Your Limmerick

Date: 3/28/2014 at 21:45
From: Celestial Crythor Iytha
To : Charming Carouser Subotai Ysav'rai, Apprentice Harlot
Subj: Your Limmerick

There once was a Minstrel who drank all the beer,
And to his table he would most firmly adhere.
So heavy was he when the spent wine flowed,
That he couldn't stand to reach the commode!
So I say his seat became not a bench, but a pier!

I recall there was a harlot from Gaudiguch,
Sailing away from a most wild debauch,
On a tide both filthy and yellow,
(Much like a Gaudi army fellow)
And steering with a fountain from his crotch!

And so I do mock that aslaran who did flail,
To, in poetry, our fine Ascendant assail,
By writing a limmerick without flare
When we'd all much rather stare,
At the blubber of Skarch's yellow desert whale!


Penned by my hand on the 3rd of Klangiary, in the year 379 CE.