IRE Asks: How did you discover MUDs?

A dwarf from the MMORPG Achaea

 MUDs are like secret societies - small fanatical communities, hard to find if you aren't looking, and your friends think you're crazy when you tell them they exist. Some might even say that MUDs are unfriendly to newbies and outsiders. If discovering MUDs is like navigating through the barbed-wire trenches of the internet, how did you do it? 


While some predicted the death of text games, MUDs stand a growing chance of making a full-swing comeback in popularity. A popular MMO blog recently promised to review the top three MUDs mentioned in the comments, and the graphical MMO market is desperately trying to figure out how to meet their customer's increasingly loud demands for open-world, player driven gameplay.


As we enjoy the waves of traffic from the ocean of dissented MMORPG players, we wonder how players discovered our tiny gem worlds in the old days of the internet. Did you stumble across us by chance during a Google hunt for "free games", or were you familiar with another MUD and a friend recommended us? Like most modern religeons, we believe there are infinite paths to accepting MUDs as the superior game.


Comment below!


I have no idea. I'm guessing it was just some geeky article or forum or website that mentioned them that led me to TMC that got me into some random cops and robbers-style crapfest. The blast of IRE advertising, I suppose, is what got me to try Achaea, and I've been stuck ever since.

If MUDs can be "modernized" just a bit to make them feel a bit more like the games people are used to now and not an intimidating black background and wall of colored text, I think they stand a real chance of coming back, at least as a healthy competitor and option for those looking for something deeper than the current MMO scene.

Or at least have some highlights/triggers for each client so you could have something more than white-text-black background

+1 :D




+ 9

+ 10

Yay for more than white-text-black-backgrounds!

don't you mean black text and white backgrounds?

Nope, color text on white backgrounds sucks.


Highlights and triggers -are- nice.

they better be.

Por Que?


Same, I'm sure

I was introduced to a MUD by an old friend of mine, I had no clue what I was doing, and it was via the Telnet client as a result. Man, those were the days.

eww, telnet.

I was spoiled by nexus, but without a good mapper, got lost easily.


Before I found a mapper I don't think I made it 15 rooms out of the city. Luckily my first character was in a city that was close to a good hunting ground.

Nexus was my first client and way before mapper. I couldnt figure out why so many knew where they were going (beta stage), MUCH later I found out!

A friend in high school introduced me to Achaea. It was weird at first but I got into it obviously and have since moved to Lusternia >.>

I used to play this (now shut down) MUD called "Age of the Throne", it was themed after 16th century Paris and was really fun with about 12 - 20 people during peak. Unfortunately they charged $12 a month and I was just a kid at the time, so a friend from that MUD introduced me to Achaea and I have been incredibly addicted for over 10 years.

And so the road began...

uh huh

Wow. Age of the Throne was my first MUD too. It was every bit as emotional as Achaea but I had a great time until I crossed paths with the "gods" Scary to find out what went on behind the scenes. It was a couple of years before I found Achaea. ( I guess I did not get past the A's on Mudconnector). I have tried some of the other IRE games but Achaea is the best for me.

Discovery of iron realms for me came from seeking a ZORK-like rpg game back as a kid.  I began on materia magica enjoying the system but hating the DEMAND to quest for practically everything just to build up a character.  I kept going but strained to find something that i could get the customability of roles that don't just 'define' me.  I hated that every class just plays out to a role with no sub-division between each type of class.  I first began in achea, got myself bored and bounced to aetolia.  and eventually struck a chord with Lusternia.  Lusternia eventually stuck with me for lacking a defining "role" of what makes up a class.  Giving multiple and many approaches to what makes a class have many roles.


Muds simply bring to the table something that a graphical mmorpg could never do.  Its not the gear, the reputation, the design in how we auto-bot our cures systems or even fact just how we bash denizens or even the gods of hera derp in some random stupid city or country we need to pretend to care about.  Not even the fact of how we desire to show who we are from the inside ((aka our inner selves))


The depth of a text-mmorpgs comes directly from the minds of our own wish to express something of ourselves.  Even now with all the things that has changed over the years people still flock to give them more controll over their own worlds and how they define themselves.  Some peeps seeking to rule a city or dominate the law and order of a ruling church or maybe just drink and be merry around a bar with friends spending every last coin gambling away their sorrows. ((reminds me of vegas)) 


Everyone comes around for their own reasons, converns and woes that they push about themselves.  In worlds where death is not the end but the beginning of new things to understand and express about themselves it can be incredible experience.

