IRE Asks: What Class Would You Create?

RPG Occultist

Last time you were asked to fill the role of an Iron Realms MUD Producer, with the task of chopping a class completely out of your game. Not surprisingly, many of you responded saying the classes were absolutely fine! So what if you had the opportunity to create a class, completely from the ground up? It's been a dream of many to design a skillset. Would you create a class based on a mix of existing abilities, or something entirely unique?


You should also consider running an event to introduce your new class, and creating a few artefacts for people to buy. The players of Iron Realms MMOs have come to expect a certain level of role play, and the pressures on you to meet their demands! Don't hold back, tell us your classes strengths and weaknesses, instakills, and all the things you think will make your dream class absolutely perfect. Comment below!


I have no idea what I would make. It would really take a lot of thought for one..


Very much so

But it would require the introducon of historical firearms, which is just beyond (and not too far) Achaea's tech level. But screw it, we have alchemists, I want gunpowder so I can have a gunslinger type class who fires off musket pistols and stabs with bayonets and such.

It's true that it's not too far beyond Achaea's tech level. Early muskets date back to the middle of the 15th century, much the same time as when rapiers were in use and full plate armour was beginning to fade out. And Alchemy should really help the development of black powder along quite nicely.

I know it's not going to happen, but I agree that it would be great!


It is cool to think about, but make the game a joke from a game design perspective. I agree with you both, but they are not that stupid. At least I don't think so. Sometimes I wonder! *runs from lightning*


Wouldn't that just depend upon how the gameplay of the class was actually designed? And yeah, early firearms were contemporaneous with a lot of stuff in Achaea already, as has been pointed out.

Range combat sucks, in ire it's a proven fact.

But yeah, I suppose, given that there are already precedents in Achaea, it might be shoehorned into playing off of the same principles.

Though it would still be cool to see.

there's stuff in achaea from the 19th century, and probably 20th. Chocolate as candy is modern.

I agree, it'd be cool to have this as well as other inventions. Maybe a whole "steampunk" class.


I'd be pretty down with a steampunk IRE MUD!

Could be neat.


yes yes

wuld be interesting


So would I, as long as it was a separate MUD. I'd rather steampunk didn't enter Achaea.

It's called Lusternia.

This please.



Does it really fit?



Maybe as you progress through the steampunk class, you gain abilities in "automaton", creating more complicated clockwork creatures, a bit like the chaos entities for occultists.

what's steampunk?

We have ray guns....

We do>

Hallifax has blasters.


Kinda lame though

Please don't bring up Hallifax more or less made Lusternia a horrible roleplay environment. I hadn't been that disapointed since I found out the real boss to Chrono trigger..

I think they have great lore. A really cool feel to Hallifax.

Hellafax! Say it right!

you'll shoot your eye out kid

It's dangerous to play with!

very, indeed!

Just plain old archer would be nice!

This too! With skills like making your own arrows as well.

yes, because making your own ammo is so much fun.

Like jesters!

Until it explodes on you.

We have to amke our own Xbow bolts

yes please!

Imperian has flintlocks, cannons, and the blunderbuss. Though I haven't seen anything other than the cannon used too often, as cannons make up a large percentage of most city defenses. I'd love to see a gunslinger type class, though it'd probably be quite expensive to play since you'd probably have to acquire your own ammunition or the commodities to use it even in the beginning so they'd probably have it so that it's not the primary bashing ability. 

Skillsets: Brawl, Mercantilism, Roma


Brawl- Club and hand to hand street fighter based combat style.

Mercantilism- Abilities to harvest comms from environment, fashion Gypsy items, transing with a mobile shop/wagon

Roma-Song and dance based buffs, survival skills.

I like. It's much cooler then bard is at the moment in Imperian.

It's something I've kicked around for a while in my head. You could even throw a few gypsy curses in there like the NPC gypsy curse in Impy.

This could have so many opportunities... fortune telling-so many forms and off-shoots capable of abilities, music and dance (mesmerizing), mount specialties, (food tailoring of course, special close-knit clan house/guild) .....

I like it, it reminds me of a more refined idea for seers.

It'd be great to have a mix of bard-like and monk-like skills.


Plus a bit of occultism in the mix. :)

Definitely sounds like a cool class!


I actually like this idea


So we would have lycaean gypsies giving people fleas? That's not racist at all.


Imperian racist humor ftw


Bard in lusternia is amazing.

I like this idea.


I like the idea and agree that Gypsies would make an awesome class but I always viewed them as more of a race than a class. Also, where would they go? Achaea has CIJ but I'm not sure if any other of IRE games have such an easy place to slot them into.

They're Gypsies... They roam around, they don't need to be slotted to any faction, they should be able to be of every faction... Which is why they were always mistrusted, but because of the comms they supply they are at least tolerated... I think this would be a perfect way of continuing the new idea of inter-faction cooperation in Imperian.

I like and agree with the skillset of harvesting comms. they are not a good way of earning gold in game at the moment and that could bring some boosting up and creating a better stock market than the existing.

Only a few comms are really in demand. Blacksmiths want nothing but steel for making rapiers and fullplate, for example. There needs to be more variety in comm usage before Gathering, as a skill, is used for arbitrage and selling rather than for making your own items.

