Have you ever role-played a drunken dwarf (or other MMO oddity)?

Dwarf Warrior
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Part of the beauty of a MUD is that you are absolutely free to roleplay as anything you can imagine. A giant bug queen with a hive of loyal minions? Check. A drunken dwarf who wants to impress the ladies with his pint-sized hammer? Go for it. How about a zany Imp who reacts to new things by trying to set them on fire? Absolutely!


What determines what you can play? There have to be some limits after all. In MUDs, these tend to be defined by the game lore and concept itself. Just like you can't fly in reality, if your character doesn't have a reason to suddenly fly, odds are people will raise an eyebrow – however, you'll find that the game mechanics themselves open up a lot of doors to this. In Iron Realms game Aetolia, for example, there are races called Atavian who come equipped out the door with wings! Many players choose to spend experience or in game coin on options which also will enable them to soar through the skies. In Lusternia, you can even invest in a ship which will let you explore space itself!


What about the more eccentric types of quirks; a character with a pyrotechnic personality, or one who just wants to be a placid fisherman? You'll find that MUDs are incredible in that regard, in that they don't just allow for these types of quirks, but they actually encourage them, through the various abilities available to you. For example, in Aetolia, you can actually learn to craft your own fireworks, complete with customized ASCII images that can dazzle onlookers, while in Achaea there is an entire seafaring system to support any “gone fishin” urges you might have.


Beyond just skills themselves, MUDs allow you to truly create your dream character. Players can describe how their character looks, from their horned head to their fur covered hooves, as well as emote actions and expressions to convey how their character reacts to situations he or she may encounter. Want to twitch your tail or ruffle your wings every time you are agitated? Go for it. Looking to speak with an accent or even in your native racial tongue? Absolutely possible! Players can set battlecries to scream their own catch phrase whenever they murder something, and they can even create clans to recruit others to their plots and plans. Beyond that, there are even custom craftings which players actively create – need that perfect circlet of flowers or dapper fedora hat? Yep, crafters can make that. You can even design whole houses to suit who your character is!


So, let's hear it – what's the oddest, most off the wall character you've ever created, and what type of things did you do to support their personality? What crazy things did you have crafted, what weird quirks did they have, what zany situations did they find themselves in? In a MUD, anything really is possible, so share your story!


Author: Moirean of Aetolia

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Not really an oddity for me, but I play a dwarf knight in the hopes that using a battleaxe would make sense some day.

I have gamed using a dwarf as my character ever since I started with RPG in general. They seem to stick out for me. Playing a Raj is a very large step out of my comfort zone.

There are not many dwarves in Lusternia, the ones that are are in the warrior class, and even though a bard can take up brewmeister, it doesnt really benefit a bard. So a lost cause.

mostly atavians in aetolia

Dwarf is one of the best bard races hands down (that is assuming you are going for damage). Become a brewmeister, get drunk off your ass, and play with darkbeer and amberbeer...

I've always wanted to try a Brewmeister bard



Tis a real shame that the big slower weapons do not play a bigger role in Achaea.

Definitely. I wish there were more viable options for a knight than quick rapiers.


Dudes in plate armor with Ren era civilians' weapons really bothers me. Probably much than it should haha.

but those were what made plate obsolete.

No that was boomsticks.  And longbows.  and crossbows.  A man in plate armour against someone  with a rapier would laugh all day long (and then stop to catch his breath).


I am Bill Nighy, and I think playing an undead human patterned after an undead human in film doesn't make me odd. Just unoriginal. Sigh.


I read "Bill Nighy" as "Bill Nye" the Science Guy. >.>

Me too..

The pic kind of looks like it too. At a glance.

And Nighy is how you actually spell his name

me three




Came here to say this! :D








Consider the following ;)






I have and ... rejected.







I think the similarity is intentional.

Yes yes, it is.


an atavian serpent is weird :/

scuse me, don't mind my wings brushing past you as I stealthily sneak by

All atavians are weird!

Lies and slander!

Back in the cage, weirdo!





I liked atavian when I played aetolia.  a winged race was so cool.



<3 trill

Trill are a more interesting take on winged people than atavians are.

Trills remind me of harpies...

how so?

agreed :<

Barn owls are stealthy, maybe they're like that?


Stealthy ninja barn owls.

winged snakes....hrm sounds like a dragon wannabe


Quite odd, doesn't quite fit the profession does it?

