How to Grind in MMORPGs the Easy Way

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Grinding: the process of engaging in repetitive and/or boring tasks not pertaining to the story line of the role playing game.


Being an avid gamer in all realms of the word – from board games to online role playing games, you come across the "Grind” almost everywhere you look. In simplistic terms, the grind is a treadmill of sorts that game creators implement to extend the life of their games. It's asking players to do something they don't want to do, usually when they'd prefer to be doing something else. Grinding doesn’t simply imply leveling up or gathering experience points. It stems out much farther than that – for instance, “The Grind” can be seen in most every avenue of gaming – from MMO’s, to Racing games, to even cellphone based RPG games.


Grinding in MMOs is a headache that (almost) nobody enjoys. However, despite the complaints about grinding, players generally enjoy the payoff they get from going through it. Grinding is a matter of perception; For the people who play MMO’s with the intent of running high-end arenas or seeing the end game, the leveling up is a grind… but to more casual player who never aspires to those things, the leveling up is the reward.  Whether your goal is to simply level your character, or acquire a unique and rare item that is a massive challenge to get, you’ll have to face the grind at some point. Here are five common ways to break the monotony of the “Grinding Experience” most gamers covet in their search for rare and precious rewards!


Zoning Out / Multitasking

This is a fairly common tactic among the individuals who can multitask rather well. Simply distracting yourself from the matter at hand, whether it’s watching a movie in the background, listening to Music, or conversing with a friend – Pulling yourself back a step is incredibly effective at helping the rpg game grind pass with haste.


Create Competition

Experience goals can be rather easy to blow off; Instead, create competition with a friend! Whether it’s a small wager or a full blown “slap of the glove" challenge, competition has never hurt anyone. Defeating someone, even if you’ve never met them, gives you a great boost of enthusiasm towards your goal! Even if you lose the challenge, you’re still drastically farther towards your goal than you were before you started!


Break it up!

Breaking up the monotony that is “The Grind” is one of the best steadfast ways to knock out an rpg game goal or target. Limiting yourself to small amounts of time a day, every day, will ensure that the grind isn’t that at all – It becomes an enjoyable part of the rpg game itself!


Adopt alternative responsibility

Sometimes, having a constant distraction can be a good thing. Alternative responsibilities – from managing an rpg game Guild, to helping out the newbies will create several breaks that you may not realize you need! 


Create a constant subtle reminder

Whether it’s a small text bar always displayed to show your rpg game progress, timed alerts on your phone, or any other subtle cue; having a constant reminder in view will keep your goals on the forefront of your to-do lists. People often operate subconsciously off of goals that the end is in sight of. 


Have any other suggestions? Comment below!


William Wolf is a role playing enthusiast who enjoys the best rpg games from Iron Realms!


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I like to listen to music when grinding.


I agree music or videos on my other screen can be good if I am grinding somewhere that doesn't take too much effort or focus.

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What he said.


And how!

With the need of said grind it would behoove many to see the aspect balancing issues attended too.  It's the single thing that has kept me away from my grind to aspect :(

Stop being lazy and get grinding. :P the most tedious thing ever. Trying to grind for my xp quota everyday sucks but I actually do all of these things and they do help make it less painful.


I agree completely, especially after you hit the 80s. Then it's just a pain to go through. 


Shallam is one of the hardest cities to be apart of if you plan on getting dragon. I salute the people of Shallam that actually do and have made it. *Salute*

Funny thing is that they do it to themselves.

Oh god.... I would never want to try that >.>

I enjoy hunting.

I keep in mind, how much gold I make and what artefact I'll get next.


I enjoy the payoff.

I don't enjoy the hunting. >.>


Gets to me when I run out curatives I need right in the middle of combat. Most notably healing potions, and mana. Such a pain, praying I get the killing blow before I have to run and pray it doesn't catch me.

Looking at the reward has always helped me deal with the "grind." Along with other things, music et cetera.

with Calleis. It's frustrating to see people passing me like hunting's nothing. I'm lucky to get 5-10% ahead on my level each time I log in.

It is tedious for sure, but I use most of the techniques mentioned and they do help alot. Specially just have a one level, or recently a half level a day goal. Helps alot.

