IRE Asks: What's the longest you've played in one session?

A keyboard pillow.
When an MMORPG player is nearing the endgame, or maybe there's a worldwide competition occurring, players will arm themselves with the barest of nutritional rations and embark on the epic all-nighter. Gaming long and hard until you crash is the test of the truly dedicated, and once you awaken several hours later around dinnertime, you totally brag about how wasted you got late you stayed up last night.


While some might consider it depraved, for others it is an initiation ritual, a self-imposed hazing into the ranks of the addicted. Luckily, while Iron Realms doesn't feature any 10-hour long dungeon raids, there are things like bashing events where players gain a competitive edge by never stopping.


So what's the longest you've played in one session? What were you doing, and what inspired you? Did you pump motivational music through your headphones? Were you logged out when you finally crashed? Answer below in the comments!


4 hours in a single sitting. That was crazy.

I admire your dedication to IRL priorities, but you don't know what crazy is... No offense.



Four whole hours?! GASP.

Unless you're going through a period when you don't have a job or school or anything, this is a good upper limit as far as I'm concerned.

Play for longer than that

start doing funny things after four hours without breaks.

Sleep is for the weak!

how long is a bit of string



Unless you play at work...



I have played for 72 hours straight.  True story.  Then I got insomnia.



No comment! :(

Wow... that's seriously unhealthy...






Think that's known as 'overtired'...

Wow... that's seriously unhealthy...

Wow... that's seriously unhealthy...

how very true. and unwise!

...I didn't manage to end up at a decent rank in the Hunt, with my maximum of twelve hours, usually less.


That is quite the marathon. On the other hand though now you have insomnia so why quit?


Weird I fell asleep reading this article.


Ugh. I can only ever manage a few minutes.

Crazy short!


Ehe, cute.

couple times have played for 6 hours, with a couple snack breaks

16 hours to complete a cooperative quest, needed four different gang-types' ("guilds") efforts to finish a complex scavenger hunt.  Only two people had ever finished that quest. 


As Kyle and Stan would say: "But you know what? I learned something... that was a complete waste of time."


Listened to some FM radio (lots of reggae and dancehall) -- years before iTunes and mp3 players.

Totally reminded me of the 7-week WoW stint they did.. Gods I loved that episode.


for the South Park reference


Seconded! :3


Greathunts. Never again.

Same. Quite a long session for my first great hunt! Over 24 hours!

You skyrocketed past Xena and me. :C

Greathunts are so destructive to a person's body, bad IRE!!

I love greathunts...but i stay up way too long when they are going



I hated that greathunt. HATEHATEHATE. But <3 credits, so...


Also, getting from level 86 to 94 was pretty cool, too.


I think the longest I was on was 18 hours, though, I didn't do a straight day, ever.

But I rage-QQ-ed because some e-stalkers started killing me so I'd be held back.

Honestly, the only thing that kept me going as long as I did was my Firefly marathon

is the bomb! :)

You won that one! ^^ But lets not do it again. :>

No wonder I never get close to any of you guys.



The longest I've ever played on any game would be around two days too two and half. Around that time I fall into a lucid dream of whatever I was doing.

I'm sure I've probably played for 12 hours straight on more than one occasion. Greathunt or not, though, I love sleep much more than I love Achaea.

I am addicted to Sleep, so forget ever playing for over 18 hours.


Yes, but do you dream about gaming?


I hate it - you sit there and your mind is still racing and you cant sleep - DOH!

I love gaming, but I think there's something to be said for prioritizing RL. Not just showing up for your RL responsibilities, but being psychologically present - relegating gaming to a diversion. For me, anyway - and maybe this is my own problem - to do otherwise is detrimental to my psychological health and happiness. I used to be straight up addicted to gaming. It was bad.

always! text dreams were a trip at first, now they're common enough.

Whenever I have a text dream it usually involves getting beat up or tied up :(



wake up

wake up

36 hours during the greathunt

I feel like I could get to this if I had the chance. :/

I love greathunts

I don't have nearly that much spare time to put into anything let alone the great hunt. Maybe that is why I'm stuck at mediocre.

that there were participation rewards, because screw going without sleep.

