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IRE Asks: Is it "unfair" to call for raid assistance over Skype?

A Ssyrian Diabolist drawn by MMO artist Chris Bourassa.

Is it unfair to call for raid backup outside the game? Is it something everyone does? Answer in this IRE Asks!

IRE Asks: How many classes have you tried, and which was your favourite?

MMO assassin class

Changing classes can be important to MMORPG players who want to try something new.

IRE Asks: Is player housing important to you and why?

Player housing

Are you a fan of player housing? What direction should MMO developers go with it?

IRE Asks: Should MMORPG quest NPCs have voice actors?

SWTOR parody lol

A debate has sparked recently in the MMORPG community regarding voice acting and NPCs. Share your opinion!

IRE Asks: If emotes earned experience, would your grin become a grind?

Roleplay rooster meme

The concept of grinding hasn't progressed very much for MMORPGs, but could there yet be an alternative?

IRE Asks: Would you play a hardcore character?

Permadeath MMO game

Death is never a permanent thing in any of the Iron Realms games, but what if the opposite were true?

IRE Asks: How do you define player driven?

Minecraft game

Provide your opinion on the ultimate definition of the player driven MMORPG experience.

IRE Asks: When was your last noob mistake?

An MMO Elf Bard

Accidentally feed your wedding ring to a humgii? Share your last novice blunder with us!

IRE Asks: How do you deal with internet downtime?

Dwarf warrior

When the internet goes down, the MMO gamer frowns. Tell us your sadface stories about internet downtime in this IRE Asks!

IRE Asks: What unique artefact would you own?

Dwarf Priest

What unique artefact would you own to give you an advantage in your favourite MMO? Answer in this IRE Asks!

IRE Asks: Who would win a divine rumble?


If we locked all the divine in a steel cage, who would come out the victor? You tell us!

IRE Asks: Which IRE game has the best intro?

A dwarf warrior wielding an epic battleaxe.

You don't want to miss this IRE Asks! We offer an inside look at new player statistics and ask players to weigh in on today's question.

IRE Asks: What client do you connect to your favorite MMO with?

A screenshot of a MUD client.

How do you connect to your favourite MMORPG? Answer in this IRE Asks!

IRE Asks: What's the longest you've played in one session?

A keyboard pillow.

What's the longest you've gamed in a single session? Answer this IRE Asks!

IRE Asks: Which MMO artefact would you find in your cereal?

RPG video game cereal

In many American supermarkets, the cereal aisle can be a nightmare.

IRE Asks: Have you met MMO friends IRL?

MMO Cosplay group

One of the best things about MUDs are the tight-knit communities. With the smaller playerbase, everything becomes a little more personal.

IRE Asks: Are You a Multigamer?

dual monitors

Everyone has heard of multiplaying, which is considered illegal in Iron Realms games. But what about multigaming?

IRE Asks: Which Class Would You Axe?

MMO Tank Class

IRE Asks players which class they would chop out of their favourite MMORPG!

IRE Asks: What Type of AFKer Are You?

Ninja Class

MMORPGs have different policies regarding going AFK, but players will still find ways to pass out in front of their keyboards and not respond for a couple hours.

IRE Asks: What MMO Mob Would You Own as a Pet?

green puppy

IRE Asks players to share their opinion on hot topics to the MMO industry, as well as current happenings in the IRE games.

IRE Asks: How Long Do You Spend Bashing?

The Grind

IRE asks players how long they typically spend bashing their favourite zones as part of the daily "IRE Asks" series.

IRE Asks: How Separate is Your Character's Personality?

Bard Elf

Is your character a completely unique person compared to your real life persona, or an extension of yourself in the game? Comment on this short article!

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