I am Bill Nighy, and I approve this class!

and there'd be a subset of weaponry, wherein the Gypsy would use improvised weapons. like a shank!

Cool! Like monk, bard and a little extra. :)

This idea is great, heheh

I'll give it a little thought, and post back here again. An original race would be easier *smile*

Somehow i can't see them ever introducing guns or firearms. Nor do i really want them to, the game is far better off without guns, especially when you can have bow and arrows

It would be either-or, in the case of guns vs bows&arrows, I reckon.

This general idea meets with my approval.

Oh I don't know, flintlock weapons that can misfire causing the wielder damage or injury could be cool

the first thing I would do is ask some people who have better insight on the game (or at least different insight) and find people who have good ideas for an event


then I would read through the forums for more ideas


then I would really think about it

I have noticed that while the pk cause system does serve a necessary purpose, it very much interferes with proper roleplaying of militantly good characters (who, properly speaking, would try to kill those who hunt denizens marked as innocent whether they have cause on the hunter or not.)  While of course changing the pk rules is dangerous, an alternative would be to create a class (call it the Guardian or something along those lines) built around the idea of protecting and avenging denizens:


The Guardian's first skill would be Protection, filled with defensive abilities usable on denizens (or even on all nonaggressive denizens, not counting city guards, in the area) and occasionally adventurers.  The capstone would likely be something along the lines of negating all attacks on nonaggressive denizens in the area (the attack would still provoke a counterattack).  The abilities would show that they're in use whenever they are relevant (e.g. someone attacks a protected individual), and would create pk cause in the same manner that blocking and hindering do.

The Guardian's second skill would be Devotion, just like the existing skill, but with an additional ability: Attention.  This would (for a small Devotion cost) call the attention of the Light to a particular denizen or to the Guardian himself, allowing the Retribution skill to be used against those who attack the denizen or Guardian.  It would also inform any Guardians in the area when someone attacks that denizen.  When someone attacks a denizen protected by Attention, they would receive a message telling them of the protection.  When used on the Guardian, he would be unable to use any attack abilities (but could use abilities in the Protection skill and the Invoke ability in Retribution.)

The Guardian's third skill (the one gained when embracing class) would be Retribution.  This would work somewhat similar to Vodun and Puppetry, in that it would require a certain amount of Wrath (equivalent to Fashions in the aforementioned skills) to use abilities, and each ability would use some (or all) of the stored Wrath.  Wrath would be gained through the Invoke ability, which could be used within 2 seconds of the target attacking someone protected via Attention in the same area or on a target in the same room against whom the Guardian has at least 5 Wrath.  Due to the difficulty of attaining Wrath against an enemy as well as the other weaknesses of the Guardian (he has no hunting skills, no crafting skills, and very few offensive skills outside Retribution), it would have correspondingly powerful effects, ranging at low amounts from bestowing afflictions to at higher amounts slaying the enemy outright, draining their karma or essence, or even draining experience or destroying gold and resources (but probably not equipment) in their possession.  Wrath would be lost when either the Guardian or the target is slain or logs out, but one ability would allow the Guardian to set certain abilities to expend the remaining Wrath to activate at that time.

It seems 100% combat oriented and would also give heavy pk liscence to a single class.

Why everything has to be balanced??

Coz everyone said so.

Derp. :x

It does sound interesting, but it needs some balancing for sure.

the possibility of abuse for this class is ridiculously high. cant really see it happening.

Who says it has to be happening?

A little too complicated for us to create

Good idea!

I really like Werins Idea, however it is actually unfeasable in that it would depend entirely on a list of denizens that is created and modified at will by a set of individuals



That sounds like a really good idea

Take Swashbuckling from the bards, explosives from the jesters, and add in the shiny new Buccaneering skill. It would include classmobs like parrots, trained monkeys, probably something for theft or looting, dirty fighting, and stuff of that ilk.

Needs cannons, too.

A low-level skill in Buccaneering should be the abiliy to establish a condition kind of like survival satiation, only it allows the buccaneer to gain health and/or mana by drinking alcohol. The condition doesn't last long, of course, and alcohol is alcohol, so the character would still get drunkenness effects according to tolerance. Even so.

Ensoi and I joked once about turning the Syssin in Aetolia into pirates:


Ensoi tells you, "I'm officially turning Syssin into the pirates guild when I
get GM."

You tell Ensoi du Vallianse, "Pirates would be good."

You tell Ensoi du Vallianse, "Can we trade subterfuge for swashbuckling?"

Ensoi tells you, "Instead of Champion of the Five spires."

Ensoi tells you, "I shall be..."

Ensoi tells you, "Captain of the Seven Seas!"

You tell Ensoi du Vallianse, "We can have belch, and scurvy."

You tell Ensoi du Vallianse, "People would have to spam eating fruit to cure

You tell Ensoi du Vallianse, "Dude."

You tell Ensoi du Vallianse, "You should make us citiless and neutral."

You tell Ensoi du Vallianse, "And just give us a big boat to sail around and
seige cities with."

You tell Ensoi du Vallianse, "Switch archery for CANNONS."

Ensoi tells you, "Ahahah."

Ensoi tells you, "Epic."

You tell Ensoi du Vallianse, "Instead of aiming."