"A giant bug queen with a hive of loyal minions? Check. A drunken dwarf who wants to impress the ladies with his pint-sized hammer? Go for it. How about a zany Imp who reacts to new things by trying to set them on fire? Absolutely!"


Wouldn't really call any of these mind-blowingly unique character types.




The first two are encouraged by the game mechanics in Lusternia.

Female Kepheran (i.e bug people) who form a hive get a bonus to health/mana/ego.  Being drunk gives dwarves a ton of damage resistance (at the expense of slurred speech and the occasional failed action).


Imps don't exist in the game, but the city of Gaudiguch encourages both chaotic behavour and setting things on fire.


So yeah. Not terribly unusual.

I like.

putting aside the bugs, Gaudi offers all of your needs

I think there should be more dwarves in Gaudi

Yes, but I think the point is that Lusternia didn't invent drunken dwarves, so somehow pointing to drunken dwarves as being new or unique would be like saying, 'look at us, we have a slender, tall, willowly race who has pointed ears and loves to live in the forest."

Ha! It's true, but fun!

I must be one of the most unorigional people ever: Human. Just boring human.

Human revolution?


No one likes humans, especially humans :D

They need to fix the evolution for human bards in Lusternia, it sucked.

Sometimes being a boring old human is pretty unique when surrounded by people trying to stand out in all kinds of fantastic ways :D

Sometimes the easiest way to be special is to just be normal.

oh yeah.


I completely agree.




I tried dwarf and didnt really like it. Mostly because bards that are dwarves have Brewmeister, and I dont feel like learning a new trade. Viva faeling. Though I havent tried the bashing aspect.... where is that ale?!


Drunken dwarf != oddity. 

This right here.

You think thats an oddity? 


Build me a race composed of a hive-mind evolution, where All and i repeat ALL bug-races gain their own set of personalized traits that 'evole' their playstyle.  I'll show you what is WEIRD ^^


As for oddities, I used to be a Taurian in Lusternia who drank himself to death, repeatedly out of sheer fun of it.  Sit in a peaced room, debate with people from all the cities and when i grew bored, suicide myself when i felt like topics were just so dull it suited from conversation.


As for a drinker dwarf?  Try being a Lizard of Gaduiguch....their Bard is BASED on how intoxicated you are :D

I didn't know that. That's pretty badass. I want to make a Gaudiguch bard now. :D

sounds lame.

I have had a crazed Dracnari who had a nervous break down... 

A female mhun that was extremely short, who had a small person complex, and only dated trolls..

I have a self loathing warrior..

And now, I play a Aslaran who talks in riddles, but who isn't exactly the smartest person in the basin..

I once played an Elfen that only spoke elven and refused to join a guild or leave Prime. I quit after I got tired of people demanding I speak common and join a guild. It sucked because, regarding the first part, the reliance on common makes racial languages kinda useless, and on the second, because people not understanding/caring that I ony wanted to influence/craft (which doesn't affect them in any significant way) not leaving me alone about it.

Do away with the honours line for marriage, lose the bloodline system, encourage roleplay, thought out characters and lines in that manner. Don't let ooc concerns or ethics ruin a game where that have little meaning. If you want to have a harem of 8 wives, and the associated drama that goes with, go for it. I choose not to, but I'll never begrudge anyone else the right to (apart from the ig spouse of course.)

Would love to see what people do if this happened. Can you imagine the increase in affairs? lol

Didn't play it on any IRE game, but I once played a wounded war veteran on a fantasy MUD who had lost both legs above the knee. Not sure that sort of thing would work here though.

just need wheels

Greys is a bit quirky but no cliche.

My character likes to try new spells that are inherently unsafe, and RP them going wrong (turning into a ghost, nearly killing myself...). My character's father was a war mage killed by moredhel and his mother was a priestess who Scathain thinks was driven mad by Lims-Kragma (though he doesn't talk about either much). He also is extremely interested in demons, and used to have a succubus girlfriend, but she married a demon lord instead. Oh, and he has a longsword that is loyal only to Nalar (the selfish one), and glows bright green occasionally, but he keeps it with him.


Nin ended up trying to free a slave from Sar-Sargoth, and got all the way to the gates before the alarm went off. He then died instantly. Never figured out what happened to the slave.


