Kelly Kelly Kelly

Date: 3/25/2014 at 12:46
From: Synkarin
To : Everyone
Subj: Kelly Kelly Kelly

Kelly, Kelly, Kelly,

If I suffer ignorance and delusions, then so must everyone else, because
they all see the same information I do in regards to villages,
aetherbubbles, domoths and seal winners. It's not question that the City
of New Celest is not performing so well, and the largest cause is lack
of leadership, leadership that could be provided by the cities Vernal
Ascendants, but for some reason isn't. No, they'd rather serve their own
selfish purposes.

I mean, look what happened during the Final Ascension with
tradition-breaking orclach. A real leader stepped in and when you
decided to finally listen to her, He was removed from his safespot,
summoned across the astral plane and ended up losing the staff, but too
little too late. Your distinctive brand of leadership of just crashing
in and hoping for the best ended up with the same result. Even during my
time in Hallifax, you executed the same brand of 'leadership' and made
things that should have been easy, incredibly hard, and you don't seem
willing to change that.

Citizens of New Celest, this is what I am talking about, Do you want a
leader who can't own up to her mistakes? One that will just try the same
ill-fated tactics time and time again? Yes, they'll succeed sometimes,
but they'll fail more often than not. No, what I offer is what you
really desire, the chance to work together and come back from this
period of weakness, lest you end up like the forest of the North. I
think not. Will we do nothing but succeed? No, there will be failures
and losses, but from failures and losses, we will learn our lessons, and
we will rise, maybe slowly, but rise none the less.

Vote for me, and I will be your Grand Duke, and we will restore the days
of glory past, not by reveling in our ancestors, or trying to relive the
past, but by forging a new future, a future of strength and success.


PS. There comes a time where your own strength actually weakens the rest
of the you because you are relied on too much. Look at Serenwilde and
your own City, Kelly to see how true that is. It's not easy to recognize
and it's certainly not easy to do what needs to be done, but I did it,
and it definitely ended up being best, no matter how poor it seems to

Penned by my hand on the 22nd of Vestian, in the year 379 CE.