IRE Asks: What unique artefact would you own?

Dwarf Priest

A set of fully customized artefacts is a dream for many players, but what if you could possess your own unique artefact that no one else could use? Such rare items can be found around artefact auction time, but what if you had the chance to create one from scratch?


It’s natural to want an advantage over the competition, and why not be creative about it? A hot air balloon from which to lob concussion bombs at your enemies while flying overhead? Or maybe you merchants would like your own personal garden from which to harvest? An artefact that grants skills from another class, or perhaps the ability to instantly traverse to a location accessible only to you?


Go on, comment below and tell us your wildest desire for unimaginable power!



One of my favourite uniques that was auctioned off was the infinite health vial, but that was so incredibly expensive... If I could create an artefact from scratch, I'd probably not go for something that influences combat. Maybe an artefact cleaver that allows butchering for fish scales and increases the success rate of butchering (no more failure) and the amount of reagents you get. Or an artefact deepsea pole with more line and a better reel.


If I'd have to do something without a direct monetary use, I'd like a pet penguin that delivers letters. Like all the other birds, but people would see it waddle into the room and deliver the letter instead of flying in like all the other birds. Or an ink barrel that lets you write letters and journals in different colours. So much to think of, but I'm not even close to being able to actually afford something completely unique.




I like the variety of your answers.

...but there would probably be less variety had I known people really read them.

Sounds amazing.  I wanna messenger penguin.

Don't we all?

A messenger tortoise!  Might be a little slower, but soooo cute!

I'd get a messenger tengu. Flap, flap, flap, mew! Nyan Cat has a letter for you! :P

...for private messenger pets. Wonder if they allow those one day.


Lusternia has them.

Achaea, too... technically. Knights can use their falcons to deliver letters and stuff, but, considering I'm a serpent, I'd like one that works for every class.


Why not a serpent delivering things? Or we could get creative, with mystical creatures, rabbits, magic hats... One can dream....

Sold me at Mystical creatures delivering mail with tophats on -Cough- Or whatever you said like that.

Please! I would love a snake, particularly.

A messenger that one in Dumbo, complete with postal hat

You misunderstood, in lusternia personal artifact pets can deliver mail and items, and retrieve items. They'll both mailing pets and have the same ability as knight pets, without any class restrictions.

Complete with a rainbow trail and song.

and unicorns and carebears


That'd be hilarious



Well, now I just want a penguin, although a deep sea fishing pole would be tempting...




Definitely would go for that penguin. 

A fishing pole artefact would be nice.

The Key of Unlocking.

You'd be enemied everywhere in no time. Glad I don't have a house.

A key of unlocking would be such a game-changer.

Something that lets me walk or fly on the ocean.

It would be cool to be able to do random mobpossessions and control mob movements.

No more problems with wondering agros.

This would be awesome - never again will I walk into a room full of linked astral mobs and die! XD

That sounds great, actually.



Heck yes!

Oh wait that does exist

An artifact to grant the thoughtstealer skill!

I wholeheartedly agree!


Would be cool, but creepy. Imagine you were sending a tell to someone and then it just disappeared with a message saying something like "Your mind suddenly goes blank as your thought disappears from your mind." then you KNOW someone is creeping on you. o.o

Chastity belt - if your partner removes their clothes while wearing the item (you placed on them), and you are not present, they are instantly castrated. Or, ok, I guess a zap would work too.

Being afflicted with vestiphobia would royally suck in that situation...

Just takin' a bath....

Infinite health vial.



Already exists.

In other words, you no can haz 

not infininte, but in lusternia you can keep sips in your rift and link a vial to the rift. So any vial can sip up to 2k before needing to refil, also shops sell sips and not vials.

Pauldrons of shrugging all the way

If I could shrug like a serpent, well... I'd pretty much win at anything. This is mostly because I'm terrible at curing though.