As for my suicided alts, they went mad:


I had a troll warrior who had hallucinations of a great field with tens of thousands of people of all races dying on it with Lims-Kragma standing 50 feet high and telling him to commit suicide.


I had an eledhel priest who started to think the spellweavers were mind controlling the eledhel via clothing.


I once played an atavian who couldn't fly and was afraid of heights.

Can't say I've seen that, but I can't say it's the most original, either. Still sounds fun!

That sounds really fun to rp actually

Hahaha! I like!

You would! *grins*


smiles on that one


Never have

to make this character odd or quirky or strange, and yet I can't count how many times I've heard him called such. "Odd" or "oddest" in particular.


Winterlynn is strangely odd in the fact that she is...well...she thinks very differently than most of her kind...She has this wierd thing about killing things that are "people like" to the point where she hated it, until one day she came the conclution that everything in the world was immortal and just took longer to reform their bodies. ...She also gets increadably upset if any of her corpses decay in her hands, it literly hurts her feelings because she feels as though she killed the creature for nothing and that it's body was wasted. hah..She also is a bit obsessive over certain things....

 I've played a drunken , hug-n-run dwarf. *sage*

That was you?!

Or me.  It was neither of us.

The real oddity would be a sober, abstinent dwarf!


I just got the greatest mental image of a metal straightedge dwarf with a beard and a shaved head. :D:D:D

Daryn's been mostly standard. Dwarven Warden, can sometimes be found drinking himself half to death. Honour, Glory, all that jazz. I guess what sets him apart is his romantic aspect. He used to be a real player. Seen it all, done most.


i did have an alt once, though, who was a Hashani Alchemist who was a Xoran. He could breathe narcotic plumes of smoke by burning a mild venom he could secrete, and he looked at everything in life as a science project. but then I got bored with him.

I've never really tried to make a really "weird" character. It just seems like a lot of work and energy to stay in character.

Having a way out-there character idea could be fun for a little while, but it's more rare to see that sustained over a long time.

I think instead of an "extreme" character, one should have quirks instead - something you do alot, which makes it your trademark. Something as simple as a distinctive salute, for example. Less of a burden to RP for extended periods of time which can be sustained - if something big happens or changes to your character, you can always tweak the quirk to fit.





I find it easier to sustain an odd personality. I've played characters before and mostly stuck to guild RP, but the characters were heavily my personality regardless of that.


This is definitely the "oddest" character I've played, although when I initially created her, I didn't plan for her to be exactly how she is now. It just sort of happened and felt very natural based off of her initial history. Either way, it is very fun having such a defining personality to stick to. I've had trouble doing that in the past!


Not yet

too weird

Nope, I haven't.


I've never really played an off-the-wall character, but some chars have done off-the-wall things.

same here!


No but I was a drunken atavian that tried to fly.

I've considered making my dwarf an alcoholic. Not the fun kind. The depressing kind.


In a human's body, though.

In Gemstone Rangers had the reputation of (and skills for) being able to lead parties and find their way anywhere, etc. etc. etc. 


My character was a Ranger who was always getting lost.



I call that "Foxy Followshot" after a friend's character.

No, but I did try once.

"Roleplaying" a drunken dwarf?



I think every Dwarf I know drinks to some extent... Still, I haven't had any of them try to impress me with the size of their "hammer."

I can't say I have... buuuutI have played an overly fluffy oddball kitty before... yeah now I am just a plain ol kitteh.

Thanks to Changeself, I can play them all! :D



I once changed race and became a dwarf purely so I wouldn't be so weak at hunting before the race changes... I am pretty sure I drank alot... but it was tequila... Back to Siren and nothing has changed I still drink tequila.

But not the drunken type no.


I did once try to roleplay a blind person, it didn't work that well within the confines of the universe.

In another MUD I played a clueless Monhkee who was actually a master thief.

i think i would have enjoyed seeing that


He was the best, sadly there was PERMA-death in that Mud and someone killed him just for fun.



Oh my character is pretty standard. I never tried odds character so far.



Seems racist.! D:

My character is completely normal! >_>

His only quirk is that he is a bit of a dandy. He also refuses to wear the color blue (not easy for a Cyrenian).

Can you be a dandy and not wear blue? You better check with the dandy rules committee!

...which brings out the colour of his eyes FAR better.

I'm just not good enough at rp to play an oddity without messing it up.