I think my record is something around 13 hours during one session, but I think there was a break somewhere at seven hours- I sat around phased in Hashan because I was too lazy to log out while I was preparing and having dinner, then returned. Never stayed around for 20+ hours, I need and I really like sleep, so that's probably not going to change.

I've had multiple times of over 15 hours, though. Greathunt was a killer.

Greathunts. Rogues and high-speed weapons. :C

:D Liyab

MKO soldiers and mages are both way faster hunting generally speaking.  At least, I go a lot faster now because of my level and gettings crits, though.

Not nearly long enough.

I can get 12 hours in ok. Going to far over that ends up with me starting to doze off and bad times for the weak.


from a great hunt. I've cured myself since then.

I was off for a week, I had nothing planned, and I had enough coffee, chips, and Coca-cola products lying around to keep me wired... trouble is, around the 20-22 hour mark, I ended up passing out whilst still logged in... without realizing I was asleep. In the dream, I was continueing what I was doing in the MUD, and a few things besides. Then I woke up 10 minutes later. I was looking at my comp for like 20 minutes, just thinking "What the hell just happened? Didn't I just do that?"


Of course, in the same week, I had the same thing happen while in the middle of a 30-hour Dragon Age 2 run, a 19 hour Pokemon Black run, and various lengths of time for other MUD's. Of course, then I ended up having a couple of 2-3 AM diner runs, where I ended up passing out, and dreaming I was still mudding...

I used to MUD dream, luckily for my own sanity, I don't play enough to have them anymore.

I've had a few mud dreams. Dreaming in text can be weird

Yea... methinks that the idea of to some, the human brain could be (for now) easily considered the 'ultimate computer' was taken a tad to literally by my subconcious... it was an interesting week, nonetheless.

Week? Oh my.

Have you thought of getting out into daylight?

over 24 hours during a great hunt

Maybe 5 hours.

Played FFXI for 8 hours once. Good times. A great game to explore

I could go longer.. but I needed a social life outside my text game :)

Me as well.

Crazy long sessions given above.


Most of my time logged is spent idling while working on other stuff in other windows, hard to say how long was spent straight playing

About 6 hours for me , and that is unusual, greathunts are hard to pass up though.

12 hours


greathunt, dragon, demi, dragon, and demi.

I've no idea how long I've played at one time, but I do know I've sometimes logged out only to suddenly realize I'm really hungry and it's dark outside!

Hmm.. My longest was probably...fourteen hours all RP. But then other people in the house started getting mad because that was back when we were still on dialup.

probably fifteen hours.

Although not sure if it counts, since I idle all the time and was hiding in a bed while I did homework and sent the occasional msg to friends

Somewhere around 50 hours when I was at university, it'd snowed, and public transport was down. The guy next to me faceplanted onto his keyboard, which was funny. You couldn't sleep on the furniture because of theft, and there was bugger all else to do.

I have a bad habit of playing until I end up falling asleep irl, and triggers prevent me from timing out naturely, so I'm still there when I wake - and then jumping straight back into it. Not saying I'm addicted or anything.

This may have happened to me once or twice...

Once here as well. Otherwise longest was I think a 14 hour Aetherhunt session...

10 hours and the great hunt

heh such a long time


Wonder how long if I counted coffin hours...

12+ hours. not quite sure. crazzzy. then i got a job and my whole life changed. sigh

Continued play? About a day or two for various things. Logged in, but not always playing? Around a week.

played for about 6 hours with small breaks of coffee and snacks

a few hours

I sleep at night and play when I have the time pretty much.

There used to be a time I would sit for such long periods of time that I used to dream in text... thats scary... but now I have too many priorities...

Alchemy is a sure way to spend many many hours making stuff.

More than about 4 hours in one go. Not even that now.

... cracked the 24 hours once or twice, but that was ages ago.

16 Hours or so.

I tried to do a full great hunt once... But some where around the 18th or 19th hour I could stay awake a any longer let alone even read what was on the screen... So I passed out for a few hours to try it again.... Don't know how some people do it.