An aetherdock for the manse

a denizen that would automatically upkeep the farms

an artifact that would allow me to choose my guildskills without being restricted to class

a weather system for the manse

an artifact that can separate sound from one set of rooms to another

an artifact to create stronger, aggressive mobs for manses (really want to create zones for fun)

an aethertaxi that would move people from bubble to bubble for a gold cost.

something to create arena's in manses

a manse bank that I could direct funds to.

an artifact that allows two people or more to gamble on anything if the rules are first created then agreed to by all the parties. For example: I bet 100k that so and so will die in 10 min. person b bets 100k that they won't die at all. The artifact takes the money from both parties and gives it to the winner. Could be done discretely, no need for each person to be next to each other.

A figurine that would generate esteem by itself for each day

an artifact or something that would link manses to clans or to create projects in clans

an artifact that would randomly proc a chain lightning attack against aggressive mobs. Would be cool

a way to dispose of trash anywhere you are

a buffed up mask of esteemed beauty

artifact stat packs

denizen family members

an artifact that allows your manse to be seen on the lusternian map system, and not some private one.

an artifact commodity shop for manses. Without the limit set by regular shops, and the ability to buy commodities.

a personal set of miniskills? Something that could be shared with a clan or family that they could take on for a set cost?

denizen announcer, something that would advertise for you on the market channel, even when you aren't there.

plan for this questions to arise?

since lusty began?

So much awesome on this list, although that last one would probably be more annoying than useful.


I'd just settle for an artifact that allows you to have one extra tertiary guild skill. (e.g Acrobatics AND Psymet)

Would be awesome.

Yes, please.

Sounds awesome. I never go up to bubbles cuz they're such a pain to get to!


That they are..even when you have constructs built up there..



I would love to be able to control the numbers in my statpacks, say give me a certain amount of points and let me control where the points go :)

Yes please! Some distribution of skill points across the stats seem weird...But there would totally need to be a cap...No need for someone to have like 30 str..

Hot damn, that would be amazing. Maybe then we'd have a feeling of growing more powerful as we level besides increasing our skill levels. I think I've had a dream about that before. Had 100 INT and one-hit BIg Z.


If only.

If only.

.. reusable silver token for weapons.


I had to see a really awesome scalemail decay, it was kinda sad.




Convert my ship to an air ship able to float on the air currents. Then I could avoid chops entirely and also travel across continents in the wilderness. Could still dock at ports or in the wilderness throw down the rope ladder and climb down. Would want the ability to land it in the water still and take off again. Else I couldn't deepsea fish.

cool, I would love a flying ship!

Yeah that would be awesome

and you could fish for eagles

It'd be a new world.

Where's the fun in that? Every real sailor should be frowning now.


Airship.  Fucking amazing.  Tema is scared of the ocean, but she would have an airship in a heartbeat!

I want a rose whip drop somewhere, walk away and be able to GO TO SIGIL to go back to your saved spot, it automatically going back in your inventory when you arrived. Only the owner could pick it up!

I would go with this as long as a monolith did not stop it.

That more or less exists already in Imperian as auction artifact. Some people will even use it the moment you step into their room! Very fun stuff.. Thing is you activate this in a room and TWIST RING to get back there and nothing stop being hindered with paralysis / web / asleep etcs stops it. 

Though I guess you could just use pathfinder ^^

to have a vajra. It is a sort od sceptre used by japanese monks. It is a strong symbol in Hinduism and Buddhism. I was thinking about a Vajra of Meditating. 

An artefact that lets me zap.

Wings that let me fly to islands, or an artefact that allows me to swim to them, from any coastal location.

Shoes of Sneaking

Allows me to SILENTLY toggle sneak, so I can leave a room without it being announced to all present.

Normally I wouldn't require an arti for this, but for some reason sneak was merged with hide on Midkemia. So, in order to leave silently, I have to very noticeably step into the shadows. Complete RP fail.


Something that let me sprint in the wilderness 9unless there is one already in which case I will feel foolish)

I would like something that would enable me to make my own furniture, or statuary that would be cool for me


An artifact pet that's ridable, responds to actions and can auto-attack. Doesn't have to attack for much, just would be cool to have pets(outside class pets) that can actually realize you're in a fight and help you. Intelligent pet.

I like the idea of a "duanatharanananan" that lets you fly to every island, but a skeleton key would be equally amazing.