You tell Ensoi du Vallianse, "It's like a period of lighting the cannon and
running back covering your ears."

Ensoi tells you, "..ahah."

You tell Ensoi du Vallianse, "Instead of handsigns."

You tell Ensoi du Vallianse, "Guttertalk."

Ensoi tells you, "/me totally messages Galleus with this if he wins."

You tell Ensoi du Vallianse, "So people just hear random cursing when we
guttertalk to each other."

Ensoi tells you, "Revive the old shadowsnake ship, set it sailing and use it as
our pirate ship."

You tell Ensoi du Vallianse, "Ensoi says to you in gutterspeak, "What's up
Moirean?" - everyone else hears "Ensoi says in gutterspeak, "By Severn's hairy
balls, 'ems fish be wotcha, eh?""

Ensoi tells you, "...Rofl."

You tell Ensoi du Vallianse, "Instead of recuperate..."

You tell Ensoi du Vallianse, "SWILL GLOG."

You tell Ensoi du Vallianse, "Syntax: SWILL GLOG, All pirates know that the
only true rest they need is a good tankard of rum."

You tell Ensoi du Vallianse, "K, I need to stop, this is too fun to dream about

Ensoi tells you, "Haha, yeah."

You tell Ensoi du Vallianse, "I wanna be a pirate ."

Ensoi tells you, "Me too D:." 

I welcome the oncoming age of Syssin Pirate overlords.

Well, knowing who Severn is now...

No bad pirates though

Yes bad pirates! As ruthless as you could possibly get! 

Good pirates, bad pirates, morally ambiguous pirates, ruthless-yet-chivalrous-with-women pirates,  multiple personality pirates, and every other permutation of pirate you can imagine! :D :P

typical. that would be interesting! :)

Yep, Pirates get my vote

Capt'n Jack Sparrow.

Instead I'd probably add in a naturalism skillset that would allow a player to tweak their already existing abilities.  Creating smudge sticks from the surrounding environment for an additional but short-lived damage attack (choke/stun/burn/bleed depending on the smudge sort - similar to Lusternia), setting arrows on fire for extra damage along with venom delivery, ability to extract toxins from various plant and animal sources. 

I'd like to see a class that would use 'pets' that attack

Due to the limitations in the IRE realms, pets are considered mostly a pvp function.  In pvp fighting, pets already do this.  Look at any class with pets, demons, animals, fae, chaos-space hamsters.  All of such function to an extent to help with combat.


However IRE stands by the rule that pets function is simply to prevent an attack, This in itself is 'like' an bashing attack, but instead simply absorbs a hit for you for no cost.  Pets in this sense is how it is balanced in Lusternia/Imperian/Aetolia.  Achea pets don't function for bashing because of simplistic choice.  You're actions are only piece that matters...sadly...pets in midkemia are very rare, and don't seem to function for ANYTHING but combat and ONLY combat.  Their crux and their strength.  Though Midkemia is still beta, things can change.

What I believe he means is a class that has class loyals that attack for them. This, to an extent, already happens in many of the IRE games. I don't know about all of them, but at least in Achaea and Aetolia, sentinels have 5 loyals that each either attack or afflict, and all of them can be out at the same time. Many other classes have a single loyal, such as serpents, who have a 'pet' snake. This is the reason why IRE recommends not using the term 'pet' to refer to class loyals, as it can lead to confusion such as this. Midkemia, however, I believe does not have any classes with class loyals, and that is where i believe your misconception originates from.


Now, as for a class that depends solely on class loyals, that would be an interesting concept. I guess the loyals themselves would all be in one skillset, and you could only have 1 out at a time? As for the other skillsets, one could be a support skillset, in which instead of the typical situation of your loyals supporting you, you would be supporting your loyals. The other could be either a utility skillset or a tradeskill. All in all, this could be an interesting class, though it might be difficult to balance, as you yourself would be almost helpless if attacked. I suppose one solution could be that your loyal always takes the damage for you, but then you would have to have the stats of your loyal scale with your own race with level. This would then end up making it so that your opponent has to kill you twice, in essence, and that would be a nightmare. As I said, that makes it quite difficult to balance, and I myself have no ideas on how it could be balanced.

Pets in MKO were used for non-riding purposes before? :O

Yay for Pokemon!


Brawling: Dual-wielding a combination of cutlass, throwing dagger, net, club, and bottle. Cutlass for mainly damage and venoms, dagger for bleeding, long-term bleed affs, and venoms, net for entanglement affs, club for blunt damage and a few concussion and daze type afflictions, and bottle for glassing people then stabbing them with the sharp end. The five weapons combine freely in a left hand/right hand double balance system to allow for lots of possible combat styles, eg. cutlass/dagger, net/club, cutlass/cutlass. The main combat skill.

Piracy: Buffs and defs from being inebriated and drinking in combat, plus resistances to the side-effects of drunkenness. Choose either a parrot or monkey loyal, who'll pick up your daggers after you throw them, scout for you, fetch your wooden eye when it pops out and so on. The dreaded Black Spot. A few buffs to Seafaring like faster/more accurate weaponeering, but the class isn't focused on ships. Burying chests with treasure in them, or hiding socks with treasure in them under your mattress, would fall in this skill too. Since alcohol is so important to pirates, a couple of abilities would relate to obtaining it, perhaps through stills or perhaps through establishing trade routes to remote islands like Zanzibaar and Obelito. The main utility and flavour skill.