I was told about Achaea from a friend, who heard of it from another friend.

Then again I am fairly sure I would have stumbled across IR at some point as I have been a long time fan of paper based role playing games (dungeons and dragons and various white wolf games).

From a friend, who probably heard it from a friend. 


Don't think I'd have stumbled upon IR at any point though, I was a bit into games with graphics... nice pictures, etc etc.

Similarly, if it wasn't for my friend I'd probably be playing something like WoW now. Graphics was what drew me to games until I realized that imagination works with games too!

once words become pictures, you're lost.

True to an extent.

For me, it was the opposite. Once the pictures became words, I was hooked. *laugh*

Though I also curse him for doing so!

Let's all curse his friend %%&%&^%##@!

13 years ago I spent a half hour laughing at a friend explain how typing at people you can only read about, kills them. Gave it a week then tried myself. Instant addict. Miss you Achaea!

hehe, i had the same experience with mko.



And it also Achaea

hi alonzo!

Someone wanted me to make a Druid on Aetolia to be their pocket concoctionist...offered me 1000cr to do it as well, in addition to transing the skill. But then they gave concoctions to all the Living, so I made an Undead and stuck with it.

i would have grabbed that chance


I first discovered Muds, by searching the internet for free RPG's.  None of the muds I came across actually appealed to me though. It wasn't till a friemd of the girlfriends got her to play Imperian that I finally found a mud I enjoyed. I have now been playing Imperian for about 4 to 5 years now off and on. Sometimes I leave it cause the OOC Drama starts pissing me off. But I always come back eventually.

Ad on

Googling about, can't remember for what. Not free games, but likely something gaming related.

exactly. google is amazing like that.

all hail google!

Googling free MMOs that weren't Korean grindfests, I think.

-sobs- Well, we're American grindfests? Or aetherhunt fests?

of games forcing me to grind! At least make the NPC battles somewhat interesting.

But I have two attacks - slash and obliterate.  I can even berserk and sunder armor.  In a stance. In Achaea as a druid I had maul from level 6 to level 100.

you had punch, kick, and claw.

you should give aetolia a try, then

Can you afflict mobs? What's different about Aetolia?


Goggle didn't exist when I first found IRE. People used ^^

I remember those days

Haven't even heard of that website before.

nor have i 

Nor I. I feel young.

Neither did I.


Do you mean Ahh, the good old days.


Ohgod, I remember that! Blast from the past!

 but do you remember, "Blast from the Past." With Brendon Fraser?

Walken rules!


that does sound dodge

Except I was still using when I found IRE.

I haven't used since before it stopped being AskJeeves.

It was never really any good to begin with!

and since then, jeeves has been sorely missed


She got me into Lusternia.

That's really what kicked it off for me. 

she musta been pretty damn convincing.

I bet you curse at times

<-- played muds before google was even thought of.

Through a friend.





Karron's fault.


achaea was a characters name on some other game I used to play. I was curious and googled the name, first link was, of course, Achaea.

Was googling free mmorpg games!


I remember finding it during one of my endess searches for free rpg or mmo's. I tried it and didn't like it. Then a few months later I came across IRE on kong and I was addicted from that day on then.

I created a character years ago - an occultist on Achaea - and I honestly don't remember why I stopped playing. Then I "rediscovered" it nearly 5 years later, and am loving it!

Getting into a Pokemon based RPG Yahoo group, a friend I met there introduced me to MUDding. That was... uh... twelve or thirteen years ago, and I continually come back to MUDs even after console games with their pretty graphics and stories.

Unlike MUDs, those stories eventually come to an end, and the endgame tends to bore the heck outta me.

I remember searching for something like "most popular mud" and running across Achaea. I had played another mud before that got old quickly as there was not much to it.

. . . but it is true.  It was a boyfriend that got me into Achaea.  He was a gamer and I had never even played a Nintendo game.  I had no interest in games where the goal was the same 'kill the target' (no matter what the target looked like in some very artistic graphics) in an endless, mindless repetition to advance a level to do the exact same thing with different pictures.  No thanks.


But Achaea was different.  It appealed to my likes of literature and history and role play turned out to be more fascinating than I could have ever imagined (even if I am still struggling to be good at it).  MUDs provide an opportunity to be creative, interactive, and I like that I don't always know what is going to happen next.


The bf quit achaea for something else, but I kept on playing.  He didn't last long after that.  Achaea > boyfriend.