1. Level 2 hammer of forging (could be better stats, faster balance recovery, or higher returns from smelting).

2. Portable forge.

3. Permanent resistance rings.

4. Cutomizable form descriptions (dragon, chaos lord, viridian, etc).

5. Customizable race (keep your current stats but be an orc, wight, sidhe, or whatever else you can think of).

6. Artefact armour.

7. Increased experience gain.

8. Reduced experience loss upon death.

9. Speed up praying sequence after death.


There's probably a bunch more but I can't think of them at the moment.


Artefact armour... yes!!

Agreed! Weird that they don't have that yet, actually..

You mean like the Trollskin Armour? Just from reading the help files, I know that they used to sell it, I forget whether it was a shop of wonders artie or a regular one, but they retired it, and then brought it back as an auction item.

an artifact that would allow you to change your bloodline once

I imagine a lot of people would like this one... >.>;;


I like Blujixapug's key of unlocking artefact idea...even if it wouldn't open private magically locked doors and just normal locked ones. I come across so many that I have no idea how to open or if it's even possible, it would be pretty handy!

-Artifact of fog. Allows you to fog over a room with a fog like mist, that none can see, making it so that those who enter can not detact you with any skills, until you do an agressive action.


-An artifact of power, that allows you to assign one stat point each month to any stat.


-Mask of Severn, Allows you to move from room to room unseen by any action/skills except if you move through bodies of water (much like the sound of footsteps you get from phased people, except a 1 in 3 chance of happening).


-Blade of the leech. Allows the wielder of said artifact to bless there own weapon with the ability to leech a 1/4 of the damage they cause, back as health for themselves on a (1 out 3 chance) on impact with players. (Must be on a weapon they crafted in forging themselves)


-Gloves of the thief. Allows the wear to steal one random item from a person each Aetolian day (Will not remove wielded, worn or artifacts)


-Horn of the Hunt. Allows wielder to call upon a wild animal (one they pick when they get the item, this creature will always be the same from that point on) while in a forest enviroment that will fight along side them (base 150 damage on 5 sec bal with a 3k health)


-Staff of Galleus. Allows wielder ( when wielded) to create a 5-6 room thunderstorm. Which allows them to cast one bolt of lighting while in the storm. (Only lasts a few moments, with a one IG cool off period between uses). Does about 1.2k unblockable to all in the rooms, except the owner.

I have tons, but I will shut up now >.>


I would like a private commshop. Same basic prices, so I have to pay gold to get the comms - but nobody ELSE is going to buy out the stuff. It doesn't even have to have everything, just cloth and leather.

Something that stops all my items from decaying, because I hate it that at times that's all I log in for, or it stops me from taking a proper full break when needed.

My own garden w/ every possible environment to grow herbs - damn too few jungle rooms in Midkemia....

I would kill for a black functioning umbrella, opens, closes, myabe twirls, then you can twist off the handle and find yourself holding a rapier.  Better if you can place a vial inside and when you draw the sword part, it auto envenoms with that particular vial.  It could be just amazing.



Sounds cool


This DOES sound cool.

I think it'd be better to see this as a sort of sheathe/scabbard, so it could be used by multiple classes. Then you could pull off Zatoichi shenanigans.



Of endless whiskey. Has the special power to allow you to flood entire rooms with whiskey thus forcing your opponents to get horrible amounts of drunk (and yourself) several times a month. You can also refill your vials from it for a random type of whiskey. 

I want that soo bad

Artifact win button.


You push it and the other player lags out and their system crashes.

Good luck.

cloak of greenwind

gauntlets of greensect

Can I have it as whitewind in Devotion?

Artifact rubber chicken


Hard to say but maybe an item to hide your inventory but still allows others to inspect what you wear.

These ideas for non-decay enchantment items, like resistance rings for instance: I'm opposed because they'll tend to kill the market for enchantment goods!

I'd like maybe a cloak that allows me to use my guild skillset without having to switch to rogue all the time   or maybe a sheath that auto applies poisons.

Captain Good's Monacle. Would let me use PRINTS like hunters.

Custom race would be awesome

A gnome race hat! Yes!

Something that would let you shipreturn to your choice of two ships instead of one.

I would own a tank.