Having a day goal is hard when you reach 80+ IMO, I prefer to focus on ranking (now, I try to gain 1 position every day / two days, and this works quite well !


Hmmm, now it's really to hard to gain 1 position per day, even when I bash during hours :(



Hmm. I might try this 1 rank position each day. Though sometimes they come pretty close together, and sometimes come far apart. But yes, little steps of achievement are good.

same here.  i absolutely loathe hunting, milking, forging, and harvesting/gathering are just as bad, at least i know with those activities i'm not going to get killed if i run out of curing.

Nothing can cure the grind.

Achievements sure do make it easier though.

I wants achievements in MKO :(

I like to do the Karma cycle. I hunt to fill karma, not for levels, then Karma bless Harmony and hunt to try to hold onto it until it runs out of time. Its a great way of not looking at how little experience I'm gaining.

I used to do that as well. Then I realised I'd rather have gold than karma, and started bashing in areas that let you turn in corpses for gold. I get less XP but more cool stuff.


ow does that compare to begging for money/XP?


Charity influencing (since that's more than just begging) is a decent way to get gold at lower levels, and during events when there's a high demand for esteem needles. Tosha monks are a good spot, assuming you're not running into everyone with a face.

If you want to change it up, see if your city/commune is offering rewards for influencing certain villages (most do) and influence those. You  lose out on the ease of Tosha, but you help your community, and your influencing arcs get longer, so you have less down time between runs.

Once you hit higher levels, it's more efficient in terms of time and energy to just go hunt things to turn in, as they'll drop gold, and their corpses will hopefully net you a tidy profit. Likewise, the areas where you'll be hunting for gold are likely also the spots you should be going for experience.

You know... I've never had a problem with gold. Just using the amount that is dropped from corpses. I'm about to pass 100K and I haven't been playing that long. Living a spartan lifestyle helps, but I can't imagine spending money faster than I'm earning it at this point.

Try converting your gold to credits. You'll change your mind :D


Or save up for an aethership

I didn't realize you could do that...

The grind shall not be dennied.

The best bashing is not bashing at all!

I don't grind. I gather scholars and bards, quest in Paavik and Stewartsville, kill some slimes, pack my gold and call it a day. I also never do anything without Blessing of Harmony up. It's served me well, it's enjoyable, and now I'm up to 69th circle, and I'll keep it up until I'm 80th.


At which point I'll break down and cry.

Preeeetty much. The worst part is getting near the 91st circle, and realizing you are, in reality, only about halfway to demigod.

Whats funny is that the term "grinding" was stolen from hip-hop lingo. Rappers say they're "grinding" or they're "on their grind" which means hustling and selling drugs. It's funny that MMORPG gamers have adopted the term for any strenuous, finger-cramp inducing activity (safe from being shot at etc).

I like it though, oddly enough :).

Funny enough, one could use staying on their grind so they can grind while they grind.

I always assumed it came from 'nose to the grindstone', which means working hard at any tedious task to the exclusion of all else.


That is what I've always thought too. It makes sense to me that way.

Grinding just sucks period. End of story.


I wholeheartedly endorse this message.


To grind or not to grind. That is the question..

Oh, grinding. Grinding while you grind.

I can't tell if I like the grind or the reward. Either way I grind way too much.

I'm grinding right now. It sucks, but I hope the reward is worth it in the end.

breaking up work is how i can even be motivated to do it. in between chores and boring tasks, i can log on to Achaea, take a break, and start work again.


You only enjoy the fruits of your labour when you work for it. A game without grinding will easily bore people as quickly as it can attract. Plough the fields with labour and enjoy the fruits with vigour.

I was bored by bashing things one month ago, but the xp week contest (we had only one week in MKO) and some quests made me want to bash again. I was lvl 80 three weeks ago, now 83, I don't think that I have ever levelled up that fast.

(Is the daily post on here a kind of grinding ?)

Great Hunts also really help to break up the constants. It's almost like all of those things listed above, save for one thing. There is never any where to bash during them..

Great hunts are often the week-end, and I can play only during the week ... (or mostly)

Is it a kind of grinding? yes, but free credits are worth it.

... is the only way to that shinny new level, heh.

It's Skinner Box, right? >_>

It can help to look for variation in small things, like hunting with a partner, or changing your usual hunting areas.