No, not yet. Some that were mentioned seem pretty fun, though.

I play a country boy rabbit.

Surely not everyone is a stereotype?  I am waiting to see someone as a plain old knight with a normal sword and shield

Not feasible pk-wise with current setup in Achaea, maybe that will change though!

Might be worth seeing for the sake of variety.

Yes, well that would be perhaps giving too much attention to knight classes and not the others one :(

I started as a poor igasho, not much intelligence (trouble speaking and comprehending), who through great personal effort has risen above to achieve far greater things... or something like that.

I played a raja which was ok, but it totally wasn't who my character is after a certain point. So, I RPed a race change, set up a story for how the change happened and I think playing a lascivious, boozy satyr is far more amusing. 

I played a tae'dae Illuminati in Lusternia, who called everyone else from Gaudiguch "friend". I modeled him after the tae'dae stereotype of thinking themselves much cleverer than they are (yes this was actually RP and not a verbatim projection of my personality). I encountered a bit of friction a couple of times from people who I suspect got a bit haughty about yet another overly affectionate idiot in their presence, which was interesting and not unexpected.

He was turned into a maggot once by Terentia, but I gather that happens about as often as Tuesday does, which made it a little less personal.

I've never been magotted by Her yet! Tae'dae are awesome, though.

Heh! What did you do to get maggoted?

I remember that character way back when I was learning MUDs, he was my favorite. I felt like I was truly interacting with a character in the game, and not just someone's IRL personality for the first time.


Boromblin, was it? Or something with a B.

Nothing off the walls.  Just an Atavian everyone nicknamed 'feathers' because she was so bubbly and bright.

I've played a mad ranting torch-wielding idiot of a holobomber that just wanted to see the world burn :)  Loads and loads of fun.


dunno how "odd" id call her but i have a dormant alt on achaea that is so hyper that she makes me tired just playing her... reason shes dormant...

In Aetolia I played an energetic imp in the Teradrim. He had lots of verbal mannerisms and physical antics going on. For about two days. Then he became undead, and lost all his personality. I didn't intend for his personality to completely evaporate, just for it to become more lifeless - but that more or less translated into "no personality at all". Someone in the guild made an OOC comment like, "Great, another emo undead," and I had to explain that I wasn't actually trying to do that. In retrospect it was a mistake to make him that way, because a character with no personality is no fun to play.



if people should look at it as strange, because the strangest sometimes comes the most natural to some people.

Yes I have.


i was an energetic imp in the teradrim guild too, wasn't as fun as the lycan though

why not

this may irritate people with constant suspensions of disbelief.


I don't tend to make off-the-wall characters because they take a lot of role-playing ability and concentration to maintain. The most off-the-wall character... A character whose twin brother left her utterly lost in a dark, very evil forest for months. She subsequently went crazy for a bit. Not too off-the-wall. The brother was definitely more off-the-wall, being possessed by demons and listening to graves and the like.

But I had a friend who played "Doc the Drunk" in Achaea.  Great fun!

I never have but it sounds like it would be fun.

I am a drunk dwarf.

I never considered being a Siren Sylvan odd, it just built on my character then someone in Mhalador asks me what my purpose was....which really there was no purpose until the changes made so you had a racial specialization.


However, Nars is a rather loving creature, with her odd obsession with butterflies, which I'm not revealing the whole story! If I did it wouldn't be fun to meet her. Her being sylvan kinda added to her love of butterflies, its nature and no I don't mean how Eleusis views it either...its just a natural beautfy that she enjoys and strives to preserve where others don't befriending the creatures or becoming attached to certain animals.

Really, I try to stick to just one main character...and the odd stuff he does is small, most won't notice the quirks. Keeps it interesting when people do pick up on it though!

That was interesting room for RP to get infested by a lucidian spirit!


Bit confused...

I like the little quirks, instead of being fully off the wall 'look at meee' all the time, I prefer the private roleplay that can have small but lasting effects, on mannerisms, affectations, physiology even.

Oddities like this add a great  eccentricity to games for me. I mean, it'd be aggravating if they were everywhere, but done well, they make things more fun.


A drunken dwarf!

Stereotypes are easy to play, at least, but they get boring fast.

I agree with Lianca, little quirks can go a long way in building a character and have a better chance of not becoming  overbearing.

My source of inspiration.