My idea of the unique artifact to own would be an orb that lets you see the history of the room you're in (going back one real-life day or the like).  Ideally with speech, but (since that would likely be too powerful) without would work too.  I'd also want it to be fully transferable between my characters (i.e. it actually changes ownership), as another character that I have planned for the future could get quite a bit more use out of it than Werin could.

I would like an artifact that can be used to design and create other artifacts to do whatever I want.

(In other words, the standard answer: I would wish for more wishes.)

Wouldn't that be nice. :P

I'd create an artefact that gives me a separate "qw" listing of everyone off plane, and allows me to farsee/seek/scry/etc them.

this sounds useful!

Has one :D

Phantom mask. It's cool.

I'd want a rune of pernamency for my basalt staff for when I get it so i can customize it the way I want!!!

that would all non forestal classes to harvest.

key of unlocking sounds pretty sweet.

oh how my inventory would become managable if I had a hungry little humgii just waiting to carb up on my extraneous stuff.   The fact that said humgii would be usable only by me would lead to some pretty comical reactions to the critter being left unattended. 

An artefact that allows you to obtain an additional class skill within reasonable RP (e.g. Priests can't get necromancy)

That'd be awesome. The possiblities..!

Artifact void


lets you hide in a room completely, but it acts like the monk skill which sends people to that timeless zone where you can do nothing but exit. I have no way if hiding, gimme gimme.

A custom dragon or viridian description would be awesome and nice to have.

Going off Kellonius's idea, I'd like an artefact that gives you a list of people off-plane, off-continent, bypassing gem and chameleon.

I would love to have two ship returns ><

Why so you can drown 2 people at once :P

For myself, I like something that would allow bard milestones like in Lusternia.  That always seemed like the most useful transport skill to me.

I wanna think about this and get something with in reason that might be created one day.

an anklet of anti-shrubbing (self-explanatory. 20,000 credits)

spectacles of reason and fairness (counteracts administration bias 1% of the time. Can stack up to a maximum of 25%. 5,000 credits each)

a receipt (guarantees a response to correspondence. One time use. 2,000 credits)

a journal of administrative rulings (grants consistency 50% of the time. Cannot stack as unique dice rolling feature must remain. 7,500 credits)

Bonko for President of IRE!


Actually I want a Phase artifact.


Or pauldrons of shrugging


Or a lvl 3 hood so even profit cant find me!

Oh and I almost forgot....


I once offered 4k for a evade artifact.  And got told no....Oh well Maybe one day.


No Evade...

I want a phase artefact, too.


I want this. And Evade. Serpents have so many things I want.

Bonko, Achaea needs ya. :(

The Rod of Dispersion...


Oh wait. Ha. :/

Sceptre of Aqueous Mastery (just sell again)

Staff of Cataclysm to regain world cataclysm (or allow for use indoors) for its user.

Sphere of Wiirh that allows to be portaled to by the Magi.  Same restrictions as portal.  Can be recalled by Magi at any time.  No reset timer on it.

Damn. Indoor cata, do want.

I'd want an artefact that would keep me from dying all the time, not just one use every rl day or something. When I'd die, instead of dying I'd just be reset to full health, mana, endurance, and willpower, and if it's a person who killed me, they'd get xp, but I wouldn't lose any and wouldn't have to pray/get rezzed.

an artefact that allows me to instantly return a ship to a specified dock from anywhere.

That would be great!

It should be a life-preserver.

Yep would say that one

I would want an item that never runs out of Karma... a special thing to study from... or does that already exist?

I'd still like to have a whip

Ankh of Invincibility.

A big wooden paddle for spanking my woman!  To be fair she would get a 'man tamer' paddle to return the favor when I make an arse out of myself!  On a more serious note I think I would like something that allows me to teleport back to my home so I don't have to run through the subdivision.


Another cool item would create unique illusions that the player automatically reacts to in some way whether they want to or not.  Additionally, items that create various and perhaps chaotic imbalances might be rather nice to have!

A shoulder-mounted gerbil launcher 9000!  Shoulder-mounted water cannon to knock people down would be pretty funny too!

A device that gives me a free credit every day without having to post fake answers to silly hypothetical questions.

But it will cost you 2 credits per day


Ability to make a really awesome smithed weapon permanent!

That would be awesome.