I love hunting with a partner. Makes the whole experience more enjoyable.

Definitely concur on the Competition!


When I was going from Level 99 - 100 on Lusternia, I celebrated each 10% as a level. Kept me sane. 

Breaking big tasks into little chunks works well for me too. It's kind of a way of fooling your brain to focus on the positive rather than the slog.

I try to listen to music...but even that gets montonous over time while grinding. Suppose i'll have to actually start watching tv while I do. Let's hope something good is on the Discovery Channel.

Having a TV in the room definitely helps make grinding less tedious! 

My pet hate about grinding how a single burst of lag can ruin the hours you have put in, or how a single stripper can destroy the plants you have been growing. Oh well, I suppose that is what makes it grinding!

If I can't find anyone to hunt with, I catch up on Glee from my DVR. :)

don't agree with the last one, that'll only keep on reminding you of how slow it's going..

Yes and no. The "% to Dragon" script is what got me there.

but for me it's moss

did the web page muck up for everyone just now? 

could we use the word "grind" another 100 times on this page? 

could we use the word "grind" another 100 times on this page? 


I enjoy it for the most part but I need to have a few areas in rotation so it's not literally the same thing over and over and over again. I do like the familiarity of the process and knowing that my  character is growing from it. It opens up the door to a lot of other possibilities.



I haven't tried grinding with a show or movie on, but I imagine that's a good way to get through a season of something while doing some bashing.

That's true for sure. It makes grinding a lot easier.

I pick items that I want to buy like furniture and hunt the gold to achieve them getting experience along the way. I like getting twice the results for my time.

work pretty well.  Finally a good article!

I'll start my grind someday lol

no such thing...there is ALWAYS the GRIND! Unfortunately... there's no way around it.

Multi-tasking helps a ton with the 'dragon grind'. Also, hunting with a friend, and chatting on party makes time fly by - and even though the experience you both gain is shared - time will fly by much faster, than if you're solo-hunting. So instead of a 1 hr solo-hunt for 10% xp, you could hunt with a friend and enjoy it over the course of 2 hours for the same amount of experience --- but MORE fulfillment, MORE gold and MORE essence (if you're into that kind of thing!) It took me a long time to reach dragonhood, but I'm so glad I didn't sacrifice all my roleplay (which so many do). When I wasn't busy with something, I would hunt. If a novice needed help - I'd immediately stop and assist. If a friend wanted to chat, or join me - I'd invite them. In addition to this though, if I was meandering along and something crossed my path (and wasn't innocent) - it would usually die moments later, and i'd continue happily along my way!


That's one thing that was disappointing when I came to IRE games. The previous mud I played gave bonuses to experience based on how many players were in the party. It really allowed folks to want to hunt together and do certain tasks like helping to heal others, etcetera. Many things could be soloed still for those who wished to do soloing, but with the incentive to hunt with others by gaining experience quicker, it was not as common for folks to solo.

I find multitasking makes grinding seem a bit faster to me. Otherwise taking a friend along and talking in party at the same time helps.

I'll try to keep this in mind

I'm always listening to music. I have my own, personal soundtrack for Achaea.

With the competition aspect. The only way I beat Darogan in the experience competition last week was by competing with Anaidiana. Otherwise, I would have just slacked off and settled for 7th or 8th place.


That and having a different goal than to level helps too. Earning gold is how I still get levels. That, and exploring new places to grind. It's not too bad to grind in a totally new area while reading the LOOK description of every room. But the same place over and over gets repetitive fast.


the grind takes some fun out of it, fur sure

To some extent, grinding helps to hide the horrible thing that happens when you reach max level: You look around, say "What now?" and suddenly it's not as much of a reward.

I normally am always Grinding, and I prefer to watch a movie or listen to music, it seems to make things go a lot faster. Plus I set goals for myself, to catch up to certain people and prove that I'm not going to be lazy about it. 

...Fearing the Grind from 91 onward... Oh, its going to hurt..

Hopefully not to much longer to Demigod for me!

Great advice, bashing can be very monotonous and tedious.

I enjoy the grind, i tend to go for areas with mobs and quests my character would generally have beef with and commence the slaughter. In my mind its just as valid as a roleplay outlet as roleplaying with city/guild/order. Awesome article.

