Bug fixes and other adjustments

Date: 7/19/2010 at 10:07
From: Garryn
To : Everyone
Subj: Bug fixes and other adjustments

I have loaded a bunch of bug fixes and other adjustments, details are as follows:

Artifact-related changes

- The silver spade artifact can now be used to DIG and BURY items. Unlike regular shovels, it will never get destroyed

- The stonewall artifact no longer uses up stone commodities in the arena


- EMBRACE SPIRIT will now work regardless of capitalisation

- You can once again use SLEEP while resting in Sloth bond

- Attempting to follow an elusive player while phased will produce a correct message now


- The second slash of DSL will not go through if you lose the sword during the first slash

- DEFEND will no longer activate if the defender is blackwinded

- STAND FIRM will no longer show the balance loss before the skill message

- Anything that can be referred to as "glove", "gloves", or "gauntlets" should now work as a falconry glove

- The IMPALE message should now respect gender

- Fixed a problem causing RAZESLASH to stop after the raze if you have one broken arm

- DISENGAGE will now show a message if you aren't engaging anyone


- Incorrect syntax of REFILL will now explain the usage of flasks instead of sending people to Rythanis


- STAFFCAST hitting an opponent's shield repeatedly should no longer cause the equilibrium loss to stack

- STONEFIST damage should be consistent now


- I believe that I have fixed the problem causing bolt throwers to move people through gates. If it happens again, please report it with as many details as possible


- SPUR CHIMERA SKYWARDS will no longer work in canopied rooms. This also applies to the Chariot tarot


- GROVE LIGHTNING no longer bypasses reflections

- Groves can no longer be ported to commodity shops

- GROVE HINDER no longer affects graced targets

- GROVE RAIN should work correctly once again


- The third-party message for a snowshoe hare will now show its target correctly

- GRAB will no longer move people through closed gates. This also applies to SHIELD THROW and the boomerang artifact

- Being impaled and dragged around no longer causes you to continue following the impaler upon writhing out


- SUMMON DAEGGER message is Imperian-specific now

- passive strikes from DAEGGER HUNT should no longer trigger kai deliverance

- DEMON STAIN will now be removed when leaving arena


- You can use player names with ANIMATE and POSSESS

- You can no longer evoke soulspears during events with no experience loss

- Messages for DRAW HEART and SOULSTORM should no longer contain Achaean references

- VENGEANCE should be properly cleared when switching professions

- Undeath status will be restored upon leaving the arena to what it was when entering

- Undeath status now shows on DEFENCES


- You can no longer extract truenames during events with no experience loss

- ASTRALFORM is now correctly considered an aggressive action, which means that it removes shield and rebounding defences when used

- Extracting a TRUENAME no longer drains sanguis if it fails due to no suitable corpse being present


- SKYWATCH messages are no longer swapped

- FARSIGHT correctly displays the equilibrium message at the end

- GLANCE GROUND/TREES can no longer be done without equilibrium

- Docent shells using locating abilities will no longer trigger the Warning defence


- The INS/OUTS commands are now available as soon as you get the Fashion ability, even if you don't have FlingDarts yet

- You can only use WOLFHUNT if you actually have the ability in Predation

- All delayed travel skills (heirloom return, swifttrack, wolfhunt) will now be stopped if the user is hindered

- PALMING will be properly cleared if you inrift the palmed item


- THe WUNJO message from a totem should no longer be showing strange objects


- WORM TREMORS OFF should work correctly now

- Lipreading should now work correctly while phased

- BLOCKING is now listed in DEFENCES


- SMITH should no longer take endurance if it fails due to no forge or materials being present


- Attempting to THRUSTKICK a non-existant icewall will produce a more suitable message


- STAR cards will no longer hit players in campgrounds and canopied rooms. This also applies to meteor arrows

- CREATOR cards no longer let you create illusions of unlimited lengths


- An intimidated mount will now properly dismount its rider before running away


- Mind locking messages no longer include titles


- Failed PUNCTURE attempts no longer include titles


- Spelling in the KAWIS message fixed when it strips levitation


- Removed the * next to Escape in AB WARDANCE, as it is not comboable


- WEAPONLIST and ARMORLIST now include decay time

Other changes

- Attempting to freeze someone in a freezetag will no longer take equilibrium if you already are off-equilibrium. It will, however, take equilibrium if the target isn't found in the specified direction

- Aspects will now receive the correct message when losing a monolith due to inactivity

- The Moradeim and Sukhder obelisk powers can no longer be used while phased

- A couple typos were fixed


Penned by my hand on the 21st of Aequitas, in the year 613 AD.