Navigation: Navigate by the stars, and use the powers of the constellations for good or ill. There are a ton of constellations in Achaea, and different ones could be used to cause mainly single-target afflictions. Some would do things like room-wide afflictions, single-target buffs, room-wide healing effects, and other utility effects. Secondary combat skill with some utility mixed in.

Some day I will write up a full proposal for this class. Yarr.


I also enjoy the idea of a pirate class! Especially since this would make a Brewing skill (like cooking) more likely!

seems better

Donkey class

brewing would be really cool!

The ability to cut someone else's sails, brawling buffs against swashbucklers, the possibilities go on and on.   I could see a class like this being a lot of fun. 

You could also do some nice piratey surgery for a finisher. Cheers for barbers and carpenters!



ha, you have some great ideas, there.

I am definitely on board the Pirate class. Replace falcons with parrots, a monkey that knocks offbal, swashbuckling, hell yea


The only correct response to this is 'Yarr'



I like the idea of a pirate class, but I wonder what kind of impact it will have on anyone who wants to RP a pirate without being in the class. The player base amazes me at times, but I can imagine some kind of bias popping up. "You're not a real pirate!" You know, junk like that. Which is completely unreasonable considering that the first and most well-known pirates of Achaea didn't have the benefit of having a class built around piracy.


As for what class I would create, I'm not entirely sure. But there is one denizen in Aran'riod that does this thing where she opens up a rift of some kind and some nightmarish creature or other comes out to knock you on your arse (I'm almost 100% sure that I'm not imagining this). I'd make something like that revolving around the ability to negotiate with spirits and such. Maybe you could summon a particular one that stays with you for awhile and gives a certain set of buffs, and in order to summon a different one you'd have to use a significant amount of will power. Something like that.


I would make a character that uses two handed weapons like a bastard sword or halberd, it makes me sad some items are unused :(

I was just thinking this. I'm surprised at how nobody else has mentioned this. It just seems like a waste to have no real heavy weapon classes.

polearms should do +200% damage vs mounted opponents

Instead of doing extra damage they should just not be completely useless.

A class that uses shadow magic ftw! SHADOW MAGIC!!!! WOOO!!!! Seriously! Cool in concept and sounds like a ton of fun if done right. I just hope it would be something truly original. Whatever they make it MUST be original and preferably have several niche roles and for god sakes...BE RELEVANT!

You toss a sparkling cloud of dust over yourself and as it settles you shimmer into invisibility.

Lusternia lacks a thief/rogue class, would add them. Monks just isn't the same. Though I wouldn't make such a class actually be about stealing.

I would hate a class that required stealing...and it wouldn't go down in Lusternia RP, maybe some badass org would be suitable but it wouldnt fit in with the rest of the orgs.


And most agreed that a thefting is not cool :)


We don't need any more classes. We seriously didn't need blademaster, although alchemists seem interesting and a chance for good rp.

AB Woodlore. Axes, bows and traps. Treetops, advanced tracking in woodland and campfires. Afflictions applied with axes, bows and traps.
AB Animal Ken. Have a loyal pet such as wolf, falcon, lion. Can only have one tame pet in entourage. Give stabling ability for combat pets. Pets have various affs and high utility such as ratting and sniffing out or searching the skies.

Will elaborate further when I am not using my cell

The ranger class would have that kind of skills, no ?

Ranger is what I've always wanted. Perhaps with the use of a 2-handed bastard sword in melee, but the damage being equal to DSL. The orc archers in Dun (in Achaea) can shoot 3 arrows at you at once in the same room, why can't we! :)

ranger class with extras, might be nice


Aren't Sentinels supposed to be the Rangers of Achaea?

Yeah, I would guess so but Ranger would probably have Marksmanship and Woodlore at a guess. Maybe What I had for Animal Ken could be a Tert for rangers. Also  They want to get everything else sorted and work through there list of current projects before they look at Ranger as they have to rebuild it from the ground up as what they do have is written in the old code I believe. I would guess all Priest terts and the new soldier tert would be first on the list along with a few more areas before they even think about Ranger again. All speculation on my part from what I garnered from the video links.

I would have a vampire class for sure! It would fit into the history of Achaea seeing as vampires have been part of Achaea for like ever... Skillsets could include something similar to serpents and of course the use of coffins and such, I rekcon their main skills could be similar to Subterfuge and garrote could be one of their main skills while Bite could be like sumac for starters. They will of course be a very sneaky class... I think a sort of cross between Occultism and Serpent would make this class work well... of course Like Alchemism it will only have certain similarities, not saying that the classes should be combined exactly in that way...

Vampires. They exist in Aetolia. Just sayin'.

Come to Aetolia! 

Vampires by combining occies and serpents, not bad, thats a nice idea

And it'd be built from the ground up. In Lusternia all classes are uniqe onto themselves, and no two are exactly alike (though they are opposites in many ways.) I'd also go with an event to introduce them, instead of throwing it into the game and saying, "Heres your new class. Enjoy!" No, I say ease them into it, and then quickly kill a bunch of the players off in face paced combat, that ends with the discovering of said class (or guild in the case.)

