divine driven events please)

Gotta go with the sneaky God, Lord Twilight

if he's as sneaky as Emilio from Mr. Deeds, he surely will win!

Lord Astalon!

are soulless included in the frey?

We just don't realise it yet.

How did we get this far down the page and nobody thought to say Clementius before I did?

Clementius. Also, more god fights (and less bickering), please.

I'd say you just have to try... no other way of knowing

Pazuzu, he almost got everybody killed.


I don't know, too many possibilities!


Thanatos would win, of course.

The only way to win is not to play the game.


That would probably be the true winner right there!

Ancient wisdom from classic movies, always applicable to real life (and thus virtual life).

Wanna play tic-tac-toe?

I would love to see Selene win, Seeing Her get mad is a scary scary thing. But it'd probably end up being between Shaitan and Aegis/Matsuhama.  Though Keresis would be fun to watch.


Maya would win

Clementius. Kills from the grave. (Ferns?)

I mean Lord Shaitan. All Hail Lord Shaitan, of course.

Variation on heartseed!




Or Klonk Gnarlstone.

Aetolia, Rahn, Lord of can't get better than that.

i think Lathis would win hands down. shurb all the other gods and change their passwords

shrubbed Divine!

Lathis is an Administrator, not a God. This fight wouldn't involve him.


Well said

I have no idea, but it would be fun to watch

Go Lord Astalon!

not sure, but I'd put my gold on Lady Maya 

Severn or Big G (Galleus)



Because Teradrim. And nobody said Ivoln yet. And I have yet to see Him in game.

Yeah, Ivoln!


The answer is Shallah

Clementius, he was pretty awesome.

QFT! How could I forget the Weaver? He was, indeed, pretty awesome.



Sarapis ftw though

I'm sure a god that deals with nature or an aspect of death would win!!

Damariel, obviously.

I'd bet on Aeyr too


Matsuhama just barely beats out Phaestus to be the last one standing. And by barely, I mean he falls over from exhaustion just .3 seconds after big poppa P does.

Khalas would pull some Batman stunt prepared years in advance.

This might be the real right choice


Lims-Kragma, hands down. Can't beat the Goddess of Death.


Lord Matsuhama




C'mon. Just throw him a few* casks of ale and watch as the entire universe become black and blue with his drunken brawling skills!


*the precise amount which is considered effective for such a purpose is still unknown. Experiment with grave caution.


Why do you have to even ask? Oneiros.

or Tarah

Not sure who would win but it would be a pretty interesting sight, that's for sure!

Oneiros, seriously? No way

How can you not say that Matsuhama would win? I mean, he is THE combat god isn't he?

Either Mats would win....


I think that Lupus has a damn good shot as well.  He holds a shitload of power. 

Galleus from Aetolia will definitely own everyone with his verbosity! Why fight when he can win by using just words?

Garryn would win since he's the best coder around


So I do not think she would kick as hard booty as the others...

Babel has been known to put some nasty curses on people.

Oneiros. Lol.


I do not know much about any of the divine yet

Sarapis created all.  Sarapis wins no question.  Matt created the opportunity for all the worlds in which we play, no contest sarapis wins.  If pentad is not aloud then clearly Twilight wins.  He probably has a plan in the works to get this cage match going, and already has it planned so he will win.

Has to be the creator..



Bob Brown

Kethuru Almighty will consume you all.

It's a moot point. The Dreikathi clean up whoever wins. Advanced technology and a country where the Gods have no power? It's more likely than you think.

Sounds like a place I know

Shaitan always wins, accept the inevitable.

Got to go with Babel. End of the multiverse and all.

Dream team tag duo... Auresae and Galleus. Too bad that would never happen!

I like Lupus for the win.

He will just look at you and you will melt.

She gonna love you to death watch out yall!

If you leave people like Avasyu, Sarapis, Grael, ect out of it?


My bet is going to someone like Aesir or Terentia. Maybe Severn, if he was careful.

Changed my mind, I'd win.

Should make it interesting. Flashiest-attack-off!

Wouldn't that be Eventru all the way?


Cassopedia is quite flashy!

The FFA winner would be ... (for Achaea



......    Lord Thoth.  Just think about it.  God of Death in an Arena 

....      TO the -death-?  Seems almost too easy




From all I have read, I would be most worried of Morgfyre. In his description itself it says "also known as the God-Eater"

God-Eater just seems to have a advantage in something like this.

As for the other realms, I say let them take on their gods. Then put them in a final IRE wide godfight. I would like to see who wins that!

Guis-wan would bite the ears off of all the others, and then make them explode in a glorious storm of divine blood.

I have to agree with this one. There was a reason most of my characters worshipped him in MKO. He was a monster. (But an awesome monster.)

Bring Nalar into the game and he'd kick everyones ass

Except for Arch-Indar...because you know, neither could actually defeat the other.

God of knowledge right? Thought he was dead?

Nalar is such a badass they had to bury him under a mountain as big as midkemia on a world as big as the sun on the other side of the universe, and he still managed to cause problems - he is one badass mofo

Arch-Indar is the godess of good, the complete opposite of Nalar, she is dead, which is why Nalar is locked away. Wodar-Hospur is the god of knowledge...also dead - Banath is custodian in his place.


Ah yeah thats right,

Still even the other gods couldnt kill Nalar, all they could do was lock him up. So still think he'd kick all their asses

Come on, Astalon! The Guy has wings! Yes, he kind of looks like a girl or a fairy with the golden hair and whatnot, but I've seen him cut Valheru in half with those wings, not to mention his ACTUAL weapons.


Kalikai ftw!!


The Void :D

The big guy.


Garryn would just code himself as the best and win.

Lots of people said Matsuhama.. who probably would win 1v1. I'd guess that Aegis would win over him in team combat though. 

Not sure about the winner, but the thing would be amazing to see!!

Hands down!





He'd bet on the winner and the loser.

I think Shaitan and Appolyon would work as a team, even in a free for all situation, which would give them something of an advantage. not sure what would happen if it came down to just the two, though.

Shaitan, of course

Aeon, naturally.