Grinding for experience? In Lusternia?


Aetherhunting ftw!

If I end up with .5% more a day, I did my job that day, imo. :)

I average around 30% a day... of course I'm only level 69...

Movies and music, always movies and music.

Yep.. When it comes to the grind, setting up weekly goals is the best thing to do. And even if you don't meet your mark, you can always try again next week...


..Aetherhunts rocks. More aetherhunts plz, Xarc!

grind grind grind..

Semi auto-bashing has been a life saver for me.


All excellent suggestions, think I've done each of them at least once on the road to Dragonhood!

ugh, bashing.

Get a good circle of friends. Talk to them while you grind. Social + grind.



Check out that bard art. Whooop. Sup, Wysrias.

Of course the weekranks events also helped me get Logosian while pushing me to hunt


Grinding is the worst. Especially in Achaea where levels above 100 are disadvantaged with no real reason.

I use the first and fourth a lot, definitely good with zoning out

Why does "Create a constant subtle reminder" scream out to me... "signs of addiction"?

While I get that the grind is a good way to keep people playing the games, I often think games tend to go overboard in the amount of grinding grinding. The fun should come from enjoying the area and playing the game, not feeling the need to kill a million npcs to get that last level so that then you can start playing.


I'm not sure where this idea comes from, that you have to be Demi (or Dragon, or whatever) in order to 'play' an IRE game. I have two chars, one with nearly sixty days logged, a respected member of his community, has a family, is important within his guild, designs and writes like mad. The other just runs around giving benedictions to everyone he passes on the streets and giggles a lot. Neither of them is level 100, both of them I consider to be 'playing' Lusty. I personally find the obtuseness of quests is a bigger barrier to 'playing' than some obsessive-compulsive need to grind.

The point should not be to let people ignore grinding, it should be to REMOVE it.


This thought process that people wont care if we let them do other stuff is BS. Grinding is the worst way to allow people to advance.

Excellent article. I am often listening to a podcast or something in the background. I highly recommend or anything from


I really need to follow some of these tidbits of advice. I need tekal :(

Thank you for a great article!


So true

on everything.


Good advice. 

I like the grinding when I feel anti social and just want to get something done, probably because I always have a to-do list of things I'd like to accomplish, grinindg my way through them helps keep me focused

with Valonah

I love bashing. I don't consider it tedious at all.


For this article and for Digg credits.


bashing can be hard





@ Llandyr


If double experience artifacts were cheaper, or if they didn't decay or expire, they would be awesome...or maybe changed to be 24 in game hours versus 24 hours period



It helps a lot to focus on having a smaller goal to your ultimate goal. For example, get to level 80 and then completely forget about the grind so you can recharge. When you feel ready for more, try going for 85 and repeat.

I find for me. That simply taking two or more days off from the game helps a lot. Limiting time on it each day can help too. But for me getting completely away from the game helps. And then I go at it with new energy when I come back.


To grind successfully, you must learn how to kill things continuously without dying yourself.

... to do great at it. Success doesn't require perfection, though, and the key is more... to die little enough that you have a net experience gain in the process that meets your needs. In fact, in MKO, there was a while in which the experience difference between two 'consecutive' bashing areas for a given level character was so high that, even with deaths, the higher level area granted considerably more experience... been a while since I could bring myself to bash, now, however.

It's that thing...where you do it until your eyes bleed...and they bleed hard...and you die of hemorage...and inattentiveness. And then you do it again! Gods I hate grinding.

That is the perfect, only realistic way to describe it.

Nice tips.



This weekranks idea this month has really gotten me back into grind of bashing.


Grinding is such a good way to describe it, I can't even bring myself to hunt to eighty.

Very occasionally i found hunting fun, 90% of the time it was dull and repeative and i died many times because i was too busy watching a film instead of pressing my bashing macro. Does give you something to do when you are stuck in a hospital though.

Grinding is so tedious, best to break it up with pK!


No matter what you try, it'll still be monotonous and boring imo >__>

i'm afraid of getting bit by a thief when i try to multitask.




But what happens when there is nothing but the IC grind and it no longer becomes a get away ? I get that from time to time the lack of fun or what not, no goals.