I would definately want a personal arte that would allow me to travel anywhere I wanted without driving or flying. That would be wonderful.

I just want my orb back - I loved portals

a mask that allows me to hide my features and gives a generic description when LOOKed at orset of rings (2) that allows communication between two people to be unable to be infiltrated.  

If you get enemied to the forest you cant do anything in it without getting disrupted by wolves and vines. This makes the extermination ability in necromancy worthless and it is a real pain in the arse for anyone else trying to do anything in the woods. I understand that leveling the forest would upset game balence but this is not as critical as it once was due to the introduction of alchemy. I would like to see an artifact that at least slows the wolves and vines down to a manageable level. An artifact that stops them alltogether would be even better, after all oakstone still needs someone to hate don't they?

Yeah, the Oakstone doesn't have nearly enough opposition from folks who can shrug off occaisional vines or wolf bites. Something like that wouldn't tell the entire forest community that their RP is definitely being discouraged.


Forest defs are really not that bad. It's just small bits of damage. Makes bashing somewhat of a pain in a forest, but whatever. Just blow up the room!

Actually, more seriously, I'd love a NPC similar to a pet, but who I could place in my shop, or even several of them to turn my tavern into a really immersive RP place.

Something to make my traps more noticeable! Really stick it to those folks who spring them. Or maybe something to make them cheaper to lay or faster to alarm.

I would want a sword that screams "DIE <insert race here>!!!" whenever a city enemy entered my room. There are many times my life might have been saved by such a sword.

you don't see them when they enter? or do you not track enemies? there is a mudlet script that highlights city enemies.

I don't do much scripting (as in essentially none) and it is really a pain to look through the whole who list to see whether the person is an enemy, by which point it is usually too late. I didn't know that there was such a script and will seriously have to look into coding such. With that in mind I would want a cloak of true ghosthood, which would make me absolutely undectable unless I wanted to be seen (even with pyromaniac skills of revealing) even after I died, give me a cool look when I did want to be seen, and allow me to walk through any door (even magic shielded ones, or doors to estates), as well as being able to float up to the rooftops. I would become visible if I attacked someone directly. I would haunt those who have wronged me in the past and whisper to them spookily in their most secret places, and occasionally trying to drown them with stillwater.


Either that or an artifact that gave me all the skills in the game which I could use without switching classes or any such, so I could deepshround into Sar-Sargoth with a battle demon, set up an inferno, rift in friends, create a shadow trap, shoot Radakail with a silverthorn arrow, and lead my city to utter victory. I would then precede to vanish from all forms of tracking to avoid the fierce vengeance squads that would probably try to kill me.

A class changing artefact would be amazing even if it worked once every 6 rl months.

This would be really epic, but only if it had a shorter time requirement on it. I'd be fine with like 3 months.

Getting a few memory orbs can do that, with a class change once per RL day I believe, with a 5 lesson penalty each switch. Unfortentely you cannot do it inside enemy cities, which is part of the point. You would need a lot of lessons to trans all the class skills, even in MKO which only has four classes. I have not looked into this much, as I cannot get enough lessons to trans one class. And I would really want to be able to have all the abilities at once, which would create pretty devestating combinations.

Is that something in Midkemia? Achaea doesn't have these orbs


Midkemia added those months ago and people who spend RL money on MKO seem to like them.

The point of the class change orb is 1) it shortens the amount of time to go from one class to another (it's one hour to reach trans with the standard in-game class change system, and 45 minutes with the lowest tier orb) and 2) it negates the lesson cost of remembering a skill (which is normally 25 lessons per skill, for a total of 75 on a complete class change). There is no limit to the number of times per day you can change class. Yes, it is one of the most amazing artifacts I've ever owned, across any IRE

I still want a whip artifact

Getting kind of kinky there Fudkin?

Artifact homestone, can set a location as your return point and go home instantly...

Something to upkeep my manse mines for me!

an artifact to evade... and one to AF!


What about a gi of some sort? A gi for mana, or for health regenerartion. Or a scarf for brething underwater? A black belt of striking, agumenting the chance of critical hits? Clearly I am a monk!

Like a bartender who I could make talk to patrons :D

Butterfly wings, that would take me to any of the forests.

I'd like one of those Ice Wands that icewall all the exits.