I had hunted all day long, then a raid happened while I was about to log out, I stayed, and got many warpoints that night :) Was exhausted the next day, but it had been great !

I had to laugh at the people who claimed 4 or 5 hours.

I think at my worse, I did around 50/55 hours straight.

Was worth it, though.

I don't know how long exactly, but I'm pretty sure it was during the last great hunt.

Sometimes i'm logged in and not playing, hard to calculate.

My record is 17 hours. Never again. Was just plain stupid. Better things to do in life.

When I'm at home sick, sometimes I'll log in for a few hours at a time.  But there are always breaks.


Would you count time spent in my coffin?

can't marathon it without taking a break and playing something else.  I'm weak.


I believe my longest is 18 hours, or close enough. It likely would have been more but this was back when the university library actually closed for six hours a day. Le sigh. My days of that level of indulgence are long gone, though.

During a greathunt, supporting a friend's bid for top. Didn't quite make it, but honestly I'd easily do it again. If only Alchemists had an endurance transfering ability...

Just behead them!

It was at least 30 hours.


2 separate 48 hour sessions when I FIRST started playing Achaea.


12 hours a couple times, when I was heavily involved in elaborate RP events. Average is probably three hours, and I often do other computer stuff with Achaea open.

But most of that was sitting around, doing nothing.

douring my effert for celest epic quest I think I did a 9-10 hour run.  I think that might be the longest.

I keep hearing your epic quest is a bish. Just join Glom and kill some bebehs, way easier.

I wonder if we should ask people what they do for a living. Or not

probably 20 hours or something

18 hours... kinda average for me

... pausing only for bio BRBs and the occasional fridge run for more sugary, caffeinated fuel..



Man, those were the days...

Good grief.

Apparently babies need food and attention, who knew?


3 hours during the greathunt, I regretted it


dunno, quite a few hours, at least

Once I lasted 5 hours, but I know is nothing when compared to the good old times. I have too many RL commitments now!

Eight hours I think?

16, because I need my 8 hours of sleep a day to keep doing that for several days. Yes, greathunts, I blame you among others.



Not even sure, but maybe 8 to 10 hours for a single session.  I probably didn't accomplish anything too important in that time.

The longest I have played is about 6 hours during an event, but I have been known to idle while logged in for long stretches of time (12 hours or so) while studying.

great hunts!

Over 24 hours if a Great Hunt is on, or I've bought those experience-doubling Lips.

During war....too long. At least 48 hours or more. :(

If I tried this I would fall asleep while at the computer.  Bad idea im thinking.  especialy oduring war time.


Caffeine! And lots of cigarettes! I had a laptop next to the computer with netflix playing to keep me awake, as well. I think it got to nearly 3 days straight with maybe a tiny nap. Horrid, but I was unemployed and the boyfriend was out of town!

But I routinely clock 8 hour days. If only I got paid.

I didn't bother to count, but it was long. Just bashing and bashing and bashing. Killing self to reset endurance and willpower, and bash again. :(

bit of a waste of time?

Come now...

Probably 18 to 19 hours during a greathunt. Not the last one, but the one before.


Back when I worked the weekend-shift I'd rack up over 40 hours a week of normal play time. Many all-nighters were done and that was before great hunts or double experience.


I normally have that much. However, a ton of it is AFK though.


Never doesn't count

Definitely over twenty-four hours in some cases -- summer vacation, school breaks, and the weekends are amazing for nurturing and strengthening my insomnia. Now that I'm graduating school sometime in June, it is definitely going to be over 48 - 72, with, maybe, some snack breaks or a nap, in between.


...I have no life.


only a few hours for me at most...

With having two boys that always want to do something I can only get on late at night but I have forsaken the extra hours of sleep before work so I could grind a few mobiles.


I've only done this twice, but I have broken 50 straight hours before. I'm a chronic insomniac so.... I tend to just hop on my beloved Achaea and do whatever. Sometimes though I just stare into space. And more than once I've crashed out while still logged in.