Lol, part of 1st paragraph is summation of so many games. +1

I love that! XD

But yeah, I discovered Aetolia via Googling about for "free rpg games" back in late 2006 (I was bored with AventureQuest) and ran away very quickly because I didn't (but very well could) make any sense of the introduction. A few weeks later, I checked out Achaea, made two characters, got both of them shrubbed (for some 150 or so RL days) for multi-playing (yeah, I know. Dumb me) before Registering. (I had the chance to run away, but I didn't know how to QQ. Yeah.) I made it to 123 days (still not registered at all) before I checked up on them after they were both purged. Then, I took a two month break from Achaea. Then, I made the original Shana, K******, C****, H****, and others, listed in no particular order. Those all died off, but I now have 12 surviving characters.

You don't have to feed Achaea either

Achaea doesn't fart and have bad breath.

My husband was a gamer when we met, I was not. He introduced me to Simutronics where I played for a couple years and had fun. Friends from there introduced me to Achaea, which stuck after I realized that the GMs/Gods/Celani/Garden, actually -DO- stuff, rather than just policing people so they can get shrubbed


Oh and in my pre-gaming days, I read constantly and was a complete bookworm. But unfortunately, book after book eventually means that all plots are the same and the storyline is similar to someone else's story line. In the MMO world/Achaea...nothing is ever the same and not only can you change the story, you can BE the story.

I would love to get my wife interested in playing. She just kind of stares at me dumbfounded when I talk about it. At least she pretends to listen.

Legends tell of a Patriarch whose wife learned the game at his hands...

I found this place after playing Scott adams adventures on vic-20 and Zork. I wanted something with people action in it and after searching on msn up pops achaea and I started to play, got brother hooked on it and soon was buying zmud for to better play it and been downhill since.

Reading a webcomic! Saw the ad and just couldn't say no, hah!

I think I heard of this reference before. Is it?

I don't really remember how I found them, I just stumbled upon one and kept at it with donkey-like persistence until I grasped it and appreciated it.

it takes a while in the beginning to get a hold of it..

He used to play Luca

I learned about MUDs from my dad. He'd always be on his computer when I was about 8 and one day I asked him what he was doing. He explained MUDs to me, showed me the real-time player interaction, and I started playing and have been hooked since.

...used to play Looney MUD, which isn't a roleplaying one, just a silly nerd thing, back in the early days before most people had heard of the internet. I never tried that one, but because he'd told me about it, one of the first things I did when we got internet at my house was to do a search for MUDs and find one to play.


And I spent absurd amounts of time playing some truly -terrible- MUDs. Wish I'd stumbled across Achaea then instead. 

A friend



But I said that already.

i was brought into muds by my boyfriend. He'd tried to get me to play for like the first 6 months I knew him and when I did finally try, I didn't like it. Then, about a year-year and a half later, I tried it on my own, without his hovering, and LOVED it. 

Because a long time ago, when I was a thirteen year-old obsessed with vampires, I random googled games with the theme.

that's a good way to get into it :D

You mean "horribly unfortunate"

I actually found MUDs from an even more bizarre and small subculture. Free-form roleplayers at delphi forums. Nothing but a message board and a chat room and imagination. Still had as much drama and conflict as IRE though.


One day, Achaea was mentioned in one of the OOC boards, and I took a look. Been a long ride since.

One of my friends from middle school introduced me to Achaea.. and then it stuck its sharp claws into me and wouldn't let go.. Thanks Miiki!

I Remember playing Zork when I was younger and I came across an article online about it, that led me to a website where all 3 were available to download free.

From there  I searched online for other similar games and came across the Wheel of Time MUD....

Well im now on MKO and several other MUDs...



A friend told me.

My dad worked for DARPA, so my house has had internet since before it was internet (was called gopher initially). We used usenet and stuff and got lots of shareware games. When the internet started blooming, one of the things I tinkered with was a MUD, just to try it out, since I liked the free zork-like adventure games I had found through shareware. I didn't realize that the other characters in the game were actual people...for longer than I am proud to admit. I finally realized they were sentinent when I tried to get a quest from a God. >_<

Gopher is a protocol, not "the internet". Kind of like betamax vs vhs, gopher lost to www.

Very few of those words made sense to me. I feel young and foolish.

It was just luck that I found Achaea. I don't even remember what I was searching at the time.

With Achaea I think? I think I just saw it while looking for some good browser-based games. Made a random druid, lost interest, and came back to IRE a few years later, in MKO this time. :P

Saw a banner ad or something for Aetolia and checked it out. Didn't get into it much at the time but I came back to it a few year later, and moved on to MKO since then.