And then it automatically takes me there.

Ten hives in one thanks

I want that obsidian quiver of shooting stars that Pandemonium has.

I have no idea what it does. I've always imagined the shooting stars to be like meteor arrows but 1000 times more awesome. I just love the idea of it.

manse dweller power 300 credits. maintanance. Will allow your manse dweller to upkeep and harvest your manse comm rooms to your specifications and harvest at the turn of the month. syntax <room id> <comm to upkeep/harvest when time>

manse artifact Acommodity stock room: 600 credits. Acts like an org commodity shop. If you manse dweller has the maintenance power he'll put his harvested commodities in this stores.


I'd love these two emensly.

I would like my own personal denizen henchman. Not a pet and not an ent but a henchman that can do things like deliver personal messages, fight for me, and tell me how wonderful I am. Special abilities for said henchman could cost extra in credits. Said ability could be any ability that any class has as the henchman would have to choose a class just like a real player does but each chosen henchman class would only have 5 or so skills that they could learn since henchman just aren't as smart as we are. They would be all the rage, everyone would want one. credit prices would skyrocket and Credit sales would go through the ROOF! 

Another Idea I had was a special tattoo that allows you to call on your  Gods blessings without having to be at a shrine.  the essense cost is the same, just makes it so youcan call on blessings anywhere



Because that would mean someone else wouldn't have it. And yes, I'd probably abuse it.

Just imaging how it would be... awesome

a rose that turns into a whip!

complete with thorns?

For people.  that's much better than invisibility. beast chameleon can't be seen by thirdeye.

Lantern of Sacred Light.

How about an artefact that avoids a denizen attack that would have killed you by taking you back to the room you came from with let's say 1% of your health once per month or so? Would make bashing for dragon less of a pain.


Crozier of the Deep King.

One that lets me see who is online, even if they have cloaking gems.

one that makes me fly

an artifact that takes the best comms out of your vault when you take stuff out.  would save tons of time sorting throught for the best ones


Amulet of God Spying

Aladdin's magic lantern or a wishing well. 


Gives its owner the choice of -any- available artefact for a day, every day (RL day).

That's actually pretty interesting. Would cost a fair amount :P

Spring-heeled boots.

I want the auto-harvester, I walk into the room, and it just harvests whatever my rift isnt full of.  Hehe!

You can use script for that :)   you don't need an artefact for this


A viel opr hood you could wear that would mask your identity, even from someone if you kill them, or some kind of artefact cart that you could use as a travelling merchant or something, that increases the amount produced by your flower pots or other such artefats, and that you could even leave unattended and people could still buy from it.

tarot deck please

The CCC: Certified Credit Cloner.

That's quite an idea...


I always wanted the ability to teleport. Pick a room by it's number, teleport in, teleport out. Poof Poof Poof!!! (traditional Nightcrawler style)

an artefact that would allow you to teleport to any room of your choosing


a floating fortress I could direct where ever I wanted

An artifact that would let you change your class at your pleasure. Yeap, that'd totally be awesome.


Wand of Weather-Weaving.

Atually, A tent, that when you can set anywhere and when you enter it, you're either in your actual subdivision house, or it could act as a seperate home altogether. but it would be cool to pick up and live anywhere.


It's bigger on the inside.

I want an arte that allows me to use my grove powers outside my grove

So many interesting ideas

Bone of Beastmastery.

Artifact eye lasers.


Mandala of Mental Manipulation.

Vile Charm of the Stilled Tongue.

A Shard of the Kaustubh Jewel (in whose facets the fate of every soul is written).

Would allow travel via vortex to any of the known planes of the multiverse....just thinking of it makes me drool

Gourd of the Eight Winds (for filling sails).

I second that!


 A permanent, aggro know, one that actually is willing to get a bit bloody now and then

 A permanent, aggro know, one that actually is willing to get a bit bloody now and then

Seed of Yggdrasil. Just add water.


I'd want a fully customized staff with lvl 3 willpower/staffcast on it..

A Rune of Greater Spelling or a Rune of Lesser Mistells.

It would be my arte for sure.

hmmm I cant think of any more...

A talking sword. It wouldn't talk to everyone ofc. Probably just me.