(Not really, but it does make for a black hole of reading and time lost.)

Tropebombing is the best (worst) form of trolling. You can waste hours of someone's life.

I can spend a day there, sleep, wake up with the tab open, and keep going.

I can spend a day there, sleep, wake up with the tab open, and keep going.

I have

It's who I am

If you haven't role-played a drunken Dwarf you haven't lived.

I think sometimes that the instantanious roleplay is some of the best and allows those willing to try a chance to shine on their own

Never had

Wasn't in a MUD, but the most challenging character I can think of taking on was one where I focused everything I had into mastering multiple types of weaponry, only to invent a cult for him who believed they would fight in a great battle at the end of the time, and were sworn not to kill a soul until then.

I always try to remember things like wings, fur, tails, horns etc. when emoting - different races can give you lots of interesting little nervous tics to play with. Some rajas twitch their tails, grecht (bat people) might complain about their wings being cramped in their clothes, etc.


It sounds like fun but I am usually thinking about other things.


I have not

Unless you force your rp on other people. I won't pay any attention to a drunken nobody with a terrible text accent.


but I have thought of playing a necrophiliac. Does that count?


I vote to put in pk cause for oddities

Cannot say I have

I once played a deaf womanizer who also doubled as a kind of detective.  Did not work out so well, but was interesting!

A silence raja who just likes to listen to the world around her and mind her own business.

I cant say i have

I'm sure this has been noted, but how is a druken dwarf an 'oddity'?

Not yet

Depends how lazy I am feeling!


I wouldn't call a Drunken Dwarf an oddity!

I'm starting to realize how rare unattractive characters are. I like my Illithoid being ugly and not easily mistaken for a human.

Sofie's a human character, but kind of big and ugly, which I think is kind of unusual for a human female. Her name is amusingly incongruous with her looks. It's not that unusual to have scary looking male-characters, but it is for females, I think.

I get excited when I find female characters that aren't beautiful. Moreso when they're actually ugly. A few years ago a character of mind was reprimanded by superiors for not being attractive (no, not a Shadowdancer).

Illithoid are so cool, mine was rather alien looking. My brother described him as, "Protoss like." which...I was a Protoss Jaffa? Awesome.


Yeah, illithoid is a cool race. Though, it seems to me, they might kinda be based off of another fantasy race I can think of... just a little. ;D

I am one..

Don't forget the scottish accent.

You're not a real Achaean until you've roleplayed as a drunken dwarf.

one more expectation I won't be able to meet :D



I have not

nor my axe

Me neither

Korri's rp is kind of fun for me, though I'm sure it pisses a few people off. I'm trying to find that perfect balance for him though.

When I made Manni I had no clue what to expect. I just did what sounded fun, while trying to figure out what the hell was happening

That's basically what I'm doing.

I have not



Playing a stupid goblin at the moment - loving it

I once played a goblin mage in D&D!

And incidentally, I've got a character in Sar-Sargoth now, and the goblems are frickin' awesome!

I'd like to note that a drunken dwarf is less of an oddity than a fantasy cliche - not that can't be done well, of course! A dwarf with a very delicate constitution and palate who is constantly remarking on this and has the manner and speech of an Edwardian gentleman - now THAT would be an oddity!

I've never played a drunken dwarf, but I have played a drunken Mhun.

Why are dwarves typecast as drunks, anyway? Of all fictional RPG races, why freaking dwarves?

and thus uncouth? Or maybe the Scottish/Russian typecasting led to the drinking? Though, wait - wasn't dwarf drinking already a big thing in Tolkien? I can't remember...

Dwarves aren't for me.

I'm much too vain. And when I do play less attractive races, I usually go all the way ugly, or at the very least something more out there than a frickin' dwarf.

It just doesn't seem as imaginative for me personally, and generally doesn't fit with who I am anyhow.

Neither for me. I'd hate to have to shave every-freaking-day.

Recently, citymate had brain replaced with sludgeworm, which I thought was kinda fun, quirky RP.

Grudar is a troll that speaks early modern english, though this is a product of his raising. Regardless, it has raised an eyebrow, though hopefully never pissed anyone off.


Though I've just met him. Anyway, who are these people who get pissed off at too much or too colorful of RP? Go play WoW or something. Geez. ;D


 Being drunk is a weakness. How about playing a dwarf that loves to dig holes and hates being outside. After all arent dwarves known for mining and such?


