My Contestation for Prince

Date: 3/25/2014 at 0:40
From: Synkarin
To : Everyone
Subj: My Contestation for Prince

Tidings, Citizens of Celest,

I, Synkarin, would also like to throw my proverbial hat into the ring
for Prince of your not so great nation. I believe I have the leadership
capability, the experience and the actual know how to make you into this
so called 'bastion of Hope' but you'll never accomplish it through
'staying true to your ancestors.'

Your ancestors, and indeed many of your current citizenry are weak. You
call for unity where I just see selfishness. You have no leaders among
you, just a bunch of sef-serving sycophants trying to further their own
agenda by forcing you to work for them under the semblance of 'unity.'

I can change all that. I can show you what unity looks and feels like.
The actual feeling of teamwork and working together to crush the
opposition. Celest's glory days have long faded, ever since you threw
away the Equinox agreement, thinking yourselves the stronger of the
alliance. Where have you gone from there? Your Vernal Ascendant and
former princess Xena hardly shows her face anymore, only when the battle
is skewed your direction anyway does she appear, obviously because of
the shame of bringing Celest to this current rut. Sidonie, did next to
nothing to change your direction, instead alienating the key people who
led you to Glory all those years ago. Malicia, Nydekion, Veyrzhul,
Placeus and others hardly show themselves for your Glory, if at all.

You need strong leadership, someone who knows how to achieve goals.
Someone with the know-how, the experience, and the desire to be strong.
I can be that person for you, I can be that leader. The only catch is
you need submit yourselves to the City of Gaudiguch.

Think about it. Do you want a leader who hides in his guildhall while
poorly attempting to kill those fresh from the portal as a dreamweaver
leading you? Or a ill-fated priest who no longer has an army of merian
priestesses to influence? Your best bet (besides me of course), is the
reckless warrior who doesn't want to lead you and will just throw
herself into a fight with no rhyme or reason, time and time again until
she accomplishes her goal, making an easily winnable fight a giant mess
because she won't take the time to lead.

Choose a real leader, one with the undeniable evidence of success, of
teamwork, and of victory. Vote for me, Citizens of Celest, I will bring
you back to your glory days with only a subtle difference.


Penned by my hand on the 10th of Vestian, in the year 379 CE.