The class would be a monk for gaudiguch, with their skills revolving around how intoxicated they are at the moment. With their insta-kill somehow involving them breaking the back or neck of their victem.

There was a conversation about this. Gaudiguch needs like, dancers, not monks. I thought a short handed scythe would go well with the twists and turns of a drunken dancer

We have enough classes methinks

Not so in Midkemia though. We only have 4 distinct classes so far, though tertiary choices give a little choice for specialisation.

And we could really use more terts

And i'd like Bards to be seperate from Rogues - makes us all seem like a bunch of crooks

There can never be enough classes!

Maybe a class that can mirror skills used by others

maybe a clockwork person that could mimic other classes.

Why not just a jack-of-all-trades class where they can select their skills freely but that they can never transcend the skillsets? Or they can only transcend one of the specializations?





Not the serpents who ocasionally use it, but an actual ranged class. Like... far-away ranged class. But I see how that won't work. Seems too OP for everyone else who has to chase them down. What about at least a visually (textually?) ranged class that fires arrows at people?

A class focused on range wouldn't really fit in with other classes that exist now, imo. At least for sure, in Achaea. Since the classes all focus on in room attacks. Esp. 1v1.

I think a range based class would be really interesting, but I have no clue how they would implement them in hand to hand. Besides that, having an opponent who constantly tries to run away to get range for their attacks seems kinda...frustrating.

Some mobs have ranged attacks, as do most (all mages). In my mind what I am seeing is the archer jumping backwards, firing off a shot and the other person literally running at them, taking the arrow and rejoining the melee.

Very much so. But, where there's a will there is a way? (But not really)

Archers could work, just don't do it based on range. Unless there is an option like cudgel splintering etc...but the main attack would still be in same room, and class is similar to warrior where there is a ratio of misses etc. I likes

Maybe a Gladiator? 

Warriors need a halberdier spec, so they can use polearms.

I remember back in the day with the old riding skillset that polearms had a psuedo use for 'Jousting' did they like totally get rid of this and not even remove polearms from the game? We've been asking for the spec for years afaik.

Jousting would be great. I'd be all about Jousting.

In terms of a class I might design: Swashbuckler? Engineer? A warrior variant for the Seren/Ebonguard that wore warpaint and leather armor? 

A treasure hunter would combine the skills of a thief, an adventurer and an archeologist, would be learned as an schollar, resourceful, witty and charming.

He/she would wear kakis and fedora hats, be skilled in whipping, climbing and macheteing around. Would know many languages and legends (bards are his/her friends).


And something else but I am out of ideas :-(

Lusternia needs a shaman/wytchen class!

We have witches already.

Telekenesis, Telepathy, very cool options for skill all up in there.

That sounds totally awesome, Tema!

I say this because we have them in Achaea. >_> Comeee to us. Come2Lusternia. We has Psionics/;

Yeah get Psionics in Achaea!! 

So far my favorite has been the pirate class idea. bring it on haha


We've got too much classes as it is already. If I could really choose, I'd make a tradeskill oriented class. And a way to use trades to level. I'd let everyone else keep their original tradeskills, even make it an option for them to level through it as well, but this class would have two tradeskills by default. Their skillset would be a combo of making them better at trades, ways to use trades in combat, and support skills that can be used on others.

A 'waterpeople' based class.  Make some sort of uproar in the Riparium, maybe a return visit from Lord Caspian so he come poke around in our lives again for a day or two.  Now, I know we have sirens.............I am one.  I'm talking a class that thrives in and around water.  Walk on water? Check.Instakills, hmm maybe a big badass titlewave that comes and destroys all in it's path?  Or a superkick called a tsunami that kills...................................a screw it just bring back puppet obliterate for jesters.  I would perform acts of questionable moral fiber for obliterate! 

Or perhaps a flying based class


I keep seeing Aetolia/Achaea saying stuff Lusternia already has. So, once again. Come2Lusternia.....we have aquamancers? Tidalwave, Tsunami, bubble, etc...



Taking engineering to a whole new level! Or maybe ninjas, heh heh.

A new class that can create bigger and better illusions, even illusionary creatures and denizens. they could have a phantasmal killer for combat which is a mental attack which makes people hurt themselves if they believe it. They could be able to use color with their illusions like jesters do. Hallucinations, mind tricks, an illision which acts like hypnosis if believed. This would create an opportunity for people to steal if they don't want to be a serpent. The possibilities are endless. oh an illusion that makes people believe their best friend is actually trying to kill them thereby adding people to their enemies list. To powerful?

The Pirate class idea sounds fun. A Dancers class would also be a neat idea

Yay dancers!


I'd love to play one.

Dancer would be cool

I think dancers would be cool too. Though every time I think of dance and fighting I think of Robert Jordan and the Aielman that called battle "the dance" or "the dance of spears"

I would probably make a thief class or something. Don't know really

I mean, It will create all sorts of problems.. And probably only Mag will be able to hold them, since no one likes a stealer.


I'd need to do alot of research before making a new class to see what people did and didn't want.

Creating a whole class (+skillset ideas, +event) is a bit much to ask for in a comments section.  There seem to be a lot of class options already, and some of the more recently added ones have met with resistance or have flopped completely.