Originally started with text games with an attempt at making my own in QBasic years ago, based mainly on "Adventure". It kinda worked, but there was only one quest and no reward. 


I didn't realise about the multiplayer aspect of text games until a friend in high school tipped me off to MUDs, as he and another friend were playing this one called Aegis Rising, I believe (at least, that's the only one I can find on TMC atm). After I graduated, I tried looking it up in the college comp lab, and found TMC instead, and the #1-placing listing at the time: Achaea. Created a character, but found the world to be way too confusing, so I quit for about three years. After speaking with my friend, he told me that Achaea WAS one of the more confusing MUDs out there and that I should play Aegis instead because it wasn't so complicated, but I was pretty miffed from the experience, so I decided that maybe Age of Empires was more entertaining.


Then four years ago (three years later) I decided I wanted to try rediscovering that one I was playing..what was it called? Something about dreams. Oh yeah. And I haven't quit since! Still wish I'd kept that original character. Would be nearly 250 by now...oh well, I guess that's not to dramatic.

my honey, he said it was soo cool!  once I started playing I was hooked...Damn him!!



went from mIRC to MUD


Lot of people start that way it seems




"IRC is multiplayer Notepad."


I played my first MUD when AOL was really big.  I have loved MUDs ever since, but definitely have at least one 5 year gap in there that I never played any.

A friend of mine got me hooked on them. then I found IRE on TMC.. and fell in love with them ever since.

Same here. Never looked back.

Back in high school I played whatever free internet games (Neopets, Runescape). A friend asked if I played one called something like Utopia, so I googled it, and ended up on this weird game comprised only of text called Realm of Utopian Dreams. I asked them the next day if it was the same game: "wtf, no". I kept playing anyway.

RUD was a fairly small MUD with 5-10 players online at peak times. It was a standard hack-n-slash Diku-based MUD, but there were some devoted people behind it who built it up over time with racial perks, skills for the different religions (lawful neutral, chaotic good, etc), and other improvements on the basic package. Once you hit the max level, you could to build your own hamlet, which was a full area, connected to the world, ostensibly designed for you to live in, but I never got that far.

Eventually some major change, or lapse, I can't remember, necessitated that they perform a player-wipe, which was as cataclysmic as you can imagine. One of the players said that they were going to start playing Achaea, which was like a small-town kid announcing that they were moving to New York, a place previously described only with disdain and mistrust. I gave it a try too. other MUDS. I'm glad we don't have those. :(

Would read again.

I still play this. I think my account is like 11 years old.

I have double-edged memories of this... game.

Neopets FTW!


P wipes suck!

I think I was in middle school. Or high school. Either way, I was broke and my dilapidated laptop could not handle Maplestory. So I searched around for some other free alternatives to get me through summer vacation and eventually discovered a list of MUDs, probably on TMS. Achaea wasn't at the top, but I tried it first anyway and fell instantly in love. It just felt so much more vivid than anything else I'd tried.

A friend showed it to me. *_*

A friend told me about a MUD (like 6, 7 years ago) he was playing. The MUD unpopulated after a bit so I stopped. Some years ago I found out I wanted to play a MUD again, and started in Achaea, stopped for a MMORPG I was playing, but couldn't resist switching to the beauty of text-based


I actually forget where I first head about the IRE MUD's, but all I remember is a banner somewhere for Lusternia. I started that and was completely overwhelmed, not really having expected something of that detail. I mucked around a bit on Achaea but could never get too into it. I recently had a random urge to start playing again, and find myself enjoying Achaea. I think it's mostly because I was so young then that I felt the information was too boring and grandiose. Now I can't live without it.

It was on another games forums.


Yes back when Yahoo was the stuff.

Bout 13 years ago stumpled upon a yahoo group of free rpg games that were all muds.  Got hooked and have said screw graphical MMO's ever since.

my best friend is Karic in MKO, and thus got me hooked on it

There was mention of a text-based game (whatever that meant) opening for beta called 'Midkemia Online' on a Raymond Feist forum I lurked in. I joined when the game was new, then was quickly converted to Lusternia, where I've been stuck ever since. 

kind of embarrassing but I did it trying to find a better version of glad I seen the light of black backgrouns and white text

I was looking for the release date of Raymond E. Fiests new book at the time and found a link to Midkemia Online. Best accident ever.

A friend (Behltro, on Imperian) showed me. I'm still here! He's not.

