Imperian, Sundered Heavens

Lizardman Assassin

The broken moons of Aetherius dominate the fates of all who adventure in the realm of Imperian, a world shattered and torn by factions vying for influence and ideology across the war-torn continent.

Battle alongside adventurers of all stripes as a member of the Magick, Anti-Magick, or Demonic factions. Whether one of the famed Wardancers of the walled desert city of Antioch, or a diabolic Malignist of the Demonic city of Stavenn, your path will be one fraught with danger and peril, but endless excitement!

The clashing forces of Imperian provide players with the most advanced combat experience available in any roleplaying game, while remaining accessible to even the most casual of adventurers. With something to offer to everyone, from frequent roleplaying events to an expansive crafting and fishing system, Imperian boasts a plethora of activities for all.




Three Powerful Factions
Player Cities and Councils
12 Different Player Races
Player Created Guilds
Strategic Siege Warfare
Roleplay Driven Conflict
Massive Game World
Thousands of Quests
20 Different Classes