Tis the only way to do it.

To be honest, I can't think of any new class that would be significantly different from any of the existing. Adding another class bears the risk of simply producing a more or less exact copy of one of the already existing classes, just with other ability names, which would not really add anything to the game. I can only agree to the others here, that would need a lot of careful thinking, planning and possibly researching, which would certainly go too far for this comment section.

Instead of new classes, it would be cool to add more things like the Tsol'dasi language: permanent skills/abilities for your character that you can obtain by completing difficult, elaborate quests. The Tsol'dasi language quest, for one, is really cool.

Cult that reveres death.  This could be accomplished through more subtle means such as poisons (poisoned food, drink, etc) for that more RP feel.  Or through steathly means using things like vital strikes from stealth (a garrote).  Or straight up combat typically wielding swords or daggers.


RIght now we have three classes that share forging, 4 classes that share concoctions, if you count the alchemists which you may as well, but only one class that can make venoms and only once class that can enchant I think a new class which is akin to magi or serpent would be a nice addition or perhaps even a combination of both like a venom making enchanting something then you only have to create one unique skillset. After all we basically have 4 class specific things that are marketable skillsets. 1. Enchanting, 2. concoctions - or its the alchemy version  3. forging 4. venoms.

More shared class skills?  I don't think that is heading in the right direction, sure it can be fun is something is 'this but different', but at the moment almost every class shares at least one class skill with another one.  Personally I'd like to see something that plays radically differently to everything else, although combat balance is always tricky with that kind of thing.

Combine Puppetry and Vodun and have some sort of puppetmaster class that could control ents. Not just Occultist or forestal ents with passive attacks, but control the attacks they use and whatnot.

What about a ranger class that shapeshifts?


If you were going for a shapeshifter you'd be looking to play a lesser path magician, another clasd weve yet to see



I like the idea of a Pirate class

A true class of Dragons





mmmm. a class who would be a dezien! who would spend its days handing out quests !

Hmm, a new class I would create in Lusternia would probably be some kind of extraplanar summoner, that could either choose Nature and Totems or Cosmic and Rituals specialization, or choose their own specialization which allows them to summon a couple beings from each, and certain skills that let them work together, and buff each other.

It's a neat idea and has merit but it'd screw with the entire RP of the game. You'd have to assume Nature and Cosmic beings ever worked together 

How about a class dependent upon ranged attacks?

I thought of that, in fact I once heard of a class called conjurer that derived it's power from summoning other creatures and then having them do whatever it was that needed doing. For instance a small ice deamon would be summoned if a freeze spell were needed. However this seemed to be to close to the domination skill that we already have in occultism and so I dropped the idea.

hahaha some of the suggestions are hilarious. Thanks guys.

For Midkemia Online I would have to go with Ranger, which would use a longbow (which would fire a range of a room or two and would fire several times quicker than a crossbow) and a pair of daggers to fight (daggers for when the enemy is hitting you over the head range). It would have two starting class skillsets: Archery and Tracking. The archery skillset would allow for many types of arrow shots, including how to attach bombs to the arrows, and how to shoot them in any part of the body, as well as being able to use four types of arrows (armor piercing, swallowtail, blunt and broadedge). The use of daggers would also be snuck in there somewhere. Tracking would allow you to track NPCs and Players accurately and make you somewhat sneaky (giving you access to hide from subtlety), especially in woods. It would have a specialization of Dagger Mastery, which would allow you to use daggers more effectively, so as to parry with the daggers, throw the daggers (you could recover them from your oppenents corpse, if you killed them), dagger fury (swing the daggers at insane speeds for damage, costs a lot of adrenaline and endurance), dual strike (attack with both daggers at once to different parts of the body, making it impossible to completely block with one weapon), as well as many other cool moves.

vampires and werewolves, obviously

You're playing the wrong game, obviously.

I have to agree that it's more fun to have some classes in one place alone!


Nice one

In the same class?  What would happen if they bit themselves?


I would love to see actual necromancers in MKO, since we already have an Order that centres around undeath.

I want to raise an army of zombies and make them dance, please.

Could definately work. Would this be a tert, maybe an alternative Order tert or a class in itself?

Could definately work. Would this be a tert, maybe an alternative Order tert or a class in itself?

I'd personally love to see a another knight class, with the standard chivalry and forging, but with a chaotic slant to them.. maybe Occultist abilities in the place of runelore/devotion/necromancy.

Just so the three fronts of alignment eg. Good, Evil and Chaos all have their own specific knight class, would make the world so much more interesting in my opinion

I like that idea. :)


I think Achaea has a nice range right now. Maybe work on those a bit more, rather than add a new one.

I agree, I think. All the ideas I can think of for new classes would be better as additions to current ones.

Hmm, I think there should be a choice to either choose one of the many guilds of Lusternia, or go rogue and each race would have their own rogue-type class/skill. For example, if you were an Elfen, there would be a skill called Wilderness, where you could swing around on vines in nature environments, and forage. They would also have a specific bashing attack called Thorn, which you would need a rosebush for. It lets you throw a thorn at their eyes. To get a rosebush, you would need the ability called Plantfind, which lets you pick any plant you wish. That's only my Elfen idea! Don't get me started on the other races.