Heh. Actually, I found Achaea through somebody's declaration of it's badassery on Gaia Online's forums. Simple and uninteresting, but that's it.


It was definitely googling free MMOs. I was out of money to play my subscription ones and needed an alternative.

Friend recommended Achaea, but he didn't play it for too long himself. I did.

I just happened as a result of other things happening.



Many years ago I saw my friend playing Achaea... and I was like, "That looks so boring!" It made no sense to me whatsoever that someone could have so much fun playing in words and all that typing! I always teased my friend about it while I played normal computer games. hahaha! One day I musta just decided to try it or something and I was instantly hooked.

I can still remember.. anyway, was forum roleplaying for several years, then a friend of mine introduced me to Aetolia, but didn't connect to that. Then Lusty came, and the world changed.

A friend of mine told me about a amazing game where you could become a master thief, a deathly mage, a raging warrior and befriend the Gods of the lands. I played it for a year, then another one that was a bit more advanced, then aetolia... then alot more after, but I always come back to aetolia.

I came home one day to my little brother hogging the computer playing some sort of text game. When he told me it was actually multiplayer, I was blown away. Tried it, forgot about it, came back, forgot about it. I must have made at least twenty characters before Yure, but I'm having a lot of fun.

I've been playing MUDs since the mid to late 90s when there weren't a lot of graphical mmos (at least none my computer could handle). I am sure I came across IRE on mudconnector, or a similar site. 


I even think Orone was one of the first MUDS.

From runescape showed me!

I met up with some friends from school after I graduated and they got me started on Aetolia. Ten years later, I've got an Iron Membership going with it - even if I'm playing Skyrim full time at the moment *sheepish*

anyone ever heard of a tiny little harry potter fan game RPG called It kinda sucked in hind sight. But my older sister used to play it and she was always talking about it so I joined. It was my first RPG. It's a crummy little forum based RPG with corrupt administration that care very little for their own rules as long as they like you. My older sister had a friend who introduced her to Achaea. at first she was kinda skeptical, but I was interested. I started to play but within about 3 days my sister had decided she rather enjoyed achaea and all the freedom it had. So she made it clear she didn't really want me playing all the same games as her. So I set out in search of my own MUD, what I found was Lusternia, I started 12-05-04 and have been playing ever since. Whats funny about it, I played for about 6 - 8 months before I found out Lusternia and Achaea were both by IRE hehe. My sister does still play achaea too.

Iron Realms was running some awesome looking banner ads that for some reason I felt compelled to click. Normally I ignore those things and I don't think they've run them since.


Then though the "Vote for <Insert MUD here>" links I found TMC and a whole range of other MUD's.


(Obviously I eventually found my way back to IRE, or I wouldn't be posting here.)

I played Federation on AOL which was all space themed up to the point where I was creating my own planet. Then it moved off AOL and I forgot about text based games for a bit, until I worked at a computer lab in college and had plenty of time to play online. Found a little game called Aber Phoenix or something, enjoyed it.

Few years later I remembered that experience, found TMS and Achaea was #1 so I gave it a try. Freakin' addictive.

Federation was my first MUD too!

Fed's still up if you want to poke around! They're working on a new client and such for Mac Lion and PC I think. Been a few weeks since I logged in.

A friend got me hooked.




Yep, except my friend also is my brother. I think he got off the drug..I have returned. :D

I am Bill Nighy, and it was MUDs that found me!



Like a dog in the Nighy-t?

My best friend in highschool introduced me to the idea when I went over to his house once. It definitely didn't sound like something I would enjoy and I kept hitting the "Where are the graphics?!" wall. But he urged me to try it, and I did. I actually got pretty used to it and found it quite fun, but never committed to playing them. I would occasionally make a character until I got bored and it got pruned. Years later, in my boredom I decided to give Lusternia another try, and this time around I made friends, got into combat and generally got a better feel for everything it had to offer. I also have a good friend who got me into the system-coding aspect of the game, which I've found to be highly rewarding.

From a google search.

Same here. I had been looking for a rpg to play online and one of the options came up for Achaea. I went and gave it a try.

I used to play text games on my old, old XT machine just locally. Then, I got access to online games through BBS's over dial-up. I discovered Achaea (and IRE) through the PvP web comic.



That is oldschool. Awesome

Luckily times have changed!

I stumbled upon it while looking for RPGs on Kong... used to play some flash games there, then found Achaea and apparently liked it.


I think Achaea was the first entry in zmud's mudlist...


