Date: 3/25/2014 at 0:19
From: Tetra Alin'dor, the Unraveler
To : Everyone
Subj: Unity

Tidings, citizens of Celest.

I would like to applaud the candidates that have stepped forward with
their warm words of enthusiasm. It is through this absolute unity that
the Light has routed the fulcrum of wickedness time and again. Even so,
there are many tangible needs that must be met for the resurgence to
thrive in this tumultuous age. Lady McCloud speaks of the moment for
action. We have arrived at it.

Now is the time to punctuate change within the city, but it will not
come through fanfare. That means planning for the future, learning from
our failing, but most importantly to forge ahead with unfaltering
resolve. By the grace of Lord Japhiel's wisdom, we remember our
triumphs, as well as our failings. We are the ancestors of those brave
souls who survived the Taint Wars, the treachery of Emperor Ladantine
VII, and grieved the loss of Princess Marilynth. Despite all of these
travails we have survived, flourished, and come together as the city you
know and love.

I would see Celest remain true to our ancestors, serving as a bastion of
hope in the First World. Let the Pool bubble with power and our
aetherfleets spread the message of the Light. May we become wiser to the
ways of the Basin, inspiring the hearts of the people through song,
stage, and story. Among all kin who seek refuge in the Light, the young
are our future. Cultivating growth begins with us, but it is eminent
that all citizens pass on and instill these virtues for the future
generations. Our potential is limitless, if we only remain true to our

I invite my fellow candidates to also speak openly through this forum,
regarding their intended courses of action, in the hopes that genuine
dialogue will elucidate their plans for the city.

Let the victories and strife Celest has endured serve testament to our
solidarity, reaching through the annals of history and beyond.

Glory be to the Light,

~Tetra Alin'dor

Penned by my hand on the 10th of Vestian, in the year 379 CE.