But moreso to the New Celest department of Parks and General Recreation

Date: 3/25/2014 at 1:18
From: Cimmerian Astraea Nightshade
To : Everyone
Subj: But moreso to the New Celest department of Parks and General Recreation

While I am sure the citizenry of New Celest shall choose wisely in
whatever decision they make, be it the mighty Synkarin or the auspicious
Magnagoran Empire, I would like to bring one concern to the fore. The
state of Celest's public parks and local flora is in complete disarray.
Riddled with seagull droppings and populated by overwhelmingly
promiscuous teenaged merians, I would suggest that any platform proposed
by any and all running for election include the restoration of such
spaces for the betterment of all Celest-kind.

Incidentally, the Glomdoring is more than capable of tending to your
gardens, parks, and starry pools. I do recall a time when the government
of Celest considered and was even upon the verge of allowing the
Glomdoring to tend to these woefully mistreated places.

Unfortunately, a nefarious entity who shall remain unnamed, though not
unremembered, decided that the merian teenagers were much preferred
(why, I shall leave to the Basin to decide).

The cornerstone of any public office is care and upkeep of all public
places, and I would hate to see such an important aspect go unnoticed,
drowned out by such issues as a lack of villages. Or a lack of
aetherbubbles. Or a lack of general influence.

Please, remember the trees.

We do.

- A. Nightshade

Penned by my hand on the 11th of Vestian, in the year 379 CE.