That could be dangerous, for your character! I can't imagine being awake that long and still being able to function let alone play a game.

Yeah, my standard work day.  8 hours.



Define 'session'.

during a great hunt when I had nothing else going on IRL...that was an odd combination :-)

During the Great Hunt, I was home on break, so I played for half the day, over 12 hours, with only breaks to get more snacks

hunt a a bit...hunt some more

I think it was around 18-20 hours my longest stind, but to pull in 10-16 a day on my days off was really common two years ago. Now I'm lucky if I can pull in 3-5 hours a night.

Never did a greathunt because my foresight has been protecting me all the time. So yay.

This article seems to be addressed to YOU.

Once during the holidays I did a little over 24 hours. Only because they needed someone to help with an event.

time spent on game...

THe longest was definitely on Achaea, and it was probably something like 12 hours. All of which I was completely lucid and doing something.


Mine is 16

more greathunts!


6 hours?


I once spent just over 11 hours helping with an event in the Undervault. I wasn't given any credit whatsoever in the news. Will never do anything like that again.

about 36 hours

I am regulary about for >12 hours even on times that aren't greathunts, but i would be afk or looking at something else on my screen for most of those, just with achaea up in a corner.

I do that a lot too - stay logged in but I'm really mostly doing other things at the same time. Sometimes Achaea makes for nice company when working.

8ish hours each day

Sounds about right

I'd say back in the day, I'd get a good 8 to 10 hours in.

heh, I like that phrase

depending on the day 2-6 hours is the norm, I tend to try to at minimum check in once a day

it depends on my mood, but I used to play for like 10 hours straight... used to get off of work, and then come home, and log on and pass out. after working a 10 hr shift.

you're very moody!

I think if I knew the answer to this question, I would not be happy



.. Is about 14-15 hours. Sometimes, RP would claim a good part of my time online, then the other hours are just taken up doing IG paperwork or code tweaking. 

Almost 48.5 hours on the Hallifax epic during a weekend, Hand of Tzaraziko stage. Only because it was a trench war between myself, IG hubby, whatever allies I could muster/beg into helping me against some Gaudis who were griefing us into the ground and using game mechanics against us even when they could be away during off peak hours. Perserverence won out in the end though, and perhaps a Divine watching over us finally took pity on our plight. I'll never know, but thank god that's over.


When this event was goin on in Achaea, I think I maxed out at 7 or 8 hours.


Only a few hours before my eyes start to bleed from all that text!

Record is about 9.5 hours. But that was pretty tame. I can't sit still for that long usually.

... but I have split the 24 hour mark for sure. Not on any IRE game, but on other MUDs.

I think five was the most..

nearly a full day once....


My life got really busy in the last few years, so only 4-5 hours now. Back in the day though, if I had a day off work, I could play for up to 10 hours with intermittent breaks.

12+ Hours during Death's Heart, with the constant fighting that was happened didn't feel like it though!

Free chalice from Ironbeard - that's getting saved for a big bashing session. :P

One time I had stayed up and played for around 32 hours. For some reason I could not go to sleep. I spent the majority of the time hunting. There were no events going on or anything, just developed a limited insomnia. Played some amazing dubstep the whole time and got something like 7-10 levels out of it. I'd never do it again by choice, but that one time was pretty awesome.

My longest session is between 12 and 15 hours.  When I plan to have a gaming marathon day that's how long they usually last.  They consist of pizza, pepsi, and lotr.  


But after hearing about the 24+ hour sessions some of you have, I've been put to shame.  My hat is off you, good people.

Several hours during the greathunt. Whew!

When I first joined MKO I was unemployed and spent ages on the game, now im working I can be online for several hours or just a few minutes (logging on in work while the workload is nonexistent then having to logoff cos a sh**load of work has just come in)

My longest time being logged in was during a Greathunt for 17 hours.  

Somewhere between 24 and 48 hours. 

Never time myself.

14 hours

 I -think- probably close to 24 hours is my top, but I work and go to school full time and get REALLY tired after a while. My weekends are my most time played usually, which average around 12 hours at a time with tiny breaks for snakcs etc.