I will say though, when it's great it is the perfect getaway.

Actually the grind for muds isn't nearly as bad as it was for WoW.  



I'm almost there, and it's getting more and more painful. The nice thing is that I'm nolonger 1000's of percent away, but just a few hundred. That has been a great motivator.

I've always used the "grind" to occupy the times that other roleplayers aren't to be found, or when waiting for a certain event or meeting to begin. Check QW, don't see any of the faces I know or enjoy, grind for experience or gold for a while, then check QW to see if anyone new is around.

Replace shrubbing with a giant area with 1000 denizens that run whenever hit and decrease xp when killed. You can either kill them all or wait for your release from GRINDING PURGATORY! muhahahah

RP is a decent break from anything :D

The grind is an evil, evil thing. I found taking on city positions made things much more interesting, though not always in a good way ;)

It burns!

For me the, first 40 levels were an absolute pleasure, because I started playing about a week before a double-experience great hunt started!


Levels 70-80... not quite so much fun

i prefer a nice task or quest


Grouping or Parting takes a huge chunk out of grinding. I think there should be more incentive to party/group while grinding.

Agreed! More than just little boosts like squads. Even if the hunting had to be slowed down.

Lose it. Pro advice.

I am king at multitasking

I just got so bored of grinding on mobs that I pretty much just don't bother with it anymore, myself



I'm totally not listening to Glee while grinding.


All I do right now is bash. Sometimes learning something new takes too long haha

yeh, i often will zone out.  try not to go afk though.

grinding comments

The ideas, and often use each. I do find that PK is a great way to break up the bulk of it, but other than that - this seems spot on

I break it up by exploring.  Sometimes i just decide i don't care if i get killed and go new places


just find a new grind (hey, that rhymes!)


Achaea is great for having so many different ways to grind.


Helps if you get raided a lot and are good at defending to snag kills of dragons.

I tried the multitasking when I was making the grind to 100 and it seemed as though I got to distracted and I wasn't making any progress. But I did just focus on the end and now I'm level 105. So It worked!

I had a friend set a goal for me and we bet on if I was going to hit it by a certain time. I did and I won! I'm almost aspect now. Pretty excited!

On games without easy options (like Aethercraft or AFK influencing in Lusternia) I think it's best to just hunt regularly normally and go into overdrive on double xp days and promotions. This is likely really obvious, but it made 101 easier on MKO and progress was less frustrating when you can see yourself rising more quickly than you would otherwise.

It's not necessarily ideal for getting the largest amount of exp when you're sharing it amongst 4 or 5 people in your party, but it's lots of fun and really, really fast. The small amount of exp you gain for each kill is compensated by the fact that you pretty much get a kill every 5 seconds or so.

Leveling as a low-level newbie the Iron Elite is quite doable.

Even with the aim of the top tier levels (endgame varies per IRE game), there really IS plenty to do aside from grinding mindlessly. It's all about being IN the world of the RP...

Though not enough, it seems. Grinding to me is nothing but rubbing in comparison for other people. Psh...

Same as some others here, I grind when I can't accomplish anything else in the realms; when I seem to be omnipresent but actually having to log-off anytime.

Hate to abandon parties, city defense, etc.... hate to even just abruptly leave a chat with another adventurer...

And lots of it

I like alternitive responcibilities to break up the grind.  I use it myself.

ah grinding, I wonder what a game would be without it

Number one has done a lot for me, but it doesn't help when I don't feel like doing much. The Great Hunt recently created the competition, along with the main incentive! Both worked, although I'm not that competitive.


I mainly liked to look at the immediate results of hunting: gold. Getting 100 can do wonders for you, but you still need credits.

Grinding is only fun when you're 99.9% done, every other moment sucks terribly.

I set myself a goal of a least 5% exp per day. Not sure if it will work all the way to dragon though


These tips for breaking the monotony of the grind are great and I follow most of them. I usually listen to music when I can, to make the time more enjoyable and try and break big goals into small achievable ones.

I usually have the tv on in the background when I'm bashing for hours on end... Otherwise I get to the point I want to kill myself

TV box sets are a must!

What a helpful article! :)


The only time I get excited about "excessive bashing" is when it's a double xp weekend or something.