Only if:

1. It spoke only in puns.
2. It was verbally abusive. 

Just the name alone makes me want one. Any bonus it gives to cataclysm at all would work. More range, Indoors , cast another spell through it, able to make a cataclysm without having to have two other magi, anything.

The Lens of Truth.

Wand of Polymorph.

a mini wheel of fortune.

Why wouldn't you go for a maxi wheel?

The Bane of Reason. Reverses all nearby says and tells, and stops anyone else around me from using focus.

I wish that this flagon artefact at least gave us some gold every day instead of just now and then... It makes it seem rather useless in a way. I go in there every day and only every like 4 months or so do I managed to find like 500 gold... whoopie twang I can get that in a second anywhere else. Ah well guess its still a  fun artie.

I find something every day.


synthesizing metals is not fun, I want an artefact that synthesizes without any balance!

Kindlegem. Starts fires. Also grants CDR.

What about a hat that spawns...well... more hats? :D

All of them!

It'd be neat to have something that would let you silence a room of all says and emotes, the way that Divine can sometimes do during events and such.

The Eye of the Aethiopica. Grants awareness of all beings in the area.

A zeppelin.
Sky pirates are the best pirates, except for possibly space pirates or time pirates.

Maybe something that allows you to learn lessons instantly?

Dagger of vivisection


Pocket Watch of Chronological Command. (time pirates)

Because falling on your butt every time the water freezes over is annoying

Any time another character offs me the room gets nuked by the amulet...that'l teach em to pick on me...

Better have the ability to turn it off too, wouldnt want my allies to die if were in mass combat and I croaked

I like it

Gravedust Philter. Speak to the dead. Dead players, dead quest mobs...

An artefact that once per month could change into an artefact of equal or lesser value.


A bottled ship.

It's alive!!


Some sort of item that could give me a type of Divine favour, for a short time, once / RL day.

I still dream of a cereulan dragon mount.. which can fly, and breathe lightning at people (emote only.. not an actual attack).

I think it would be awesome to have an artefact that would give you a random artefact once a RL day, it would poof at the end of the day, like a minute before the serenade and a new one at the serenade

Less endurance spent on fishing, more bites per second, more money per fish. Feeesh.

Sword of a Thousand Truths

I wouid like something that allowed me to morph into animals of Achaea and walk around as. I wouldn't be able to attack but I could fly or dig or follow scents.

A parquet globe of Achaea. Spin it and see what happens.

A medallion to allow a Rite of Prayer to restore Devotion to an Excommunicated Paladin, because it will happen to me, one day.

A pet which copies itself when enough is fed to it, for an army of walking corpses.

Still say phantom mask.

An artefact that allows me to forge custom weapons/armors.

I would buy it

I'd like the artifact tattoo tokens in Aetolia very much.

I am Bill Nighy, and I have three of those! If I were to have my own though, I'd say an artefact item that gives me 1 credit everyday. Heh.

Much more interesting things. Wand of reflection! 12 of myself doing all the boring stuff for me!

An Elder Scroll.

A Wand of Banishment - point it at someone and send them immediately home, unable to return to the area from whence they were banished for a month.


(Even better would be a Wand of Permashrub.)

Me like it

though making it permanent no

Hahaha. Banishment sounds feasible, but the Permashrub is a killer. 

A thought engine.

The changeling cameo!!! the thought of constantly buying daggers of reincarnation is fustrating.. heh. 

Want to be able to understand allll languages!

I want a wand that I can wave and turn people into frogs or newts.


come to think of it, let's go with newt.

Gonna second the above: a Rhabdos of Amphibification.

I'd say I'd love a mount that worked similar to Raido rune. That'd be pretty nice.

An item that would make crystalhome faster. An item that would allow me to fold pearls, for a higher number of facets.

A sunfire cape.

A rubber rat to use for Extispicy. A little joke between friends, but would be hilarious, and means I don't need to leave wherever I am just to get a rat.

An item that rewinds nerfs...

A clockwork rat.

An amphora of shadows. (It's full of shadows!)

The amber spyglass.

An Yggdrasian censer. Light, waft, revive.

A treasure map cipher, for encoding the locations of riches.