Decidedly NOT that these advertised themselves a "free game". Seeing "free to play" is so commonplace, and often completely misleading, that the phrase actually drives me away from many games, when I'm looking. (Especially when it seems like the game is trying WAY too hard to claim they're free)


I was looking for an RP environment, when moving away from tabletop games. One of my old friends from those sessions mentioned the RP potential of MUDs. From there, it was not very long searching until I found my niche.

it was so long ago, i don't even remember quite how i came to play muds.

When I started ten years ago, all I had was dialup. I wanted to try a multiplayer game and Achaea was the only one that would run over my slow connection.

And when you played on telnet..

Ah, telnet. Those were the days. Well, technically it's still over telnet, but the basic client that windows had was pretty bad.

At first I thought how silly it was...

AOL entertainment section. My very first MUD was Dragon'sGate, fun times. I miss it still.

back in the days of Archie and Gopher.  I rediscovered them more recently, but I already knew what I was looking for.  Must say, the games have come a long way!

New and improved! Now in color!

i think it has a lot to do with me knowing more about scripting and being able to play at a bit higher level.  Back when I was first playing, I had no idea what was going on.  I'd finish the standard MUD college thing (because they all seemed to have the same one) and then wander around until either another player killed me for looking funny, or I would get killed by a grue.  Okay, it was a bunny.

This is true for me, as well - I now enjoy Achaea a lot more than a couple years back, because I never really understood coding. Though, what I do now is still pretty basic, it's a lot more advanced than what I had before.

"You have been killed by a grue."

All I remember is my cousin coming over when I was eight or nineish and showing me Achaea. I hated it at first, but years later, I joined Lusternia and never looked back. With a few off-and-on moments, I've been a MUD girl. Usually IREs.

My first mud was WoTMUD, but I can't remember how I found it exactly. I may have just searched for 'Wheel of Time game' at the time - it was ages ago.

I suspect it was, perhaps, looking for some sort of online gaming in general.

And became addicted to dragonrealms. Now years later a friend introduced me to ironrealms. addicted!!!!

is awesome

I just wish I hadn't lost everything in the times that I quit so I'd actually be able to show my age

Hear, hear.

The real question is, how many people have you shown MUDs to that go "WHERE R GRAPHIX?" or think combat is too crazy when you show it to them?

When I first started playing Achaea I thought combat was crazy and now.. yeah it's still crazy

Yay for all the nerds


yay is right



damn straight.

I started playing a space game called Federation which led me to a 8 year obsession with Gemstone 3.



Started Achaea in 2002, but I don't know how I got there. I probably googled MUDs.

I remember when I first logged into AOL and stumbled upon GS3 in their games. After playing that for a few years I began bouncing around through other MUDs. I actually tried to get into Achaea about 6 or 7 years ago but just couldn't (for whatever reason). This time around a brother was interested in trying a MUD and this was the first one that came to mind so I started up with him. He stopped after the rebirth and I somehow got magically hooked!

Played Gemstone, but prefered Dragonrealms, until it got D&Ded.

I clicked on a banner ad.


I like credits too



and again

Sure, why not?





I also used to play DnD with some friends, but eventually I didn't have time to be DM anymore, so it fell apart. Always wanted to have some sort of the same thing, without all the DM work! Achaea does fit the bill rather well, at least for me in that respect.

Was introduced by a friend, who was introduced by a friend. Didn't take to it, at first, but he kept telling me stories of what was possible because the game was text and not limited by graphics, and eventually drew me in.

I remember I first found MUDS in highschool. I was searching DragonLance novels as I was hooked on them at the time and I found a MUD created for that world. It was accessible through telnet and I connected to it out of curiosity. I later did another internet search for games and I found Avalon I played for a while, until it became pay to play. I clicked on a banner ad on one gaming site (I forget which one now) and found Achaea. Then I tried many of the other IRE games but always came back to Aetolia. :)

Friend from highschool was playing it, I was like wtf is this?  So there we have it.

I have been into gaming since videgames were invented. Anyway, I discovered MUDs just recenty, last uear or so. A friend of mine, told me about them. I searched the web and picked Achaea through TMC

my brother got me on to it, little did he know just how addicted I would become !

A friend of course

AOL had one on its start page a long time ago (Legends of Terris). I clicked on it and got hooked.


I don't even look at those ads, seems I built a filter to block all that out

It was a long, time ago... 17 years or so

in a punishment type of thing, where a fellow student and nerd had a magazine about MUDS. I don't remember the name of the publication, but it started me on a long and fulfilling path.


of a friend..