A class that would use plants like vine whips and exploding seeds as weapons would be interesting as well

Then create new classes.

That said, I love the Defiler prof.

They hurt ! D:

You know, I saw the seer class in another MUD and I always thought it was kinda fun. It was a pretty range based class and that would need some tweaking for Achaea. I suppose they would have the vodun/puppetry skill with a skin redesign so they are made of wax. They could probably even just have vodun and be good. Their second skillset (and this is the one that would need a MAJOR amount of thought and tweaking)  would be kind of a mish-mash of skills. The ability to both curse or bless armour and weapons(something akin to runelore) and some close-fighting skills with an instakill at the top. The truly unique thing about them would be the third skillset involving seerstones(or "crystal balls", whatever you want to call them). This is used by focusing it in a particular room(the focus is moved from room to room similiar to a player controlled mob like a falcon or homunculus) and through it the seer can attack from afar. To offset it's power there are only so many of them, in this case there would be one or two in a househall or city(possibly an artefact one for sale) or perhaps all seers get one but they need to be in a certain range. Like I said it's a very rough idea for them. Range combat and attacking from afar seems to be  frowned upon and hated, so I really can't imagine a class almost solely devoted to it.....but it's a fun little idea for me.


And actually after looking over the posts on top I like the idea of throwing in some abilities involving dancing. fortunetelling, mesmerizing, and other such gypsy skills in the second skillset.

puppet oblierate in achaea please!


Bring back bladefire in achaea, please!

Only if it helps magi somehow!


Hey, why not a psychic class too. I'd love that personally. Just depends on what kind of psychic. I know there is the Psionics skillset, but I mean something that makes the whole class Psychic.

And stuff



Hmmmm, I really don't know. Have to think about this.



Work on the current classes would be better. I'm not sure though.

Give me some time, I'll think of somethin!

pirate pirate pirate!

that would be cool!

Achaea has three knightly classes, Paladins (good), Infernals (evil) and Runewardens (Neutral). I'd mix in a few other knightly classes. Maybe a swordmage class, with a variant of elementalism that boosts sword attacks (say, switch firelash for flaming sword), or a forestal knight that has groves as its third ability, and grows armour and weapons from wood the same way other grovists grow their quarterstaves.

Neat idea!

Everyone seems to have their favorite type of class. However it seems that the majority of votes are going towards pirate class.  I wonder if this will be upcoming and what it will do to seafaring?

I agree. Not only the seafaring but...Achaea, at least, already has a pirate group of any number of classes. Why create a class specific to the idea of piracy? Really? Pirates already exist, why give them skills beyond their own making of the class they already are.


To be completely honest, if I could, it wouldn't be a whole new class I'd add. I'd just add a polearms spec for warriors!

I've seen this mentioned already, and I'd have to agree. I hate having stuff in a game that is pointless.

I would like a class where I can shoot things and blow things up to smithereens.

Hard to choose just one, really. I've had an idea for ages about a type of mage that is reliant on outer echelons of existance, outside of reality. To get access to these powers, there'd have to be one of the strongest mages to go out and bring back a part of that little piece of reality in the void to create an anchor for the energy.

Pirate is the most interesting class so far

Moon paths, something like that. They gain their power from the celestial beings and use it to craft any number of incantations, using moonblades (their own personal weapon similar to the monk mace) that they learn to make and more powerful ones able to change the seasons in their specific room or nearby rooms to effect their opponents.






I'd love to see a class where you earn your abilities separate from learning. I find it more interesting to get an ability through a quest or something like enslavery so I'd love to see a class take that idea and really run with it. The absolute basics would be included in the skill. But for the rest of the abilities you'd need to use those basics to get them. Performing rituals in sacred locations, researching phenomena, etc. You would need to explore a bit to get everything in the skill, but the neccessities would be on your orgs turf.


Being from Lusternia, the idea is vague enough to allow all six orgs to have their own incarnation of the class. You could have scientists from Hallifax using a research flavour, while the mystics from Gaudiguch have drug induced vision quests.

A class that would use the smell sense, provoking chemical reactions ... not sure how, but that was my first idea.

How about other undead, not just vampires (i.e., zombies, wraithes, ghosts, etc.)


dont we have an entire mud for undead?

Don't mind the pun, but how about a rodent race

An important figure in any society is often a craftsman. It would take the basic skills of alchemy, tailoring, smithing, etc and create a class that would allow them to be a master of crafts, and use those skills to provide as well as defend for himself

A combination of a pet fighter with the skills to embalm, clean and produce Vivisected limbs and segments from the corpses of killed beings.  I find it very Dull that i am forced to be human-esque...Though i feel like no specific mud in IRE goes far enough with how deep a person can fully customize themselves.

Now mind you, I am not whining like a red-headed step child.  What i mean is, if i am a necromancer i do not just simply cast spells, i want to rip out my heart, put it in a jar and collect essence while stealing bodies of the dead to create my own corpses.  Corpses made can be used for bashing protection and hunting mobs. 

If i am a hunter, i want more then just traps to play with, when i can have beasts that function for multiple things.  Squirrels to scout out territories,  wolves to warn when people nearby thru scent.  I'd love to see a more in depth use of all denizens summonable by players in general! 


