IRE Asks: What MMO Mob Would You Own as a Pet?

green puppy

From the winged kitten-like furry black tengus of Achaea to the adorable tae'dae cubs of Lusternia, Iron Realms games have a huge variety of creatures both real and imagined. For a price in credits, players can even request a custom loyal pet that can be programmed to talk and emote at the owner's command. One player owned a pink gorilla wearing sunglasses!


The creatures in Iron Realms games are mostly based on mythology, or are completely unique to the realm they're in. So while some of you might want an apple-green puppy, like the ones Lady Eris, Goddess of Chaos bestowed to the House Sentinels, others might want a hulking morsulai for home security!


If you could have any of the magical and wonderful creatures found in Iron Realms games as a pet in real life, which would you choose? Tell us below!


I think I'd like a humgii. Useful little indestructable bugger to eat all my trash. 

But it would have to be in a well-ventilated area, those buggers are gassy. 

A humgii would be awesome.


It would solve the world's garbage problem and make landfills obesolete.


Using one of the most universally disliked pets as an example is such a good idea

Penwize. He's basically mob, right?


Am I the only one disturbed by this option?

I want a mountable spider!

You give me an Achaea tengu and I'll give you Lusternian mountable spiders from Glomdoring. I WANT THE TENGU SO BAD!

creepy..I like!  I agree with you Nixxe a spider would be cool!


taintwyrms in lusternia then.

They have black widow spiders that you can ride in Lusternia! Talk about a dream come true.

Creeps me out when the giant spiders use it. :C

one of my favourites

I want an indigo nightfire butterfly.

heh, i loved killing those.

I'd take a raven!


Although I know I would never get this, a mountable dragon would be fun.


aren't dragons cliche, though?

I am kind of partial to chatty pink flamingos. :)

Big fat yellow bird that talks

I never have to feed him, just summon him whenever I wanna fly or ride.... although a customised pet would be awesome indeed... I like the ones I have seen so far, like Katia's flying monkey... I saw Shirszae has an ant that she mounts... that would also make an awesome pet, except I would want something that flies.

used to like chimeras to, till i researched in wikipedia how it was in mythology

A giant praying mantis that talks would be the ultimate pet for me

I'd want a fellbeast.

What about a winged tiger? I'd like that!

Desert chameleon.

Maybe a pet... fire wyrm? I'd have to be careful not to leave it in the Nuskuwe, though. Or one of those mail-delivering birds so I wouldn't have to walk to the Post office anymore in order to send letters. Or one of those chubby penguins.

I would so buy a bird that could deliver letters, that would be a cool little artefact!

Yep, it would be awesome for those with a stationery kit.

In Aetolia...

Pretty much all I'd want is a wyrden lyrebird. The one in the Harbinger's Hall is cool enough I keep desgning things based on him, so to have one tagging along with me would make me sqee all the time.

i'd want a pet basilisk so i can just have it stare at people i don't like for me.  saves me the hassle of biting

The nightmares were cool (the horse things that gave you bad dreams while you were awake). Not sure because of the nightmare aspect, but I really thought they were awesome looking. Maybe I could sic it on people *grins*



For sure

Make sure you clean all the poop, too.

Nothing's better than an ordinary, faithful Sangrean Shepherd.


without a doubt, it would be an ennelin

viper or anything poisonous

tengus would definitely be awesome, but so would a Toothless-like dragon.

Khulhedra.  I actually have a Cove of Darkness in my condo, but it's currently empty.

Hm..some cooler permanent version of an efreeti. Although, whenever I walk in water..

I would have a basilisk.  I quite a history with them

That could be deadly




How about a pack of wild wolverines for home protection?

I'd have Rafe & Balan for that

i call dibs on chenubis

Totally happy with Sindori :)

I'd love a falcon, especially if it was half as useful as the ones in game...

A black widow from the forests above the spider larder!  Awesome!

There are tons of spiders! Just get one from the village...

Thought of a new one...a baby bandersnatch!


I'm going to go with a firebreathing tengu. That'd be GREAT.

Totally one of the mongoose from Zanzi. They're -adorable-. Also quite badass. I mean, it's a mongoose.

Can my antitheft plan just be him eating every serpent?

I dunno. A wolf I guess? Something that wouldn't eat me would be good.

Come now, Turnus. Surely you can do better than this? While admittedly awesome, that's like saying I want a pony, instead of a flying pegasus!

You won't think its so lame when I sic the wolf to maul your face. And isn't a pony like, every girl's dream. We both know you want a pony.