Long Time


I wouldn't say i can surpass some of the longer times, but i did play for 16 hours straight one day.  I have also racked up over 3 days game play in 2 weeks.

I wouldn't say i can surpass some of the longer times, but i did play for 16 hours straight one day.  I have also racked up over 3 days game play in 2 weeks.

I can only manage 2 maybe 3 hours at the most

8 hours

Lost track of time it was so long.


Back in time yet?




Waaaay too long...

Around 18 hours. There was a time when I slept from 5AM to 11AM. Anything else was Achaea. Or toilet breaks. Food was brought to me and my laptop. 

Probably 5 hours - luckily I had kids before this could take up too much of my time buit when they are newborn tended to keep odd hours while everyone else was asleep.

The longest I played was like two whole hours seriously I was so exhausted after that!

I want to play more! 


try to limit myself to one hour

26 hours

72 hours.. bleh. Never doing that again.

16 hours at tops...but to be honest, I was multi-tasking at the time too!

And it was at the time when hours-long raids held reign over Achaea.


Was pretty much the most intense gaming experience I ever had.


Pretty tame, I know.

Does it matter?

A long time

43.5 hours for a greathunt, WHICH THEN GOT EXTENDED by a further 24 hours when ~I was in the lead by 1000 points. I got in 4 hours sleep and carried on for another 20 hours to take the prize. 200 creddies, which was more than doubled in subsequent greathunts :(

Oh... THAT great hunt... ugh. I remember coming up to around that same amount of hours (AFTER a full Friday workday)... and then pressing on without sleep through the extended time after, I can't even remember the length of time... all I had in the way of breaks was regular trips for glasses of water for the last 1/4 of the normal time of it, and that too continued through the extension... I distinctly recall the sigh of relief, despite dropping a spot in the course of the extension (barely, I might add, like... last 5 mins.), when all was said and done. Then I went to Eat & Park... I needed sustenence, they were open, and there was no way I was trusting myself to cook in that state. Then I came home and... well, slept for pretty much the rest of the weekend. Announce news #114 still makes me growl...

I have played DragonRealms for about 33 hours before...But I recently started playing my first IRE mud and I think I played for a tad bit longer my first day, around 36 hours or so. :D

At my most hardcore (uni student), it was 48 hours for one of Achaea's first Great Hunts. The event finished around 8am and I went to bed around 9pm that night and slept for almost three days, for a 500cr reward plus a couple million gold.

I wish they came around more often, I really do

I only recently just started but I've been pretty addicted. I'd say a few hours, like 4 straight would be the longest session

One session? Maybe 10 hours. My weekly playtime has been over 3 days (... yes, out of 7).

Aroooo! Too many hours...

I probably shouldn't think about it. It isn't a healthy amount of hours, at all.

I never actually log off. Even when I'm not connected to the internet, I'm still connected to lusternia in my heart. <3


not that I'm an addict or anything.



12 hours


About four or six hours, I think


outside of greathunts maybe 4 hours or so

Four, but that's because everything I kill only gives me 1%.


When I play I tend to be logged in for hours on end. That said, I am quite often multi-tasking or I would never get anything done. 

49 hours with various 1-3 minute breaks for various reasons...and is it sad that it was -not- because of any event or any other specific reason, aside from because I had the time and could?

24+ hours for sure.. Not sure how much more. Cooking while sleeping and suchs was fun!


I want a great hunt. /has too much free time.

But not over 24 hours...I'm not good at staying up, even playing games...

Or nap Coma...Nap Coma works. But those three days got me rich(er)

About 21 hours, with 3 hours of sleep, every day over the summer. I was playing 2 other games at the same time and listening to music with my TV playing movies though at the same time.

About 21 hours, with 3 hours of sleep, every day over the summer. I was playing 2 other games at the same time and listening to music with my TV playing movies though at the same time.

9 hours. Everyday. Monday to Friday.

9 hours everyday, from Monday to Friday.