I'm a big fan of gnomes and tinkering. It appeals to the engineer within me (although I am not an engineer, sadly). So the tinkerer would largely be dependant upon gadgets and thingamabobs imbued perhaps with magic to make them a little more interesting. But not too closely bordering on the "technomage" realm... imagine being able to call in a precision catapult or ballista strike on your enemies if you're within a certain range of a city (either for seiging or for defense, depending on the situation!). I would also imagine they might have some type of technologically advanced crossbow that could shoot scattershot with a pouch, or regular bolts, or poison-tipped bolts, etc. as various abilities to give them diversity and bashing. Maybe you can figure a better name than Tinkerer, but those types of things would be really neat in my book!

+1 cause it's funny

No idea

The class I've always wanted to play was recently introduced in Imperian. That is, a truly anti-forestal class which exists for the purpose of defiling the landscape. It sets up some really interesting potential for conflict. The other class that interests me for the same potential to stir things up politically are alchemists in Achaea.

In Lusternia, cities and classes are already set up to stimulate tensions and rivalries. Since every class has offensive combat possibilities (depending on your skill choices) in every manner of style, not sure anything needs to be added, or could really supported at this time.

If I had to choose, perhaps a non-direct-combat orientated class could work, such as craftsman or spy/diplomat or pure soaker (tank) or some kind of mystic that affects the world around them rather than particular individuals.

would be cool to see a class that did non combat rolls like built walls and made motes or something!

It may be a bit sci-fish, but a gnome race added to the playerbase along with an Engineer-like class could probably fit it in with the Aetherships and all in Lusternia.


Other than that, I can't think of anything. Lusternia's got its bases covered.

The pirate class sounds interesting and it could provide some interesting RP


Just no

I'd like to see a specilisation in lusternia of warriors knife fighters or maybe if it needed it's own class.  throwing, using them for more damage than a normal knives.  some other neat stuff.  Maybe I'll have more later.

They will never understand the joys of monkey knife fighting...

The merchant idea sounds kinda fun, although everyone can be a merchant in Achaea, which is cool.

specialise in fighting with a chair leg, highly improvised

broken bottle, and board with nails in it.


instead of adding a class

Aeonics, teleportation, and sonic powers ;) With a soulcage effect of Regeneration....

Timelord! With a big blue box to travel around in :D

Trust me am the doctor and I approve this.

Did they got lost in the Void and are waiting to be freed?? Haha!





A true rogue class that could actually sneak up on people and backstab them for bonus damage. How would that work? Don't ask me that.

depends on how you play assassin though ^^

I agree, a true merchant class would be awesome to have. Transmutation/Concoctions, Forging, and then some for of attack skillset.

I'd be torn between a dual wield specialist (Twin Fang) or a shield specialist (Defender) for MKO soldier classes.

For MKO it'd be pretty cool to have the priests of Tith-Onanka be more soldier-like for thier class.  allowing them the usage of armor or maybe the ability to use a normal weapon besides a warhammer and maybe a few skills that effect morale of the party.  Like an aura that gives everyone a resistance to fear effects or a blessing that raises your armors abilities (once armor stats are implemented)

I actually worked on something like this. I can see the Triumph tert/Conqust tert creating them into a very Crusader/Paladin-esque image. It never came to fruition, sadly, and Tith is busy with lots of other stuff. But yeah, the admins have to clear out all the priest terts and pop in a soldier tert before they can even think of adding another class. I like this ^ though. 

A ranger, with a longbow as it's main weapon and daggers for melee range.


to that! Dual daggers!

I think Lusternia has a pretty diverse range of classes as is, and the balance is already precarious. If anything, I think some class that took more advantage of burrowing and flying would be neat!

I think Lusty's pretty stacked with specialization options, and has so many skills that adding more classes could be dangerous.

I think Lusty's pretty stacked with specialization options, and has so many skills that adding more classes could be dangerous.

Because Sirens in Mhaldor is just silly

Werewolves? Why not? AROOO!

I wanna see more warrior weapon specs in lusternia.  maybe some knife fighters or a polearm warrior I jut wanna see more than the speed weapons used. 


Some sort of multi-lycanthrope. Set it up so it can adjust forms to take on different situations, maybe a base set of skills that change based on what kind of form they're in. Like instead of claw, it'd be use left arm or such.

Give me Subterfuge, Vodun, and Telepathy as class skills --I don't know what that class would be called-- and I would be the most terrifying (or at least terrifyingly power-drunk) spy in the realms.

I just want to fly. Flying sounds absolutely awesome, especially when you know the layout and everything of the land below. (So yeah, tried other Iron Realms games, was completely surprised by sheer size of worlds.)

Also...maybe plant magic / crystal magic terts? D:

A Shinobi class to counter the Blademaster

Give dagger and whip proficiencies


I can see this working with an altered subterfuge, taking out the serpent specific stuff like snake or scales.

Then for the primary class skill, have Ninjutsu which works off of the dagger proficiency, maybe include a sort of "teleportation" ability similar to Raido, trap making, basically pull a few things from shindo, striking, two-arts, woodlore, and add a few specific things to the mix.

And finally toss a third skillset in there. Something less combat oriented and more creation oriented, maybe.