My brother started playing... Imperium? I think? Maybe Aetolia? Anyways it lasted for all of half an hour before he decided it wasn't the game for him. But I had been looking over his shoulder at the time and I pestered him until he finally just told me to google Iron Realms. I did and made a Druid on Achaea. Lasted maybe a month? Half a month? Before I grew bored and moved on to forum based role playing games when some one on Neopets introduced me to them. Forgot about for it years until I was hit with the sudden need to play that old text based game and started googling until I found Iron Realms again. Made another Druid on Achaea but ended up being dormant most of the time with a character who refused to put the guild before her family and went rouge. After about a year? of that I started creating short-lived alts in other IR games until I found Lustrenia. At first the planar travel was a bit intimidating but I've fallen in love with the atmosphere of the game and its potential for role playing.

Needed something free to did that not work many hundreds have I paid over the years...

If you consider playtime and how much fun you had I am certain that it's not that bad.

I was boried and needed something to do.


I think I happened upon Achaea through an ad link, while reading the vg cats comic on their site. Achaea was my first mud I ever tried and I've been hooked since.

I started playing games online in the days of single line BBSes. I am still the Food Fight champ. :). My first online multi-player was the Sierra game of Sierra Online. Many of my friends were playing NWN at AOL (or RP at Red Dragon Inn or the Trek room or, later, Hatrack.) eventually started playing Federation on AOL, then moved to Gemstone whe it became avalable. I've recently posted about the rest of that  

achea got to it by googling

When I was sixteen my friend told me to start playing Achaea, which she was really hardcore into in High School + Middle School. I figured I would give it a try since I had nothing better to do once the Musical was done for the year. Logged in, made it half way through the trial and said f-this-crap and left. A month later I logged in again. This time I made it through the trial and spent -hours- trying to decide which class/house I wanted to be in. With my research causing me to overload with information I walked away from it without registering and was deleted again. This cycle continued for nearly a year (I think there were six or seven variations of Kitarel by now).

When I was about a week shy of my seventeenth birthday my longtime boyfriend (two years is a long time in highschool) broke up with me for some crazy chick that used to hiss and meow at me in Art class (no lie). A month or two later we were back together. I played half heartily for a little bit off and on until that January, which would've been about nine months. Same damn thing happened to me which caused me to really look for an escape from the real world and poured everything into Achaea. Since then, the only time I have really quit is when I was pregnant and/or not physically able because of work or being out of town. Oh, I did quit for a while to play Aetolia.

I'm glad I stayed, though. I've made some pretty awesome friends.

I googled 'free online mmorpg' and went to page 13, just to see what was there. #3 on that page was a TopMuds web reference, so I went there. A few clicks later and here I am!

long story


my computer is too slow to even load pictures.

hehehe :)

Read the Discworld Series by Terry Pratchett, found Discworld MUD, heard Achaea being mentioned, checked it out.

Ilireth.... and Duane... Ilireth was in the computer lab on Zmud and we (about 4 of us) were like what the hell are you doing.... he explained.... we all tried, we all played a good while, Duane, Ilireth and I the most... since then Duane has stopped, I am last remaining! BUT I WILL GO ON! 

A search for "online game" or something similar. I had no idea what MUD meant then.

I was looking for a PBEM and found a Mud called Age of the Throne. Got emotionally destroyed there. Was bored one day and found Aetolia. Alphabetically I didn't get too far. Now I am hooked again.

I was doing a random search on a Feist book that was due to come out, and I learned that IRE was doing an online game based upon Midkemia.  I tried Imperian first because MKO hadn't been released yet...

Wow, that's interesting. I don't know if I know anyone who went from the books to the game. Cool :)

They'll be more once the game is out of beta and it is advertised a bit more.

in high school who made me try it.  I didn't enjoy it then, but I kept coming back every few years, and now that I actually wrap my head around it, I love it.

A friend who has not played in over 10 years suggested I try Achaea as sort of a training session for MUDs. I must've never stopped using the training wheels! :/

A friend told me about it.

Years and years ago when all that existed was dial-up, I discovered dragonrealms somehow.  Then years later, I was bored and tried to search for it and came across Achaea, which is a lot more complex of a game but I got hooked.

I was looking for a place to play in Midkemia online...IRE had the rights but hadn't released anything yet...wound up trying Midkemia for a while. Haven't found it compelling least for me.