I'm grown now so the most I've ever spent lately was only like 28 wife was pissed. When younger It'd be quite a bit longer.


I also have the trigs to keep myself around and won't forget one time I was fishing and sailing and in the middle of sailing south from clockwork and being so tired I passed out and woke up six hours later to see my ship sitting in the chops still south of zaphar..  good thing no pirates were about.

I think my longest stint was probably 7 hours. Maybe longer. I dunno, I have a real life and don't get to enjoy the luxuries of days of playing at a time. :( Sounds fun though


It was a long time. During a greathunt

I think I did 16 hours once when running for Aspect. And that was with constant bashing.

Never committed past 6-8 hours. Eventually, I have to move around, some.

Hyped up on energy drink, pizza and junk food to keep my going not to mention music, great buddies that were up most of the time to keep me going on my rampage during the greathunts.... I don't think anyone wants to deal with me after I've stayed up that long.. i'm grumpy if I don't get a little bit  of sleep.

Over 12 hours I believe, but with lots of breaks in between and lots of multi-tasking.

Hi I'm new!

The longest I have EVER played anything in one continuous stretch was for 24 hours, and that was part of a charity event a while back now.

aetherships resulted in an 18 hour session, primarilly due to the players defiance of the admins challenge to ever have the entire thing mapped.

longest 12-15 hours without logging out for a break. During my 'long' stints logged in I'm usually watching a movie, doing work or something else on the side and keeping an eye on the game screen to see if I'm being poked.  I keep the game up a lot while I'm doing ooc work becuase it gives me a good excuse to break from my work periodically to talk to someone.  


fishing is great for that.

The picture for this article is great

24 hours I believe, or very close to that!

probably 17 or 18

I've played several hours at a time, definitely at least six hours.

Probably about 12 hours, with bathroom/eating breaks.

There was a great hunt where I only slept in 2-3 hour incriments so I could maximize my hunting.

8-12 hours for me.

Probably no more than eight hours.

Don't know my longest but I've done 12+ hours easily at a wifi. Probably would do 24+ if I had decent speed at home.


At least twelve during the last Great Hunt.

From waking up untill going to sleep. I sleep 8 hours so that is 16 hours. I did take breaks for food and all, but I was hooked on this game when I started to play it. Now I've slowed down a bit but I can see myself doing stretches like that again for greathunts or during double divine favours :)

For the Great Hunt.. I think it was like 20 hours in one day. I did afk during intervals and qq to sleep at a reasonable time, though.

It is possible I made a 15h long once.

5 hours?

About 8.

Mm I think3 hours?

I think my record is 13hours of active play in one sitting. Then again I'm also the type to just log in and keep it in the corner of the screen while I do work on said laptop. The joy of being nocturnal is that I tend to end up doing a LOT of overnighters without realising it. I seem to only function on 4 hours sleep anyway...I do make a point of stretching and looking into the distance per 20mins though.

Longest in one stretch? I'd have to give it some 26 hours. Not with IRE in specific but in an RP thing. IRE would probably take a good twenty.

When I first started playing Lusternia, I was pretty sick as well as a bit starstruck with it, so... there were a few days when I was constantly on. More recently... I honestly couldn't say. Five hours?

But I do like my beauty sleep! Many years ago when I first started playing Achaea I used to sometimes sit up all night long playing and go to bed at 8 AM sometimes, wake up at 4PM or something and carry on playing. I am pretty balanced now and make sure I go to bed at night and real life tasks come first!

Same here. I have a job and wake at 6am for it... But sometimes I go to bed at 2:30am...

Let me put it this way...longer than any console game.

Way in the old Vanilla days. I remember there being an AV game that went Friday > Monday, I spent a good 30+ hours non stop in that one battle with just quick biobreaks and making snacks.

I did a similar grind on the first expansion to level up as fast as possible. Near killed me both times, won't be doing that again. 

will forevever dominate this category.  

I cannot do one thing for too long anymore, I am far too restless :P

Not in a row, over two days with sleep in between.

Four? hours without breaks and maybe eight with tiny snack breaks.