With wings! No lame, plain ponies for me. I think I'd like it to change colour as well. And you -would- sic your wolf on me. You show love in the weirdest ways! 

A miniature monkey stands here, staring off into the distance, listlessly.


Soft fur covers the body of this tiny monkey. The hair on the torso and appendages is coloured as black as ebony, crossed by horizontal lines of white. The face is pure white, with black fur for the eyebrows and darkly hued lips. Two long arms sprout from the body and hang at his sides, fingers curling in tandem. He is called 'Recall.'
 A miniature monkey is a humble-looking creature.
He weighs about 17 pounds.
He is loyal to Agrias.


You tell a miniature monkey, "Mimic."
A miniature monkey tells you, "Okay."


You cringe and drop your face into your palms with a shake of your head.
A miniature monkey cringes and drops his face into his palms with a shake of his head.



A miniature monkey says, "...bored now."


A monkey sprints in from the down, trips over an invisible rock, then stands upright with an embarrassed look on his face.

Looking around for his owner, a tiny monkey panics and launches forward, smashing into an invisible wall before stumbling out to the down.

I like


The mime.

of hippocampi.

Putting your best lobe forward I see.

A tengu. They are adorable.


Arco, Hound of Papaxi. Such an adorable and useful little bugger.

Yes, an Orphan.  Not adopted, but as my minion.

An elven lass might work better...;)

course I'd have to keep him somewhere very fireproof

Kind of a toss up for me but I think in the end I would take a falcon those things seem useful.

Without even thinking I want one of the talking cows that do math in Bopalopia.

Utterly wrong choice.



I want my Chimera... it flys... and dances


I'd totally have a hippocamus :)

After chasing a city enemy around Hashan with the babaji, I have grown very partial to it

I'd like a Mhun Captain of the Guard, so I can tease him!


a Diavlous hound. Perfectly trained guard dog?


Yes please.

Phase Hound from Aetolia for sure!

Guinea pigs are cute

That apple-green puppy rocks


I would own a dachshund!  Oh wait, no that's in real life.  :)

You cannot have humanoids as pets ;) Get a dog-person like those PCs from Rifts, the tabletop game...

I really like the pretty little dragonlets in Parthren Gare.

The tinkling noise would be like windwhimes.

The tae'dae are offly cute I must edmit or maybe a cute little furrikin. Though mostly I like the golden otter in Eventru's godrealm.

I'll take an orc, please and thank you.

A lycopod! And it will live on my front porch.

I would have to say I'd want to have one of those sea horses from Lothos that all the guardians are riding on. Those are pretty awesome.

just saying


Thumbs up for Humgii pets. Also, undying homunculi.

Moon bears are so adorable and would love to get one eventually!

a lamassu.

I'd get hours of fun from tickling it


A winged pegasus would be cool. It would also save alot on gas. Mountable spider is a terrible idea, I hate spiders, I certainly wouldn't want to park my arse on its nasty, hairy, backside. 

What if that spider got hungry?  You would be the first thing on the menu. Closest thing to be eaten.

Aetolia has these aggressive...what are they, Hawthorn bushes? Something in the forests that follow you around and usually kick my butt. I want one of those. Grumpy bushes...they are love.

A pretty couatl, or a friggin Fell Beast, heh heh.

One of the Fleshpots as the ultimate bodyguard.

I've always had a fondness for wolf companions, though I know you can Tame those pretty easily in Imp.

now fill my vials

I would take an etheric leviathan. Anathema to the minds of mortal men, warping reality through its very existence, proximity slowly corrupting the physical constants of space and time. I think it would be low-maintenance.

I want arco. So adorable.

If I had a Tainted character, I would go with a gravedigger. Those things would be pretty beastly "own." Goes especially well with a Gorgulu follower.

Always liked wyverns

Whatever this free credit would buy

I already got him and he's an arctic fox.

target obaku!




I don't get it

Tribble  -  i'l feed it so I got spares ready for when some bastard kills my pet

Hope the Klingons dont hear about it


Or maybe a Gremlin,

i'l pour water on it then feed the little buggers at night in an enemy city thatl teach em

but I don't know if I could keep up with their dietary needs.

giant battletoad!

A war squirrel!


Is there any other pet?


the costs.


But they're worth it....

I love the fact that there are guild pets for druids in Lusternia so I already have a crow.. but I normally like the cuter pets.  Puppies, kittens, ducklings.  But I also like to use feral wildcats in Imperian - I have a preference for female pets, especially ones that are more vicious than others.  A snarling wolverine or something like that would be great.

'Nuff said.