MKO has a nice following expecially after beginning to read the books and learning the lore.. IRE did a good job with that game in my opinion.

When I was younger, I was interested by adventure games with graphics that featured the use of text commands, e.g. "swing over river with vine".


Later on, I tried searching for games similar to them, but online, and somehow stumbled upon IRE.

RL friend in 9th grade who said to our group (6 people) Lets try this game. So we did. THen we all quit except for Matt within a month.  And honestly? We never knew each others names. So Matt may still be playing. Not that hed ever tell me.

I'd've loved RL friends who wanted to play too.

A friend recommended it to me. before Achaea, my RP experience was limited to a few HArry Potter forum games when I was a kid. Ms. Pacman and Frogger were my games of choice beforehand.

who I roleplayed with, played aetolia. I played, didn't really get into it though I tried. Then Imperien, Then Lusty got me hooked.

Friend introduced me



My best friend :)

From a friend, way back when, that I used to forum roleplay with. She told me about Achaea and I tried it out. Thought it was ridiculous but then continued to play.


I don't forum roleplay anymore.

wish I knew some local IRE players.  :(

Totally with you there, Tema.

Find some!

Would be awesome to have a meetup!

I learned it by watching YOU!

I remember being really obsessed with dragons when I was 14 or 15 years old, and this was back when the Internet was a very new thing. I ended up searching for dragons and found the Reddragon site, which was a MUD site. It was my first MUD, and I wasn't very good at it.

However, it definitely planted the seed, and I began searching for more of these "MUDs" to play. I found Avalon, and messed around in there for a few days, until finally stumbling on Achaea in 2001 or so. I moved to Imperian in 2004, and then Aetolia in 2010, and I've never once missed the graphics of MMOs.

Can't really compare a graphical MMO to a MUD. Two different games.

Funny that you could have found an older MUD called DragonsRealms and tried to play that and never encountered a dragons. See there the dragon burnt oen of the moons and is now buried deep beneath and creates the dragonspine mountains. So while the game is called dragonrealms and a dragon is part of the realm, you never encounter dragons.

This was 10 years ago so only just remember but I recall being annoyed at being ignored in a chatroom (good old 'Teenchat' days for those of you I know used to go there) where a group of friends I used to have hung out and was told something akin to 'Sorry, being raided'. My obvious reply was 'WTF is raided? He then told me about Achaea and I thought what the hell I'm bored.

The rest is a 97 year old character that I killed off and a 220 something year old character that I love to play!

About 10 years ago, I saw my brother playing a mud called Austinmud and I decided I would try it. And I played a good three years at least and met alot of friends from around the world in it.. But after a while my friends were leaving the game and I played less. About three years ago my brother kept mentioning Achaea to me and how I should play it and do this and do that.... I finally gave in decided to give it a try one night before work... And I haven't looked back!


I think what I liked about Austinmud over Achaea was Austin was truely free and everyone was on a fair playing level. There were no special artefacts you could buy the best you could do was get on a Gods good side and hope to get an item customed.

I..Honestly can't remember. I know the first one I played was Lusternia, so I assume I stumbled across it..When I was bored and googling RPGs, I s'pose.

Trying really hard to recall, but it's not coming to me. Unfortunate, really. My first was Achaea, I think. It's my least favorite of them all, but still a good place.

I found one while searching free online RPG's. Materia Magica was the name of the game. Though I truly started playing many years after that. Achaea was the one I played and since have tried a few others, and yes, I returned to Achaea.



to make me so addicted to text

what an awesome friend? :P

I heard it through the grape vine


I found out about Achaea in highschool when I was using google to try to find a way to play Dungeons and Dragons online.  Albeit I still do like Dungeons and Dragons better, Achaea is the closest I have been able to find to it other than DnD itself.

True for me too! I had enjoyed playing DnD with friends, but didn't feel like downloading DDO, and well, Achaea was the substitute. Haven't regretted it.

figure out how to play DnD online. I don't know if that was the same time I started Achaea, but it might be!


I was introduced by my ex-boyfriend, when we were still just friends and before we'd started dating.

By dancing if I wanted to

I randomly typed Midkemia online into google in case there was such a game and found there actually was such a game. That was how I found MUDs.

exactly how it sounds.



I had muddled with other muds but nothing ever caught my attention until Achaea.  And nothing has since.

I found it while surfing the internet when I was in high school!

Walked in on my friends older brother playing the game in highschool.  Dude are you in a chatroom?  No, Im playing a text based game called Achaea.  Wow that sounds so stupid...