There's really no such thing as easy grinding unless you are illegally auto-bashing and AFK or something.

I find if you take it a chunk at a time (eg. an hour a day) then "the grind" isn't awful.  At least, you don't burn out nearly as fast as if you sat down with a sixpack of redbull and pushed through for 18 hours straight.  When I get tired I tend to make mistakes, which is counterproductive...

100% nice advice!



Write essays while you fish!

I just roleplay and the grinding takescareof itself. Ifigure I'll get there when I get there.

Grinding is a nessary evil I need to start doing.

I hunt I do not grind!

I was using this article to zoom out while grinding. Also, having someone hunting with you or chatting helps.

I drag around newbs just to talk to them while they leech off my exp. It makes me less lonely.

I totally agree!

I usually find it best to hunt when I'm desperately trying to outpace someone, or combat them in a Divine-offering contest in the Realms.

Exactly. Hunting is so boring, I only do it for great hunts / offerings.

but but, the arpee is missing if you just power bash :(

I actually enjoy the grind.Bashing can get monotonous, but thinking of it as a game itself or challenge or, just to add that next 100k, makes it fun for me.

it'd be interesting to see what these new traits do to the grind

Great suggestions to help grinding not become so boring. Now all I have to do is implement them, I WILL make dragon someday. No really.

I spend most of my time grinding for gold and levels just because I don't have to depend on anyone else to make my time enjoyable.

yay grinding.

Due to the fact that I play on a cell phone. I used to enjoy grinding. But the only thing I can hunt safely is in the sewers. I even die in there. Ugh I hate grinding but it is a never ending chore to get my artifact mace



Competition is my personal favorite.

still no


Grinding in MUDs is much more of a boring activity than grinding in other games because of a lack of an auto-battle feature.

I hate grinding in all its forms.

As someone who is constantly (over)thinking, it's nice to turn off the brain with various monotonous activities. However, I also do other things on the side, such as browsing the Web, watching TV, or working on my combat system.

Nice tips, though I just make odd scripts for things - aggro tracking, critical tracking, kill counting etc.

You never get to bash nonestop without your scripts.. period..

zzz hunting sucks

I prefer nice, long, rewarding quests. Honors line Quests

When I still had to worry about endurance I would go around hunting, and when I was out of endurance I would go around hunting. Rinse, lather, repeat.  Now I will hunt a bit and then relax a bit, getting things done or just catching up with people.

back to bashing..

Bashing is fun! /wrists

I dislike bashing/grinding/hunting, if only because it's incredibly boring, and if I afk for a bit, it's even possible I'll get jumped/lolPVPed. But music definitely helps.

Also! In MKO magicians can open warps, that let out wyrms that are good for bashing! It's actually a very exciting way to get some exp, even though eventually you will run out of warps to open, as you'll remove them faster than they can form, probably. But still, I do enjoy that kind of bashing, as it's a lot more dynamic.

information here

I like hopscotch

I haven't been able to hunt a long since the trait changes....willpower drains too quickly now.

More margerine and More butter!  *laughs* 


Everyone wants the next "defining" thing that draws in a crowd ^^  Though each game needs to express itself their own unique and seperate ways.

Definately need to multi-task to grind, which gets tricky when the mobs get stronger. Still, without a distraction I wouldn't have gotten to the hard mobs anyways.

boring. An unfortunate necessity. Ho hum.

If I could only learn how to nap while grinding...

If you have a job, quit that. It will only interfere

Music. Although I've found that something too relaxing can still be bad. If you really want to bash to the best of your abilities, put something on with a good number of BPM so you stick to the pace. Also, various "epic music" remixes can make it an epic experience.

I do this too.


Me too!

I have got to find a way to do this. Perhaps a radio.

I can't multi-task well. I've just made sure to do grinding in moderation. I can't bloody focus on walking AND chewing bubble gum.

92 and 65%, still a long way to go. I try and multitask with two windows open or listen to music. And, of course, a bunch of House/clan channels to keep me engaged. Halfway but things should speed up according to all those who already got dragon.

i have been killing orcs trying to get the achievements... mind's all bored and stuff...

that I could just motivate to grind.

Grinding gets boring when the exp res get larger.

one of my favorite articles

there is no easy way to grind. this article is a lie!