An Alcoholic, harmless pervert style Dwarf character who had a thing for ladies behinds. To the point where one night of improv suddenly had me writing up his poem "Ode to Asses"


They're hilarious characters if done right, or outright batshit mental and lethal if done right in a totally different way.

This is stupid hahaha.




I have not









I just got called a drunken dwarf the other day.

I've tried, but there was never anyone to talk to, so I gave up.

Once, but I lacked the motivation to keep it going.

I generaly don't like dwarves.   Mostly cause there are a lot more etractive races to play. how vain is that? :(

I once saw someone play a blind char and thought that'd be really neat to try but, I'd have to come up with  some reasonthe curitive for blindness wouldn't work on him.

not really.

I saw a mute char trying to talk by writing everything on a board around their neck, that was annoying.

I suppose it depends on the circumstance but role playing with someone like that can be really worth while. Then again things like that with good intentions can turn out really poorly. I usually mull crazy ideas like that for a day or two if not a week. It's prevented quite a few silly ideas ever seeing the light of day.

Not yet

Loboshigaru monk is common-ish?

Not enough bear fights in Aetolia, seriously.

Being odd/original is hard in these parts

that is not easy task..

The candle that burns twice as bright lasts half as long.


The candle that burns twice as bright that lasts half as long, Illuminates more of the darkness allowing one to see that which they seek

a trickster goblin is fun to RP



I frequently play odd-ball characters, so who knows what the weirdest one was. Out of the characters I'm currently playing, though, it'd probably have to be this one witch who basically traded her sanity for immortality, Lovecraft-style. She's generally irrational, doesn't particularly care about social taboos, and will eat just about anything. Also, someone she fell in love with died, so the source of her immortality gave her a zombie cat made from his corpse to make her feel better/stop crying about it.

I've always played pretty straight forward.


Burnor was a cool character to play as.  He always drunk and was an okay person to play as.  It was kind of annoying because I would always make him too drunk to do anything and then I would die from alcohol poisoning.  It is a lot of fun if you can do it right...

Always thought it was too stereotypical.

nope, but I have known a few in my time.

My two characters I stuck with for any lenght on time on Achaea were thought out but not oddities... I sought out to play someone just absolutely insane on Lusternia when it first opened and it was ridiculous fun but it gets kinda stressful after awhile to keep up something that intense.

A Faerie being possessed by a mutated humanoid abomination with a level of bloodlust that went beyond anything else in the game.  It spent it's time either fighting constantly in a wave of bloodlust that killed anything near it while doing everything it could to keep them alive and in pain as long as possible.  It routinely captured, tortured, and released it's favorite playthings with new marks and brands to show for it - and it loved learning about biology and physiology to better use.


Along with the sheer brutality of it, the thing had a passing interest in psychology and a love of just screwing with people's heads.  "Oh no, here comes the horrible monst..is it rubbing against us and purring like a cat?"


There was almost never a plan for it, and it was more a force of nature than anything else.  It was a LOT of fun to play.

... a Dwarfaholic?

...tried a dwarfaholic yet, but I have tried a few other races and classes!

i've been drunk in RL a lot lately, does that count?


Never have and most likely never will



...that ISN'T drunk all the time.


I try to avoid becoming an 'oddity', but I guess Tsol'aa being just a version of elves, I've played the whole proud elf role. Not many of us were Monks though, so at least I wasn't a forestal. Think it was only Keneanung and I for a while without gems.

I play a Rajamala that doesn't act like a house cat



... is a common racial stereotype an "oddity"? You want to play an oddity, play a Returned Moredhel in Midkemia, or a vampire in Aetolia willing to risk his life to protect the lives of others, or a Dracnari of Gaudiguch that never drinks, never parties, and always lives by the rules.

what this guy said

Agreed, all these sound much more like a challenge.

Agreed, all these sound much more of a challenge than a drunken dwarf.

credit comment



A drunken dwarf is an oddity? Lol

I'm double dipping this one!

nope no nej neine njet





With this guy

there are other types of dwarves?! :-)

Yeah definitely drunked dwarves are not an oddity.

I'm afraid I'm not really a diversified roleplayer. I tend to stick to one general character theme (mostly lawful good or neutral good) because I'm just that good at it, heh!

sure have

drunken dwarf? all the time!