Moredhels :>



A Moredhel would probably complain all the time and talk about overthrowing me and stealing my power. :D


I'd like the red dragon as a pet though. Hmmmmm.

oh, what about the Wraith then ?


I would follow you around and not complain or backstab you... for a price :)

free food + a nice comfy guild and skipping the 1st two ranks to gr3 along with a little pet from the next banapis and I'm sold! :)

I got my little pet and he is a fennec fox named Peheata! I want more like a penguin or another fennec fox.. A little army of cute baby animals would be nice :D

I'd like Grimlath, the old and incredibly strong snow tiger as a pet. It's like having a private mark.


big fat juicy worm

a fear of spiders irl, so I suppose a greater fascination with them in-game.

I want a penguin

Same here.


I want you, baby, so I can stick you in my inventory when I want.

just imagine riding one of those..

That would be my pet I love bats

OOh pretty all bejewelled and living

many people to absolve

maybe a hedgehog...or a snowleopard...or a peryton!


A Golgotha demon!

Would have been my first choice, but Questron already has one. So I went with Ewald, my winged mountain ram. :)

How about a skunk? That could be fun.

yes most random

At least it is possible for one day.

A Glitterlight would be nice to have!


I could settle for an indigo nightfire though.

Jambaali all the way

my praying mantis pet.

He'd be a great talking point at pool long as he didn't eat the guests. (cept for the ones I don't particularly care for)

Would have to be giant of course :)


Either the fluffy jambaali, humgii or the lightning eagles on Mero!

Most definitely either Moredhel bladedancer or ishapian monk. Those guys are Bamfs

I'll take a Succubus please.


It would burn down your house

Pet wyvern!


I'm being mugged - portal me to Refuge

I'm being lazy - portal me to someone that has another seraphic guardian

I'm tired - give me some of your health and revitalize me

I'm tired of this bill collector - Absolve

I've been killed!! - Resurrect

Babysit my kid for me - Seek

Guard my house - Watch



would be cute

a viper.

Baalzadeen. Seriously. Walk down the street trailed by a Baalzadeen and see who messes with you.

Baalzadeen. Seriously. Walk down the street trailed by a Baalzadeen and see who messes with you.


It would be nice to have a pet bat

The Penumbran fiends from Valho Coast in Achaea.

I am Bill Nighy, and I want a dwimmerlaik! I'm still pretty pissed I didn't audition for an LOTR role.

Mhm would substitute my need of using wood during the winters.


A Wyvern would be cool, or a great dark spider to mount!! I'd like to have a giant eagle to get me around as well!

I would transfix people and rob them, muahahaha

A dwarf!

that's racist!

Songbird would do.

A cute little baby dragon that will eventually grow up to terrorize my neighbors.

Perhaps not the most interesting choice, but the arctic wolf warhound of Aetolia.

haha. I like Sable's choice. Fiendy from Valho Coast would be pretty fantastic!

Definitely.  Little trash eaters!

Rockeater. Definately a rockeater.

i'd settle for a humgii too. specially a flying one.


what's a morsulai?

I always wanted a nasty cellar goblin from Midkemia. There's something appealing about an angry green cockney ghoul that most other things can't top.

I'll feed it the corpses of my enemies.


Monty Python-style killer bunny.

Can I take a third option and go with the chariot thing that jesters use?

(A serious answer would be a spectral snow leopard cub)


Ugrach's (sp?) scorpion!

Ugrach's (sp?) scorpion!

That can fly me around would be awesome.

I wouldn't mind riding around on the Ozhera Matriarch hehe or perhaps Geltar the Dirangi patrarch will make a good pet too!

I wouldn't mind riding around on the Ozhera Matriarch hehe or perhaps Geltar the Dirangi patrarch will make a good pet too!

I wouldn't mind riding around on the Ozhera Matriarch hehe or perhaps Geltar the Dirangi patrarch will make a good pet too!

My hydra mount

Flying serpent from istarion. Mime from Delos. Dancing cat from Bopalopia. Hmmmm what else? Oh! A merman for my spa. He can be the achaean cabana boy

i'd own lucisa so she could be my private teacher. and i'd be the baaaaad student.

I'm gonna have to go for one of the cats in bopalopia that wear tophats. They're so funny!

Meleris, definitely.

The crypt beast.

Yes, undead - pet zombie maybe?


Big Z. That way people will stop letting him out of Azdun!

Free dissections

if there is a MKOer that hasnt said dragon there is something wrong with you- yay overpoweredness!

or a wolverine. yes.


the kitten from Kamleikan.

Green Puppies and Ham. Samantha I am.

those Jambaali's are awfully cute. . .

Any turtle. I like them all...